Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update frequently? I want to!

ut ...

I'm currently busy with my dance life and I promise to update you with all the





and so much more soon!

I'm already in the midst of typing my Astro Battleground experience =) I hope I won't be able to post it too soon because this means, I'll still be in the running and thus, would have more things to write about to share with you guys.

For now, let's just say that the opportunity Battleground has given me so far has already left me with a memory that would put a smile on me even when I'm 40 =)

Wanna know what we've to perform in our next round?
( We're currently in the Top 9 in the show).

  1. Classical song but with hip hop fusion
  2. Fairy Tale: The cowherd and weaver girl. ( This story i've never heard in my life! Other people got stories such as Beauty & The Beast and Snowhite and the 7 dwarfs. Us? We got....this which in Chinese translates as ' Nu Lang Zhe Ni' -- I don't give a damn about my horrible pin yin XD)
  3. Uniform Dance : Marching Band ( This we get to choose ourselves, we are required to choose a type of job that has a uniform like a nurse. However, we chose a Marching Band. ALL TEAMS ARE REQUIRED TO INCLUDE AT LEAST 30 SECONDS OF WAACKING INTO THIS ROUND)
  4. Country Dance : Egypt ; Cleopatra and the King ( We got assigned to Egypt)
  5. Story Line: A strange object falls from the sky while you're taking a stroll on the park. On the object, it has two buttons. One button would take you back to 500 years ago. Another button would bring you to 500 years towards the future. Decide and press one of the button. Your journey begins....... ( This, we chose ____ . ;)

SO our next round would be on the

5th of November - Classical
1 group will be eliminated
6th of November- Fairy Tale & Uniform Dance
2 groups will be eliminated
7th of November - Country Dance & Story Line Dance
2 groups will be

This means that you have to prepare for all 5 dances although it is not a confirmed that you'll get through to the next round.
That is how gruelsome Astro can be XD At the end of the 7th of November, the remaining 4 groups will battle it out in the Grand Finals on god knows when. I'm not sure XD

I guess that's all for now. I've to go crack my head on finish up our waacking choreography by tonight! Sorry for this short and Battleground-based post. =D

Take care people...drink loads of water because the wheather ain't being nice at all.

Ps: Remember to tune in to Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311 on 23/10/2010 at 7pm to catch the Auditions Round! Spot Dynamix! =D!! G'day!