Thursday, September 17, 2009

Give me back

my voice.

That picture is funny ain't it?XD
Don't worry loves.
I'm over 'it' already.
Short people rule!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The reason why I was oh-so-glad for not missing my brother's birthday dinner

Kepong Seafood Restaurant
Dried Chilis + Lala

Sand Fish

Sweet and Sour Crabs!

'Yu Chen' - Fried Fish + Soy Sauce+ Oil?

Now this you can't get in Malacca. It's called Hawaiian fried squid!

A closer look at it. I didn't continue eating after I took this picture.. -.-
Look at it's eye balls.
It tasted like ikan bilis though.

Cheese Crab. Good Stuff I tell ya! GOOD STUFF!!

Fried Mantao. Delicious as hell when dipped into the cheese gravy.

Eating crabs as big as that has it's consequences you know. It left me paralyzed for a few seconds T_T

1 more major reason so as to why I'm glad I did not miss out on this trip:

Hint: It's pain-free and it's weightless.
Will reveal the answer after my finals I think =D So, go figure out what it is! It cost me...erm...3 digits...haha there you go! start guessing!

Wu Yan's birthday celebration

Yes..I know Wu Yan..after months of mentioning about Malacca's infamous roti bakar.
We finally managed to try it out.
After a year of mentioning about going out.
We finally went out

KC!! HAHA this guy..uber cute lah.. His eyes went
when the lil kid's voice from Michael Jackson's video started to play. He got a shock you see. HAHA!

Excuse em chubby cheeks. Had steam bread in my mouth. =p

Where to next? Birthday boy thought of trying out L4D but mentioned that he can't stand it if a game can cause dizziness. So we decided that L4D is not the game for him. He suggested that we go for pool instead! And we did!

Marilyn Leo is going for pool for the very first time!!!

Birthday Boy in action. He pawned us big time!

KC was not too bad as well!

Fundamentals of Pool.
Curtesy of Mr Chin Wu Yan and trusty sidekick KC!

Now, for the noob


That stick is like my best friend now. Uber useful!

KC is bored cuz im that bad T_T

Wu Yan! what's up with that face lah!

This is not too bad I guess :)

This too! If you would only click on this picture to enlarge it. You'd know that it's really not that bad :) In pictures that is.

Thanks KC!!

Was I coloured? Or was I stripped?Hmmmm.....

Happy Birthday again Wu Yan! Hope you enjoyed your birthday here in Malacca!

Next stop: Klang+ Ipoh


Do people still read my blog? :(
study lynnie study.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now would you look at that...


Cheang Loong's Birthday!!!

OR.....You might also know him as
  • Dynamix's Leader
  • Ex-Malaysia's Top O2jammer
  • D2X's Leader
  • My brother
  • Popping King
  • The guy who was so nerdy in high school that whenever you take a look at his yearbook photos you'd burst out in laughter. XD
He is,


Our whole family went up to KL to celebrate his birthday with my sister who's working in kl :)
I almost missed out on this family outing because of some 'Amazing-Race-like event' held by MMU. I have already promised my friends I'd compete with them you see. So I was pretty devastated until two days back where a guy called to tell me that the race was canceled!!

My friends went like =( whereas I went like =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad I managed to tag along. Why?

I'll tell you why in another post!
As for now, I'm rushing to go out.
Leave your birthday wishes here for my brother under the comments panel :)
He'd be delighted to hear from you guys!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dancing Therapy

When one is feeling sad
They could simply break out into any numbers by Neyo.
Be it a never ending wave or spin-drops.
Do it all in full force.
One will eventually be too tired to think about what's been bothering them.
A friend of mine once told me,
"Close your eyes. Feel the song."

-your body will move in ways you can never imagine-

Sunday, September 6, 2009

UTEM Prom Night 2009





You must be wondering " How did this girl got invited to a prom? and at UTEM??!"

But really, it's no surprise right?

If you can remember, I even went to MMU's Prom= Semblance Night 2009!

Oh yes I did!


Okay fine. I went there as a dancer and got paid for it.


My friend, Nilson & I got invited because we helped the dancers from UTEM in their dance . So as a way of saying thanks, they invited the both of us for their college's prom!
(Though I only helped in a very minor part XD Nilson did the rest)

Dance Partners

Itu Dia

Ini Dia
No Make Up

No Fancy Hairdo

Felt super insecure the whole night as everyone else was so pretty and dolled up!
I mean like come on! Which girl goes to prom without make up and nice hair??
Marilyn Leo.

Borrowed my mum's uber cute bag =D

[Now, thanks to my dumbness, the pictures that you'll now see are all aligned to the bad.]

My super simple hair for the night. Credits to Jennifer for teaching it to me :)

I call it

'Hair Ties de Hair'

The white thing I have on my arm was the number for us to be voted Prom King/ Queen.

A day before the prom.
He asked me to sing with him.

I was like, " WHAT??? NO WAY!! I'm a dancer! Not a singer!!"

While awaiting his turn to go up and sing.
I never knew that he could sing.

Oh yeah! There was a fashion show that night as well!
It was really fun to watch the UTEM models strut their stuff .

This girl won best female model =D Pretty isn't she!

Nilson on the other hand was busy taking down videos for his own reference. He's under some runway model class you see. He tried to teach me the right way to walk after everything was over and all but I failed. BIG TIME.

I think I did better modeling for Eddy in the afternoon. I was photographed as a dancer. So I had to do dancing poses for all of his shots. Pictures of my not-so-professional modeling will be up once he passes up his assignment :)

Dancing friends from UTEM

That model & I

The girls & I :)

Kok Sang & I (Did I get ur name right?)

Alson & I.
The guy who wears colored contacts XD
*I have to stop standing like that in pictures*

George & I
Props to this guy. I can see that he really enjoyed himself while performing despite it being his first time performing in front of a live audience. In fact, i think it was the first time to ALL of them!

Met my course mate Jenniher there as well!!


The highlight of the night for me has got to be the
'mini ballroom dancing workshop'
I was so excited when they asked us to gather in a circle ala campfire style.
We first dance with the partner we are facing and will then be passed on to another.
It was like being in a dance workshop! I did not waste my time there doing nothing.
So now if you want to learn the very basic of ballroom dancing, feel free to ask me =D

After the 'workshop' is done, they allowed us to dance with our own partners.
So Nilson & I danced and started creating our own steps.
I can't resist! The steps that they thought us were too simple!!! XD
At one point, all of the other dancers were learning the short choreography we did in no time at all!
It was uber fun and new to me.
However, my excitement was cut short when the dj switched the
smooth ballad
into something they call


@'The Twist' @

They pushed me into the middle of the circle at one point.
What did I do?
Alongside some ol' school 60s' move!
After awhile, the guys started breakdancing. Though their freezes are not very good but i guess they had fun :) I almost broke out into doing a 'tic-tac-toe' in heels!!No Joke.

Pictures to end the Night

Lyn: Eh..once you get up there, be MAN abit know! Don't do any mistakes!
Nilson: OK!
( It came out the opposite XD!!!)

When You Say Nothing At All

Hey You?