Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Lucky' with Nike

Early morning

She wakes up

And she spots a Nike box on her desk


-lovin the sequin details -

Time for make up
*applies blusher*
Perfect smile ^^v

waiting for

They go
Isn't she lucky this
Bukit Beruang Girl~!!!

And they say, she's a lucky
She's a star

" I'm a star? But I thought mummy told me I'm human! "
Mummy lied to me?? T_T

But she smile smile smiles in her lonely heart, thinkin
Now there's nothin else missing in my life
All thanks to this man called Justin.

Yes. My name is Justin.
Justin Leo to be precise.

( Repeat chorus)


My brother got me Nike Women's Dunk Hi Skinny!!!
Check it out at=
It's not red but beetroot in colour if im not mistaken.
How much is it really?
+/- RM 350.
However, me being the kind one would most prolly be coming out half for it.
It is MY shoe afterall and I can't possibly let him bare all the costs!

Justin's Current Love
Cost: Rm 330

Nike Women's Dunk Hi
-yes woman. not man. but woman-

I especially love this shot that I took.
Looks almost professional. No?

His gold Nike logo is nicer than mine! No fair!!

Blaah~ XD


I think he knows how much I've been wanting one.
Also, no one else buys shoes for me. Maybe he wants me to leave badly.
According to some chinese myth that is.
I don't shop for shoes like these so
I only get shoes
whenever he buys me one ^^.
And so has always been from



Lucky Girl I am!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MSDG Finals


coming soon~!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Simple Life

Mee Sua + Pig's Kidney+ Meat = YUuuummmmMMmsss!

Once can only wish that life is as simple as that.

==Dynamix News==

Last night at about 4am, us Dynamix were in the studio,
Panting frantically from our routines when suddenly,
Everyone rushed to the toilet to look for it.
Clever Tai Heng figured out it's 'hide-out' and kicked it!
The cat sprung up into the air and started jumping as if it's high on ecstacy.
Tai Heng was the first to SCREAM!
Your Royal Highness was for the first to run!NYEHEHE!
I was trailed by Tai Heng whose jumps were as if his legs caught fire.
Followed by Meng who came running a few seconds later.
Ya know how those kids on The Sound of Music run on em hilltops?
Take that scenario and replace it with Marilyn+ Tai Heng+ Meng + Cs who was holding a broom
+ A very scared Cat!
You should've seen our faces!
Damn cat! Scared the sh*et of us!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Procrastinating once more

Whenever I have the urge to blog, I'd sit infront of the comp. Then I thought , HEY! let's check out what's new on Facebook! Off I go, reading daily updates from people of all kinds.

Ok. Now that's done, I should be able to blog right?


Mr You came calling me. I hate his calls. He pressures me ALL THE TIME, but being the good person I am, I answered his calls that would normally last a minimum of one hour.

After that, when I really wanna blog about something meaningful, I get hungry and simply just leave the computer with a thought that goes,

Tomorrow. I will blog tomorrow. Yes tomorrow."

" If tomorrow never comes...Will she know how much I loved her"
- i thought of this song when I typed the word tomorrow.XD

Well, just hang in there a lil longer before I post up proper posts aight? =)

Oh yeah! Did I tell you I bought a 3-inched wedged heels and blue leopard-print flats yesterday? XD Super happy. Thanks mummy!!


Who's Mr You?
Let's just say this guy,
can go on and on talking to me about; tubes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm sorry

and refreshed...
I even checked my junk mail...
and clicked onto several of them just to make sure.
I refreshed...
and refreshed...
again and again and again and again and again and again...
but to no avail.

I'm so sorry.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


I can do alot of things a gurl can't do =)

watchu starrin at?

XD ima get myself one of these soon. As soon as I find a pair of pants to go with it. DICKIES people...But it costs so much. I've to save up for my dance finals in Penang which are on the 20th. On the 19th, there will be a dance workshop by PAS [ New school + Krumping]. Only two of us will be chosen to go though..*sigh*...! What in the world is PAS anyway?
No...NOT PAS from Malaysia -.-

Phillipine's All Star
  • 2008 World Hip Hop Champions.




So yes, let me make this clear to yal once again

19th 20th= MSDG finals in Penang which will take us about 7 hours of traveling to reach.


It sounds really crazy huh? Now all I can hope for is for my first paper to not be on the 21st!
Oh yeah! don't waste your effort coming to me and say,

"Lyn...studies more important. DON'T DANCE D LAH! WASTE TIME!"

Seriously, if you say that, I might just ask for YOUR CGPA and we'll compare =)

[Or if you catch me in a bad mood, I might just punch you right in your face.
Metaphorically of course. So as to show you how much that will piss me off.]

Yes, I'm not a 4 pointer but at least I strive to get close to what I target because being me,
I KNOW I HAVE TO BALANCE MY DANCE AND STUDY LIFE. I'm not the old Marilyn Leo who would just sleep off important exams and play all day long.
Though it seems like that's what I'm doing now....... MY POINT IS!

It hurts me when people ask me,

" Studies or Dance more important?".

I'd answer DANCE straight out. Why?

  • Dance is uncertain of.
  • You have to perfect it right up to the last minute.
  • Once you break any part of yourself, you're a goner for good.

Whereas for STUDIES:

  • Just friggin keep your head in the game and you'll do fine!

I am however, very worried for my finals this time... VERY VERY worried. Too lazy to tell you why.. I'm supposed to be studying right now. So much for keeping my head in the game huh? XD



Sunday, November 29, 2009

Preview for MSDG Auditions & Semi-finals

Only attempt this during wee hours or I think you'd get screwed.

Jardian's long lost buddy!

McD Ayer Keroh at 6am. Leaving for Ipoh for the auditions which were about two weeks ago.

==What is that you say?==

==You want to see videos?==


This is how we st\\\\\retch!!!!

I decided to torture you guys for abit and delay the video .
NAH!!Why would I wanna do that!
As a matter of fact, the video's being uploaded onto YouTube as I speak right now!!
So if you're free, just type in
Malaysia Street Dance Gala Dynamix Auditions/ Semifinals.
Maybe in a few hours or so aight?

I just got back from my semifinals last night in Ipoh and am now swamped with assignments due Wednesday!
Did I mentioned that we smoked em?


Monday, November 23, 2009



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Practice till the early morn

It's 9.15 am now and I just got home from practice.

We practiced the whole night long from 10.30pm until 8.30am. =)

I got tired at say about...4am and actually fell asleep on the studio floor for awhile. Bless the lord for I was lucky enough not to get stepped on as Tai Heng was figuring out a b-boy routine. Poor Young Jian was sick today, but being the good sport he is, he turned up with 2 layers of jacket and a big bottle of 100plus. That's what I call sheer

P.A.S.S.I.O.N and D.E.D.I.C.A.T.I.O.N.

[get well soon bro!]

I can't go to bed now though because I've to meet with my assignment buddies to discuss on our Cyber-Preneurship business plan. It's such a pain in the ass I tell you~Can't wait to get it over with!!

===I just took these pictures just now at 8am. ===
It is for my Psychology assignment!



Here you go Daniel =). I'll send it to you later on msn ! XD

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's in my blood...I can't help it

Wherever I go, Whatever I do

I seem to be thinking of y-o-u all the time
Show me a way to forget you for I can't take it anymore.Please.
Do you know how it feels to yearn but not hold?

Do you?


I seriously couldn't concentrate in class today! Gosh!
[Random fact: short term memory loss occurs within 15-25 seconds]
I would blank out into space even without knowing.
Thinking about our next choreography and the steps to our current.
I even thought about playing the guitar again. Maybe I will =) next year. Inspire me would you?
Well what can I say?

Dance is Life

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ipoh Ipoh Mali

Have a look at my previous entry.

instead of using the word malfunction, i used the word dis function instead!

Anywho, I'll be heading to Ipoh tomorrow for Malaysia Street Dance Gala auditions.
An interesting fact about this competition:

It's finals are in Penang and it's on the 20th or so. My final exam starts on the 21st.

God bless me. Seriously.

Today is officially one of the worst days I've ever had. Not in a sense that it's taxing or anything but it was because I was running on very little sleep. I reached home at 4am and stayed in front of the computer to do my assignment until 5.30. I napped until 7am and continued my research and headed straight to campus at 9am.

After the meeting, I dropped right back onto my bed at 12pm. My head already started feeling dizzy and I could feel my nerve pounding on the sides of my head. Once my head touched the pillow, it felt as if I fell into a voluntary comma. I woke up at 4pm to prepare for my dance class at 6pm. Felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH better after my nap. My cousin and her friend attended my class today and I must say, it was really fun teaching the, =) keep up the good work girls. Remember, DON'T BE SHY!! XD

Now I'm sleepy again. It's only 10pm. My head's pounding. I'll pack up my stuff tomorrow at 4am plus I guess. We'll be leaving malacca at 6am in a van. A VAN!!! Cute right!! Nyahaha!! I'm going out of my mind.

Random Pictures

Cendol near jonker's. Beside Soon Heng's house.

"Hello, I'm Miss GSC. Bow down to me"

XD!! My friends give me too much credit. Seriously. know I like ur bag now don't you? =)!

When the circus was in town. This was in 2006/7. I think.

Hey You. I know you miss me!

pst.. that's my twin sister!

Yesterday, I found out that I've to undergo a surgery to extract my wisdom tooth.
That lil rascal grew in a direction it shouldn't be growing in.
I even teared when I was on my way to go catch 2012 with the gang.
A surgery?


Slept for only 1 and the half hours at 5am this morning...

brain melting...

body dis functioning...



Sunday, November 8, 2009

A synopsis of my day

That's Sarah. The one on the far right.

  • practiced for almost 12 hours until 4 in the morning
  • sold my phone (e65) at 6am while having dim sum at bachang
  • reached home at 7am and died on my bed
  • woke up at 10am to go meet sarah with the rest
  • had the infamous pork satay over at Pey Teck and cendol near jonker's
  • got home at 4pm and slept until 8pm
  • am limping now because my thighs hurt. =( that's for not warming up.
Smile and the world smiles back at you

Friday, November 6, 2009

My first..My first...!!


ok fine. i was given cash.

but still,

My first PAY!!!

I earned it myself!!!

Man does it feel good

Went to class today, reached at 5.50pm. Waited and waited. While waiting, I practiced what I was supposed to teach them that day. I danced and I danced. Little did I know, it was 6.30pm already -.-'' Class was supposed to start at 6pm!! Then Fione, the owner of the place called the students just to find out that they're in kl and that there can't make it. So, my Friday's schedule that practically revolves around this 1hour class is ruined. --insert HUGE SIGH--

I'm ok with it though because Chandni and Jordan visited me in the afternoon. It was unplanned.We played PS3 and I made strawberry tea for Jordan. Anybody want any strawberry tea? Visit me out of nowhere and I'll make you some! =)

After discussing some stuff with Fione at the centre, I rushed like a mad cow back to Bukit Beruang. Why?

For this.

Ever since I started Beta, I've been getting these chinese traditional biscuits from a nearby bakery for almost every week or at least every month without fail. It is SOOOOooooooOOOOOoooo GOOD!!! Not to mention CHEWY!!!! Seriously, if you haven't tried it before, YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY IT BEFORE YOU.....let's not go there shall we?

It is really YUMMY. trust me on this one. If you're nice to me, I just might let you try some but seriously, it's a MUST TRY. I love it alot!


By the time I was done with my discussion with Fione, it was already 6.45pm. I remembered that I was supposed to get the biscuits for my grandmother! I promised her! Then I thought, he bakery closes at 6.30!!! So I drove back as fast as I could and slipped into any parking spot available by the road side. Once parked, I quickly jumped out of my car and ran towards the shop. I had to jump over several 'longkangs' and at the same time, avoid running into a huge rubbish bin . Thank god I didn't bang it or it will be super embarrassing. Plus, I had my hoodie on so I think I looked like a thief trying to get away from something. When I reached the shop, I started ordering in Mandarin.

Lyn: Erm...hai you hiong peng mah?
Uncle: you you ke shi wo men chai shao. bu ke yi pao. Wo ken ni fang shan de ke yi ma?
Lyn: oh ke yi ke yi. Ke wo 4 bao.

Uncle: ok hao.
Lyn: ........... wo chiang she mo liao ah?

Uncle: *laughs* Ni chiang ni yao 4 bao.

Lyn: *counts using my fingers, 1...2....3....4...* Ah dui! Ke wo 4 bao. Pang wo fen kai pao san pao ken yi pao ke yi ma?

Uncle: *a little confused* oh ke yi ke yi. ten yi sia