Saturday, February 28, 2009


I pushed myself over my limit.
Never thought I could do that.
I'll continue doing so to improve.

Ah~~~~My muscles are aching~~~ T_T

I have dance practices every Friday night at 9pm with Dynamix. (so yah, if u want to invite me for any plans on that day, do put that in mind. But still, invite me also lah!!!then i'll know that i'm not forgotten nor ISOLATED *winks* ;)
yesterday was our first practice after the Chinese New Year. N damn!! My bones have gotten so much more harder!! T_T

All of us,paired up and stretched for about 2 hours. Intense stretching i would say.We would stretch in one position for 15 seconds and towards the last 5 seconds, we'll push down even harder!!Bone can break anytime man i tell you.No kidding...The funniest one has got to be Jardian..he kept stopping halfway even shouted cuz of the pain. LOL! XD

I realised that my left hand needs more training.

My left hand can't stand long for a handstand.
My left hand can't lock properly.
My left hand can't do a proper wrist twirl.
My left hand is....HOPELESS. at least for now. =)

I had the infamous Coconut Shake from Pulau Gadong yesterday!!

^^ whoop..face damn big...

Went over to Daniel's house at Tanjung Kling for our english drama discussion. But we ended up playing Mahjong and Cho Dai Di most of the time. Like auntie & ah sam ni man~~lol! And since i'm not very good at Mahjong, I played with myself.

Camera timer is LOVE.

Can you see them playing Mahjong in the background?

Since Daniel lives on the 17th floor, we had time to camwhore while waiting for the lift to arrive!(noob ruining our pic. sorry for the sucky quality. My hp's camera is off no good T_T)


How's our drama gona be like?
That's a secret we'll never tell...
WTH. so gossip girl-like.
Speaking of gossip girls, I can spend my time at home watching it! Since i'm like so free now...supposed to go for tennis but the weather forbids me to.

random picture. During Moral lecture. Fang Min's hands.

Note to self: Push it over the limit.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The French Fry Eatin, Burger Munchin, Coca Cola Drinkin

Originality. Say what?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS~!!! The presentation for business management is finally over!! We stayed up till late night..ONCE AGAIN...doing last minute work that we could've done earlier but chose not to. (We've got to improve on that) Imagine: Almost all of us only read our notes early in the morning before our 8am class. I thank god that i managed to whip up some ideas and memorise my part in less than an hour. It wasn't my best presentation yet but it was tolerable. Our group presented on:


(When and Why did McDonalds go international and How did they cope with the cultural differences from all around the world.)

It was pretty taxing as Mr L.J raised the standards to a much higher level based on the other groups last week. The time limit for each group was 20 minutes. We have 7 STINKIN members in our group. KIDDING!!! They don't stink, it's just that each and everyone of us have to present. I mean like come on, they Rock My Sox!! Overall, i think we did pretty well. Mr Jim thinks so too~!
Gimme a M-C-D!
Put it all together and what does it spell??
Parapapapa~ We're Lovin It.
(gosh i miss my cheerleading days)

Remember this?

*This is not me tho. my student*
It's Yang, our clown of the day!!! :)


Sammie just worships her new sunglasses. ^^

William caught me camwhoring!AchichiAhhh!!

Lovin the tie. Makes me feel as if i'm on a Broadway show.

Too bad we didn't cover KFC tho...



(I slept during this movie. I also slept while watching The Pink Panther. When Marilyn Leo sleeps in a cinema, it means she's not enjoying the movie.)

I just got back from a movie. Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. Three words. WTH.
There were just too many scenes that i think was unnecessary and the lines were just plain Noob most of them time. Zach's friend Jason, thinks that the old lady who gave free popiah to CHun Li was friggin Ugleh. LOL!!! *New thing discovered? Zach's friends aren't that scary after all!*

I feel bad for not going for the trip to Redang with Tennis Club this coming 24th-26th of March. This is because my close friends have planned it and if i don't go, they might skin me. However, according to Tami, she and the rest would skin them back!lol! Thanks gurl and sorry that I'm not going!But i'll try and meet up with you guys there alright? :) I'll be heading there on the 22nd-24th of March.

Lastly, I feel dumb for not registering for my course to Beta earlier on. Now, i'll have to go to MMU and register manually because the online application is closed. Yes. After much consideration and deliberation, I've finally decided on what i roughly want to do. Am hoping it will not let me down.


P/s: No Alex~! you will never meet the other side of me =p None of you will. HEHE!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tips on Dance

I've not been dancing for more than a month now. I feel weird. I do practice by myself at home but i feel like i need to improve by WWAAAAAYYYY more. *sigh*

Flexibility's definitely not on my list anymore because GOD gave me super hard bones since young( I can't even do my Scorpion nicely now). That explains why i wasn't accepted into the Gymrama team when i was still in standard 1. -.-'' not that i would want to. Cuz that would change my life by god noes how much. LOL

Recently, I've been watching tons of my old performance videos. (cuz i was reformatting my comp). By doing so, i noticed several


1) like crap
2) Hm..i should've executed that step at full force
3) Don't want to zip up nicely somemore lah! See! The jacket keeps on slipping of ur shoulder.
4) Why was I looking on the floor??
5) Damn it..i should have maintained my composure and not show that i was tired.
6) W-H-Y in the world was i touching my hair??

Tips on how to overcome this few imperfections

TIP 1:
If you dance like crap, aim to improve. Whether it's the dance that's not your style or it's your style that's in the way. Improvise.

TIP 2:
Always finish up a step. Never execute it halfway.

For example, like when you're swinging your hands backwards, make sure you swing it until u can't feel your hands no more.Make it sharp and clean. [the problem i'm having is that i'm too thin. So i'll need to use more energy to make my moves neater.]

TIP 3:
Always have a dress rehearsal before a performance so that you will feel comfortable in your costume and will know it's limitations and such. A proper dress rehearsal. No exceptions.

TIP 4:
Many dancers think that looking on the floor while dancing gives the dance a COOL effect. If you're one of them, I'd say it's time to have a 360 degrees turn on the way you define the meaning of the word COOL.

This is because by looking on the floor while dancing, it gives the audience a sense of arrogance and lack of confidence. Try watching one of your very own performance videos. Are you one of the people who looks on the floor while dancing? If you do, not to worry.

Next time, try looking straight at the audience and flash your biggest smile while dancing. Play around with your facial expressions!GO WILD!!!Let the audience feel what you are feeling when you get into the rhythm!!!Confidence is K-E-Y.

TIP 5:
Never EVER let it show when you are tired. No one wants to see a dancer that has no energy in him/herself. Think happy thoughts when you feel like your feet is letting you down faster than an avalanche over at the Himalaya's.

I've been commented once on this area before. Since then, I swore to myself that I will never let this happen again when I'm performing.

TIP 6:
This is MAJOR. I can't stress how important this mistake is. Don't ever touch your hair or clothes when you're not supposed to on stage!!!

Once you do, it makes the synchronization go off and it makes you seem uncomfortable. Just be free and let your hair do its own thang! It's hotter and more natural that way! Unless your zipper is undone or your boobs are about to show then yes.YES! By all means, do adjust your clothes.

I hope this few tips would aid dancers out there on the tiniest little aspects that they might not notice themselves someway somehow.


The Dance Therapist

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3rd day of CNY!!

I somehow like this picture :) That's why it's first on this post! HAHA!

Went visiting with Chan, Geral, Jordan, Kiat, Jon, Zach, Nat, Janine and Jit Tong.
Meet up spot: Wee Kiat aka Chicken Satay's place. (the handsome lad on the bottom left of the picture)

After that, we decided to head on to Odean's to have brunch. Here's where it all happened.

One of our cars got into an accident.

De'Javu much???Geezz...It happened last year TOO! with the exact same bunch of friends...So Jon suggested that next year,


After all the commotion and Z having to pay the lady RM 150... all of us head in to eat.

Hungawy...shared with Chan. That girl ah...forever dun want to eat...*hit u ni u noe*

Nothing like a cup of refreshing Ice Lemon Tea on a hot n sunny day.

Look at Kiat's face... O.O


Lil Janine refused to be in em pictures. But thank gawd she agreed to take a pic with me..hehe~

Nat. Chan. Geral. Me.
(I can't wait to have long hair. Seriously.)


We went to Geral's place after i think? Can't remember..

*candid*I was halfway through smiling. Not just there yet. HAHA!


Next stop: My place

Almost everyone who visited my house this new year got their chance on a game called Little Big Planet on my brother's PS3.

Over at Nat's...

*notice the cute lanterns on the top right of the picture? i really like it! Where was it from again ah Nat? Thailand?*

After that, Jordan and Kiat left as they had things to do. So the rest of us excluding Nat, head over to Jon's house. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures there. WHY ?? haha I suppose we were

Night came. Me, Chan, Geral,Zach, Jon and Janine went to Leslie's open house. he was kind enough to allow us to bring our friends! Leslie, u're d best!Met a few of my old buddies there mainly from MHS and IJC :) We didn't stay for long tho...Had to rush over to somewhere else...

We ended up at Dp's The Store to get some junk before heading back to Geral's place.

My dear Chan!

Dear Geral who just LURRRVVVEESSS her Skittles

shop shop shop

Me giving the WTH face as Jordan took this pict

eeek ><
Watched some kind of ghost movie at Geral's called...I duno..forgot d...something about the hungry ghost festival. Scared the Sh*t out of me...So half of us went to play cards while Jon and Janine The Brave continued watching!

Our day ended like so :)
We'll do this again next year k?
Now the question is, To Walk or To Drive?
We'd better pray before leaving our houses next year.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The no 19 and the day Friday

.am deprived of tennis. Sammie,Lance, Zach, Yeh Han, Siew, anyone?
.am deprived of dancing. Hello Dynamix?Missing u guys.NOT!=p
.am deprived of a trip to Redang. Which I'll get in March!

(sarah, ur blog provides wrong info wei...make me shy ni wen i wished Min Rong at 11.58 thinking that i was late T_T)

thanks for being a great friend :)
[and like i've said, i like your 'new' hair. Thanks to Fang Min too!
have a good one O.K? :)]

As of this week, i will have no classes on Fridays but I'll then have to suffer for the other four days with no help from the scorching wheather. Oh yeah, not forgetting projects + assignments + presentations... WHOAH...can die!gona have to stuff alota things into my head for all these... I can't wait for our Business Project during week 8,9 and 10 tho. What will we be doing? Go On...Start guessing!
For thy shall spill no beans on this ;D

As for today, my first Friday with no classes, I had...

Group DISCUSSION -.-''

damn spoiler lah rite? no class but got discussion.I did manage to spend my morning nicely though. By watching Gossip Girls. (OKOK.I know i'm slow. Don't have to point out the obvious here)I'm guessing that this will go on until the sem is over...I hope not tho. However, my group consists of most of my buddies so it's all Cool!!!


O tease each other

o laugh at each other

o call each other noobs,ah beng, ah lien, lala, etc

o get mad at each other

o do last minute work until late night

o call each other stoopid

o complain that we're hungry almost 24-7

But then again, it's all cool and I know that we're gona rawk our presentations. Yes? :D

I can't wait for our business project! It's gone be uber fun!(u guys noe who you are...)
Out of the norm is what we'll do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pristine Yogood Apple Muesli Bar

I'm in my computer applications class right now,
finished my work,
now here i a

Dumb Jojo came and took a bite out of my breakfast. (He looked at the bar, bites it, and chews) he then went, "We're not supposed to eat in the lab rite?" and along he went.

This is my 100th post!! WEEE~!!
^*^*^*^*^*^*throws confetti in the air **^*^*^^*^*^*
Amazing how i got this far considering the fact that i did not fancy the idea of blogging.
Thanks to Mr Hot.Teck Peng
Came this blog of mine
Whether it has brighten up ur boring days with information you might not need or stink up ur ALREADY boring days with information you might not need
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much as i enjoyed typing it and would continue to visit in the future

@Now, do you guys really want to know how my valentines went? >:
@I know you don't want to...
@Cuz i know i don't want to... >.< *shy...* So here's the thing. If i could get a minimum of 50 people to leave a comment at this particular post saying they want to know all about my valentines, then i shall consider.Nyehehehe~!!! (u noe it's impossible)

However!!! you can easily read on how my valentines went by visiting here

Scraping coconut flesh is fun ^.^v

Coconut House offers really really really good pizza! Located at Jonker Street.
Credits to Lynette dear for recommending it!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everyone's posting bout 'IT'

It's the time of the year again!!

14th of February
Valentines day

I wonder.
what do people think of when this particular date comes?
I don't know about you guys but to me, it's just another typical day in the life of

Marilyn Leo

She wakes up super late because she has nothing better to do and would finally end up sitting in front of the comp blogging on this!(why? because Z did not take me out.thts y. hmph! nolah...we'll go out later in the evening)
But hey, it's only been half a day. The other half's gona remain a mystery to me...
Maybe i'd strike the lottery and turn into a rich MILLIONAIRE!!maybe..just maybe.

Let's talk about another day shall we?

13th of February
The eve of Valentine's day

This is the day where singles start to go,

"CRAP! do i have a date for tomorrow? Because if i don't then i'll have to sulk in my room and watch tv while diving into a bucket of low quality Malaysian ice cream!"

Or where couples go

Last minute gift hunting with their best friend!

This however, is how i got to spend my V day eve

I was initially supposed to go for dance practice at 9pm simply because i've not been dancing for like..a month? So Yes. I was SUPPOSED to go for practice until MR. Zachary asked if i'd want to head over to Jonker's. I asked, " What for?Is there a surprise for me?" Because you see, i really don't like to be at places where there are a lot of people. Zach answered back with a smile, " Well, there could be. :D"

Random thoughts came flying into my head.
" What could there be? Fireworks?A dance performance?"

Then me...still being a tad bit reluctant on deciding if i should go, questioned him further by asking, " What is there? Do i need to meet anyone?" (Cuz i was under dressed thinking that we were only going to go catch a movie or in other words, i was in 'slacker mode' and had nothing else to wear) Zach answered, " Yes u do have to meet someone." I whacked him on the spot. Then i asked for the was a FRIDAY. *nyehehehe* I knew who i was going to meet right away. So much for a surprise ey?

LALALALALA~~ off we went to Jonker's then.

To meet the ONE & ONLY

(see see i'm using green colour.*winks at kayshaan*)

LOL!! i laughed when i saw them because i managed to guess before hand. Tho i'm not as smart as Mei Yi that found out like in the afternoon. So i guess that leaves Kayshaan to b sampat and Zach to be the cleverer one!!
WAIT!! that leaves ME to be the dumb one too... T_T wth.

But still both the guys planned the meet. N it was really sweet.
I've never seen Kayshaan in person and have not seen Mei Yi in a damn long time.
So thank you!!!
The night ended pretty early as Lil Mis Mei Yi is bound to Mr Ong Ban Bin's curfew that is to be home by 12.30. (eh i dunoe how to spell ur dad's name! Uncle, don't ever come here ah)

Well Happy Valentine's day to ALL of you guys out there.
Single or Not :D

Happy Birthday To~


Lim June Ping



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A B-BOY's day





Desmond Choo!!!
Happy 18th Birthday Bro!!
Have a Nice one!!


Psssssstttt Mei Yi? This is your early Valentine's Day gift. He's gona dance to GEE.