Monday, October 27, 2008

Just shoot me

I've a dance song to prepare and i need help from my brother

but i'm about to go out for a BBQ dinner at a friend's place..

seriously, shoot me?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

No fair!!

And now i'm so freaking emo because i won't be able to go for the one and only,

Wade Robson's Dance Workshop held in Singapore!!!

More details :

If you do not know who Wade Robson is, then let me fill you in. This is Wade Robson. familiar now?

Wade Jeremy William Robson (born September 17, 1982) is an Australian dancer, choreographer, producer and songwriter. He began performing as a dancer at the age of five, and as a child worked as a back-up dancer for Michael Jackson. He is also an award-winning choreographer and has directed music videos and world tours for music artists, most notably for 'N Sync and Britney Spears. Robson has found success as a competition judge, both for his own MTV show, The Wade Robson Project, and the televised competition So You Think You Can Dance. He has won two Emmy awards for his choreography on the latter show in 2007 and 2008.

Okay~ by now you should be smart enough to know that i copied that piece of information of Wiki -.-'' But if it weren't because of me, you would know nothing of him still.

I've been watching his programme , " The Wade Robson Project" since i was around, 14/15. That's how i got to know who he is. He is an awesome dancer that i admire a lot and to know that i can actually meet him is out of this world!!! Now, here's why I'm freaking emo -.-

1) The workshop is going to be held in Singapore on the 31st of October & the 1st of November. There was one in Kl on the 17th and 18th but i did not know anything about it.
(gasp! Wade Robson was actually in Malaysia?? T_T)
2) I'm going to be competing for LCC on the 31st of October!! (This is worth so much more than LCC but I promised my friends already and i can't back out now)
3) Workshops are NEVER for free:
2-days : SGD252
1-day: SGD140
more info:

I was actually dumb enough to be looking for the price at rm__ until my brother pointed out the price in Singaporean currency @.@

Now i'm only hoping that i can go watch the Dance War competition held in Singapore itself at the ST. JAMES POWERHOUSE. Wade Robson is going to be the guest judge! Our own Malaysian dancers Elecoldxhot is joining this high-end competition. I wish them all the best! Anyone interested in going to watch? Tickets are required but i can't seem to find where are the pricings for it.

Here i am..blaberring non-stop about an international dancer whereas I myself have a dance competition coming up and I am doing nothing!!ZERO!! productive at all for the group!! Now my aims have gone down..aiming for only top 3. This time around, I'm not joining with DBJ so the chemistry among each and one of us is a tiny bit off. The bond is not as strong and the aim is not the same. Nonetheless, we'll try and make this work. I hope...

And if we don't make it, please somebody, just kill me.

(Let's put that aside)

Preview of my trip to Port Dickson

Anticipate my post on the trip..something REAL funny awaits..for those of you who know..



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick Post

Do you guys aim to win? I'm feeling the pressure already T_T

(I'm running off to practice now for my performance and i swear that i'll practice our dance later on in front of the comp).

I need some kind of inspiration~


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

. . .

127 days ago, XXX sent me a smile.

XXX wants to brighten your day with a smile. Check out XXX's profile and send a reply.

A message from XXX:
"hey r u the one in GACC two years ago (or maybe, recently) did that superb dance dance revolution game with your brother or something like that? "

Yes. Yes, it was me :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first

Digi Roadshow.

(thankiu Zach for coming along with us for the whole entire day being our camera man and stuff. You even helped me hung my clothes up back onto the hanger O.o i respect u for that. Or rather, i appreciate that cuz i was super tired that time. TQ TQ TQ!)

I have 2 words.


You see, we had to perform 5 performances EACH at 3 DIFFERENT locations.

1)Digi outlet at Ayer Keroh
2)Digi outlet at Cheng (Went to Cowboy for the first time in my life XD -.-)
3)Digi outlet at Pulau Gadong or what i would call, Pasir Gudang. always by accident T_T

We have 15 minutes between each dance performance because each stop at each location lasts for only 2 hours. We then have one hour to move from the first location to the next including our lunch time.

So in total, we had to perform 15 times in a day. My bro told me before hand already to get ready to be super tired during the day of performance. And so i was. At least i thought i was. I was already tired by the time we headed to the 2nd location @.@ I mean like, what the hell? I'm only could i get tired so easily? Had a headache some more. The magical thing was that, the headache would go away whenever i start dancing and come back right after i take my bow O.o then again, what the hell!

I was fine by the time we reached the 3rd location though. the 3rd location was the most fun in my opinion. Although the shop's like beside a very busy road, but there were little kampung boys who stayed on till the end to watch our performance (well, they actually stayed on to play 'kick the ball into the digi goal') But hey, they watched and clapped ^.^ fascinated by little things from time to time.

No, there was

No stage
No flashing lights
No smoke machine

It was either a thin mat placed on cement or the cement itself or the thin mat placed on the tarred road. It was most painfull to dance on the tarred road OBVIOUSLY. breakdancing on it is O.O and OBVIOUSLY, i didn't do much breakdancing because well, my bro and Young Jian are better at it! =D

Here are the 5 performance videos i chose to be the best 5 out of the other excruciating 10.

*on 2nd thought, i'll upload the videos once i've converted them k?* i'll edit my post soon.


At one point, my brother and Young Jian was practicing their stunts. An old man that i think is a beggar walked pass..he then


I can see that he was amazed. Maybe in his curious mind of his, wondering why are there people standing on hands or jumping backwards in front of shop houses. He smiled excessively while my bro was dancing.

With this, i realised dance is able to reach out to people no matter who they are. It is able to put smiles on people's faces no matter the race/gender/age.Some of you might find it to be

- a waste of time
- a dumb thing to do as it can cause injuries
- a lame thing to take on as a hobby

But guess what, it is not mainly just a hobby. To some of us, it's

- our way of letting go
- our passion
- our life

OKAY..MAYBE~im over-exaggerating bout the life part.

but, it does play a very big role in us dancers' life. Because without it, we just might be U.

(please don't get me wrong. i'm not being sarcastic. Just a figure of speech.)

This experience is one that I'll never forget. It thought me to not slack whenever wherever. And most importantly, it thought me to know that, I despise l.o.v.e WORKING. (but as a dancer okayla..just that, to earn RM2.50, We need to practice 2 hours and 30 mins before hand before we actually start working for an hour O.o) Different compared to working for other part time jobs whereby u just nid to present yourself and start working there and then.

What's our pay?
RM133 per person :)

Trip to Port Dickson tomorrow!!

=D toodles! will post up the video as soon as i get back!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Old Age

ah~ i'm tired...must b cuz im getting older..i just came back from practice for the digi roadshow tomorrow. Shall update more then. Gona be really tireying tmr. Hopefully Red Bull would be able to save me.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Le' Vogue




Now, notice Yang's picture. Looks as if she only has one eye right?nyehehe~

Compare it to mine...scary huh? ( HAHA!i copied her trademark one-eyed picture now that my fringe is accident of course. DUH)

Alrighty, here's the thing, my initial plan was actually to just get a trim out of my normal hair. But halfway through, i told him to cut my fringe just a tad bit shorter so that i can have bangs now for awhile and can easily push it aside in time =D . You can see my mom in 2 of my pictures shopping for clothes at some boutique.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Partial Freedom

Yeah man~ one more to go and i would be partially free for like say...3 weeks? No, i do not have long 3 months break like most of you guys do okay T_T so don't rub it in.I however think 3 weeks is sufficient or i think i just might rot at home.

After tomorrow, there would be

1) CS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3)Digi Roadshow on saturday (dancing=working=earning $)
4)Prepare for LCC with ann gie+ester+lala zai+ chun yian+... i duno who's d last person (dancing). And also, since i chose to compete instead of performing with my brother, my brother nw can't do the special performance offered by them as there's not enuf dancers cuz,

Marilyn-NA (cuz promised anngie +co)
Ah Ting- I don't know why she can't perform
Dave-...duno go where d never dance d..but he's spm also

Marilyn-NA (cuz promised anngie +co)
Tai Heng-dancing with Kiddojoo
Ah Sot-Dancing with Kiddojoo
Fun Fair- I don't know about him...should be NA
Prashan-Haven't heard from him in ages O.o
Cheong Shern- In KL. no time to practice.

I feel really bad...cuz...D2X won last year already. So i suppose my brother wouuldn't want to join as a competitor again u c. So, a special performance would be just nice. But aiyah.. nvmlah..Maybe after the announcement and stuff is done, then all of us dancers can cypher if the emcee opens up the dance floor. weee~!*thinking positive here* now, back to my list!

5)Movie marathon!! and no.. i will not be the one who falls asleep! *stares at Y-O-U*
6)Shop for new clothes O.o
7)A trip to Port Dickson! ( Yang Tze and Jordan, faster plan and plan nicely ah..!)
8)Part of my post just died on me just cuz i used some kind of sign thingi on my keyboard, STOOPID blogger. I HATE YOU. YES I DO
9) Can finally get proper sleep. Let me give u my definition of improper sleep
-sleep at 10 wake up at 12
-study til 1 then sleep til 3
-study til say4+then sleep til 7
-study and head straight for campus I'm not saying that i study like O.O "woo~" kay?haha just that, i can't sleep properly knowing that i'm not done studying or there's more that could be done.
10)Sit infront of the tv and watch AFC/ Travel & Living all day long :D YAY!! *im not kidding* So, that makes 9. Oh well, good enuf for me..for now.. :) I can't wait to get my hair cut though..*yvonne, i know you also want to 'chien tou fa'*

Ps: Yang Tze had like say, 3 mishaps with her heels yesterday! Now imagine, you are ordering food at KFC. Yang Tze, with nothing in her hands claims that she couldn't find the straw expenser and asked us to get em as she hunts for a seat. then all of us pointed, " DU!!!". The box got camoflouged by some raya card thing -.- Right after we turned back to look at the menu, suddenly,


Jordan: EH!!

Yang Yang stepped on her own jeans and fell onto the ground knee first in order to save the straws she was holding. HAHHAA!!!i did not laugh i swear...........ya noe that's a lie. A HUMOUNGUS LIE!XD

random pictures from my life's happenings
*warning, you're in Marilyn's blog=girl=camwhore.*

Guess who? artist: YANG who was supposed to be studying

Told you she was supposed to be studying

The view from Daniel's Condo during raya *yah, go figure*

'Stuck Stuck' guitarist =p

The look on my face when i play with the PSP

Kl during raya is love

Tried on this dress in KL
And no, i did not get it.even if i did, where am i to wear it to??haha am regretting a lil now though cuz i could wear it at PD. T_T nvm..i dun care.haha

Esprit~*mom splurged 1k++ there * O.o

I was in heaven.. i love my mum!!as she loves Haagen Daaz too!

Sister love love LOVES the chocolate fondue

Brother & his colleague. I've a picture just like this too! wait.. let me look for it..

Tadaa!!this was 3 years back btw :P


I guess that's all for the random things happening in my life so far.. OH YEAH!! EXAM's over!! YAY!! so, me,yang tze,daniel,chun aun,jordan and sam went for lunch right after our paper...and our highlight was that we CS-ed for like 2 hours!! MADNESS!!

was definitely fun :)

hopes for good results in 1 few weeks time :3

Thursday, October 2, 2008


DBJ was reunited yesterday since,

Amanda is back from Singapore
Mei Yi is back from Subang
Ann Gie + Michelle is on school holidays
Marilyn is on study leave (no classes)

AND MEI YI that was supposed to be studying suddenly came up with this brilliant idea of us meeting up at a studio to catch up and dance something else. You'll get what i mean later.. I was very reluctant at first as i was supposed to be studying for my finals next week. But then i thought, the last time all 5 of us met was during....
..the day that day..OH!! the Singapore trip was not with us.

SO as u can c..we've nt meet up for a VERY.... VERY.... VERY!! long time!!So, i caved in and said, "OK." Thus, i msged Tai Heng to say that i want to rent the studio tmr from 11.30am-2pm. I was really looking forward to it just that the fact that i've forgotten the steps to our previous numbers bothers me a lil. YOU DUN LAUGH. when i say YOU, i mean, Panda,Mei yi, Michelle and Ann Gie. Cuz ALL of us totally forgot our steps!! *shy* I reached the studio at 12pm..thanks to my laoya driving skills. NVM. the thing is, they reached at 12.30!! ISH!! who was it that suggested 11.30 ?? *stares at mei yi* O.O

Ann Gie, Mei Yi, Amanda, I, Michelle (yer..why got one line at my face? no fair T_T)

We sat down to take pictures for awhile and talk before blasting the songs=D

She's the laziest of the bunch! She always 'HAPPENS' to be lying on the floor!

*runs in to destroy mei yi's solo camwhore moment*

The eldest in the group is on the far left. All of them are 18 this year!


I suggested that we take a picture of me, Ann Gie and Michelle doin the cartwheel..Here's the outcome

I wasn't ready T_T. Mei Yi manages to stay in that camwhore position while taking the pic for us. *claps claps*

Yah, u guessed it. That's me shouting, " EH WAIT WAIT WAIT!" -.- lousy rite? HAHA!

Video of us being Random to DBSK's Mirrotic Album

OH THIS I REMEMBER. people all dancing. Except for the one sitting. Then, the one sitting suddenly shouted, "POSE!" U dun noe how hard we laughed after seing this picture!!


Now you shall see how much us DBJs have improved on our gracefulness and felixibility!

Behold! Marilyn Leo can finally do the splits!


But look at Ann Gie! *our pride* Mei Yi can front split though~

Inspired by the Scorpion

4 flexible ones standing but nt stable except for Anngie and Mei Yi

Again, Ann Gie is most stable..i wasn't ready.. T_T

Viola~ not too bad right? Left 3 of us ni..Panda gave! *ps: do remember to always stretch before even attempting this. * My scorpion deteoriated.. *sigh*


Stewpid mei yi!

I find it rather difficult to camwhore with that cap..Ya noe? the one i actually bought for my brother..

Referring to as why Panda is the laziest!


Even when taking pictures~LOL! panda panda~

Model you. AHAK!

Though, i won't deny that i'm lazy too~ i've this tendency to sit on people. Or roll onto them just for the fun of it. And it's cuz i'm just too lazy to get up directly..HAHA! (i can only do this to my DBJ members. that's why I love them)!

LOL!!!my personal 'sampan'. I'm the lost traveller!

Guess who~

Lil Michelle bz manning the cd player. There was a moment where she kept complaining on why there was no sound. When Panda went to check it out, she burst into laughter when she found out that... the wires weren't even plugged in. Poor michelle~ XD

Panda teaching us a few Reggae steps. (am jelous cuz she gets to learn so many new stuff in Sg)!!


why isit that i'm always at the spot whereby the mirror has dirt on it?

Mei Yi : EH! my head too big for the cap!=D
All: O.O HAHAH!!



^.^ Panda did not drop me this time!


So not flattering! haha!

T_T i luk damn funny in glasses... But my eyesight is killing me @.@ how how!! and no, the glasses are not mine. It's Michelle's.

See whadimean?

I and Panda's 'sia lan' face. keke~

Guess I'll end my post here.. ILU DBJ. We'll do this some other time again kay?Till then, take care...

AWWW~!! <3>you guys

Now, I've gota study study sudy~~turra!