Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saya nak nak nak



Selamat tinggal~!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My stash!

have a look at my stash of

Files Files...Glorious Files!!!

Me likey this blue 'leopard' print design!


Now who can tell me what these lil things are?
Get it right and I just might give one of it to you!

Gahhh... I feel like such a nerd. People go around shopping for clothes but NOOOO. I just got to shop for stationary. It really wasn't what I planned for today but I assumed that no one would've want to go out today after all the havoc that's being caused by the release of our results.. Oh well~! At least I got myself some stationary! ^^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Diary

Today was the first day of school [ no not really. I posted this up late]. Awaken by my trusty red alarm clock, I got up, bathed and slipped into my lucky pair of jeans. As I ran the comb down my silky black hair, I practiced my awkward smiles in the mirror.

=) =D :) =S =>


I have

never. felt. confident. about. my. smile.

I was afraid of what people would think of me once they see me smile. Will they think that I'm a freak or will they think that I'm some kind of alien psychopath? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! =p

Anywho, I went to my first class at 10am. What was it again? Oh yeah. It was Psychology. I was early.......


Marilyn Leo can never be early for class.


The class was jam packed with students who just came back from their long deserved holidays. I elongated my neck in order to scout for a seat. Finally, I ended up sitting beside two strangers. After a few minutes of settling down, I got bored. So bored that I started drawing boxes on my pathetic little sheet of paper. So bored that I started untangling a keychain that is as long as a necklace. (stares at Fang Min). Class ended after 2 hours and that somehow, concluded my first day of class. Lucky me have only 2 hours of class on Monday =)


You want to listen to me yap on my first few days of class?

Aight!Suit yourself!

What comes after Monday now? Oh TUESDAY!
The only thing that kept me sane on Tuesday was Cyber-P class. I got to be in the same class as Yang, Sam, Min, Mao and Jordan once again( Tell me, is this really going to change?) I even got free cornetto sundae from dear Yang because she simply loves me like that =p

Wednesday was not too bad, felt super tired after 4 hours of class straight. Had a 2 hour meeting on our Psychology assignment later on as well. Results are out!!! Let's just say..

I'm quite relieved with my results despite the way I studied. Much Love.

However, on this day itself, I did something that I now really regret. I want to turn back time so bad but talk about impossible. For the first time, the fear I sensed was not translated into words that would normally pierce a person's heart until there's no more space left to puncture. It hurt me so bad as I walked away. I'd rather have my heart pierced rather than YOU to suffer in silence. I teared but I think my hair covered it up well. All I can say is that I'm sorry. You may never see this but..... I'm sorry I did the one thing that could've caused us our lives. --Let me make it clear here. I want no pity or whatsoever. I wrote this here simply because I want to remember what happened on this very day. Give me space to realize my own mistakes. It might hurt sometimes but that proves I'm human just like any one of you.

- super ugly wink I know. give me time!-

Not-A Studio

Here it is.
The thing that got my thighs and arms to ache like mad the day after!
Us Dynamix cleaning up our 'Studio that is somehow, not a studio'.

We call it NOT-A. Pronounced as NOTA! =D

Before I proceed onto our epic day filled with mops and brooms, allow me to clarify that this is NOT a studio where us (DYNAMIX) accepts students and such. It's not a dance academy or whatsoever.


Dynamix's Justin is teaching Popping and Hip Hop
Dynamix's Marilyn is teaching modern dance ( general that includes hip hop)

Drop a comment by my shoutbox if you're interested aight!

Yeah, as i was saying...

It is simply a place for us to train. Yes. A place where mirrors and stinky armpit stench reign supreme! XD!

-The aftermath-

X Dumb MMU guards shooing us off at 12am.
X Machala Machala (some indian song) when we're practicing.
X Blood sucking mosquitoes.

This is also one of the reasons so as to why I took up the job as a dance instructor. I want to earn money to pay for the monthly rent. It would be more meaningful this way rather than getting it from my parents. Don't you agree? So people, do get people to enroll in my class if you love me and want to help me!

Gosh, it took me a week to write this... Where's my inspiration. This is getting tougher and tougher by the day. Oh shucks.

On a lighter note, classes will commence starting tomorrow. I won't be having any classes on Thursday and Friday. At first I thought,
" YAY! I can travel to KL to shop or eat these two days!".
Then it struck me that I have practice every Thursday and I have to teach a class on Friday. Boo!

However, I'm really happy this sem because I get to be in the same class as my old course mates as well as old buddy from tuition =) I promise to work harder this sem. Just you wait and see.

Would love to write more but my computer's lagging alot. That's for not switching it off for almost a week! Toodles!

Dynamix's Upcoming Performances & Competition
1 Nov- Performance for Dreambox's Anniversary at DP
14 Nov- Malaysia Street Dance Gala Auditions in Ipoh
19th & 20th Dec- Workshop by Phillipine All Stars in Penang
20th Dec- Malaysia Street Dance Gala Finals

If you think Dynamix is dead, think again.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Procrastinating is MY thing

I realize that I procrastinate ALOT. I will update before Monday for sure!!
So check this lil space out on Sunday aight? =)

Sleeping while waiting for our performance.
Damn you Jardian!
Spot me me me!

Till then,
Have a nice day folks!


Hey Y-O-U!

Having trouble with your grammar?
Can't tell the difference between an apple & an orange?
Fret no more!
Your guide to having perfect English is only a click away!

Mr Kevin's blog.

Go on, click on it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's long!!!Yet surprisingly sweet.

Crispy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside
Salty yet sweet
Twisted yet Chique

Don't you just love em?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living in the shadows

credits to Eddy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have a confession...

During study week, I.....


Oh the guilt that i felt....but I haven't seen the girls in ages! A movie wouldn't hurt right?

At least that was what I had planned with Geral & Chan on that particular Wednesday evening. Until a text came in the moment i stepped foot into Chan's car.

Hey, what's good to eat in Malacca? I'll be passing by :)

Ian. Yee Fai. Emica. Chia Sern aka Ming!
( Yes,I brought them for steamboat because some of them didn't want to have satay celup and Jonker is closed on weekdays! It was not bad nevertheless, that shop offered individual soup pots!)

Chan and Jordan played host as well :) thanks u two!

The bill

Love this picture.

Dear Emica & I.
She's such a sweet girl!
Also, part of Chia Sern's head.

He kept jumping from places to places. Literally!

We had so much to talk about! Most of it is about dance and Muar. =) Sorry for not bringing my crew out guys. Come back and I'll make sure you guys get better food this time around :) Or I just might be heading up. So be prepared aight?*stares at you!* XD

Ended the night over at Portuguese Settlements simply catching up on our lives.
No wait, we ended it over at Uncle John's. Ya. That's right =)
Am looking forward to the sleepover!

Till then,
Nites <3s

I feel like having bubur cha cha.
Might just whip up some tomorrow with help from my granny :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Am so proud...

of you.

yes you.


Not you actually.


We're coming out of our shell.
Turning into something people will never expect.
Can we pull it off?

I'd say, " HELL YEAH!"

What say you, my brothers from another mother? ;D

I feel like blogging on what happened on my first day of class.
Should I?
I'm afraid that my students will stumble upon my blog.
Oh well..We'll see how it goes.
Have alota belated posts actually..
Can't wait to blog about em!
People, I wanna go to Sunway Lagoon!! =(

Friday, October 9, 2009

My first official job!!!

I'll be teaching at a dance studio in Bukit Katil every
Friday from 6pm-7pm starting tomorrow.

Genre:Modern Dance.

Simply modern dance. So it's pretty general. I can cover from anything to everything that I know!

The problem now is, How am I going to conduct the class? I've no experience in teaching a dance class. Haih!!!

What song to choose from?
What steps?

What level of difficulty?

Aish.......My first class starts tomorrow! I'm so nervous. Gosh, I hope my students won't see this. Wish me luck!

Ps: Anybody who is interested in learning, do contact me personally :)
If your passion is dance, we're family.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


wait.hold on for a minute. just 1 minute.



*jumps around in pentagons*

Okay. Much better!!! OMG finally...the gruesome finals are finally over!!! Not for good, but they ARE over!! Goodbye Sem 1 of my Beta year =)

Reviews on Sem 1 Finals

Can't remember much about this paper. All I know is that i did not manage to balance off the stinkin Adjusted Trial Balance. Gosh do i despise accounts T_T

Fundamentals of Business
can't remember much about this paper as well

Malaysian Studies
this paper i remember!!!
i was sick on the day of this paper. Intended to wake up at 6am to study for this paper but dropped back onto my bed at about 9. No thanks to my oh-so-infamous cramps =( I hope i pass my paper =(

omg..i can't remember this paper as well. haha!!I think I have amnesia. The odd thing is that I enjoyed reading this subject as well as Fundamentals of Business. I'm not mad. I'm still very much sane
O:) -----> halo

Mathematics for Managers

Have never been good in math. Plus, I studied only a day before the paper itself. Imagine that.


Information Systems and Multimedia
I just did this paper!! XD
It was not too bad i suppose.
For this paper, I studied in the library from 11am until 2am. By far, the latest I've ever stayed in the library. I can't go on even later though because the library closes at 2am XD

I regret

  • for not starting my revisions earlier.
  • for not paying attention in class.
  • for SKIPPING class.
  • for sleeping in class.
  • for sitting at the back for most of the lectures.



  • being in the same sessions with Chun Aun for all of our lectures
  • thinking of dance when I'm supposed to be paying attention
  • skipping classes to attend dance competitions in KL
  • meeting new friends from my course
  • missing my old coursemates 24-7
~Let us all work harder for the next sem~

Top 3 things to do today:

1) L4D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Get Jazz Star Shoes from Fajar
3) Think of steps for Dynamix's new coreography

What's your top 3 things to do today?

Friday, October 2, 2009

I am currently on...

Geek ModeO.o

My throat isn't doing me any justice. Have been down with sore throat and cough for about 3 weeks now =( I want McD's Cornetto Sundae =(

Having finals now,hence, the short post.
Tata people