Monday, November 21, 2011

Random post :)

Because a good friend of mine has been complaining on how I haven't been updating.
(you know who you are!)

So here's some random pictures that you might not be able to find on my Facebook ;)
Here goesssssssss!!!!

My draft for Dynamix's Beggar Into a Billionaire Dance for the Genting Show a few weeks back. Was appointed main choreographer but I doubt i did a good job *sigh~*
We have another show there on the 7th of December! Can't wait!
But first, I gotta study study study for them midterms that are all in December!

Halloween! Guess what I went as? :D

My supper after a late night's practice...Hard-boiled egg sandwhich + Cornflakes with Chocolate Milk :D It's so easy to make. haha

Malacca now has a rollerblading rink! :D
Don't believe me?
Invite me for a session. =p

Shin Ramyun + Chinese Sausages!
I wanted to pack food after dance class but it wasn't until i left the studio that I realised I didn't even bring my wallet out with me -.- so I had to make this~

My SNAIL HAIR extrodinare!
I simply clipped it up using a hair clip and it fell into a snail-looking hair ball. :D

One eye with make up another without XD
I'll show you others if I have the chance to put on heavier make up on how make up can make/ break a person's look entirely!

At the studiooooo...

Wahaha! I look stunted here!
While waiting for my Wednesday 12am private choreography class ;)
Yes, 12AM.

In the bus, on the way up to JB for Challenge Of The Year 2011 ;)
Lost out but it's okayyyyyyyyy! I blame myself for not practicing well enough.
I always like goin to events to watch the others perform :)

Ini dia, my 2-on-2 partner :D Practice lah Ah Zen! haha! *internal joke*

Lastly, congratulations to Jardian!!
He will be leading Dynamix now :)
I believe he will do as great of a job as Justin had ;)

Abrubt ending because I have tons of assignment to work on!
Till next time,