Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A picture paints a thousand words

Currently using my old ASUS for song editing and hence, do not have updated pictures of my current happenings on this laptop.

So I thought I'd blog a lil using the pictures here....boy does each picture bring back loads of memories! THat's why I LOVE taking pictures, simply to capture the moment.

Here goes!

This picture right here...
One of the first few pictures that stained my first iPhone :)
I still remember, I was out at DP's newly opened pool joint with Sebastian.
He helped configure my iPhone and stuff...
LOOK at my patch of blonde highlight! hehe~!

The first time stepping into my newly furnished studio..
There are loads of camwhore pictures where this came from.
I love the flooring so much!

Intern period in Kayyyy Ellleee
Resting while listening to songs at night at my cousin's place.

Taken on the last day of French paper during Delta 1st Sem if I'm not mistaken, at Windmill!

In the midst of FYP 1 .
Was super stressed so I camwhored a lil after lunch before continuing my work..
I miss my highlights.
Maybe I should highlight it again!
We are only young once!

Oh lookie~!
Early morning before heading out ^__^
One of my outfits to work in IBM
Boy do I miss my name card and my Pen.
The pen was a birthday gift for my 20th birthday by some of my friends.
I can't seem to find it now that I lost my Roxy pencil case T_T

Performed for MMU's Prom last year :)
Performed for countless of proms but never really attended one properly...
A pity that I'm not able to perform for this year's as the committee approached us a lil too late.
Dynamix already has a contract outside :(
Oh Well~




Sunday, March 25, 2012

A moment like this



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Delta 2nd Sem Results :)

GPA :3.82CGPA :3.75Academic Status :Pass
Hours :16Total Hours :102Total Points :382.665
CodeCourse TitleGrade

When people find about my results, they say it's normal for me to achieve so.
They'd go, "No Surprise There...!"
Deep down inside, I shrink like a mouse each time the results are out.
Afraid of what might behold of my efforts.
Call me Lucky.
I think so but always...always...with a dash of effort and commitment.
I myself can't believe that I got an A for my Research Project.
But the A means nothing because my research did not qualify for a conference level in the end.
It's ok, given the consequences,
I am really happy :)

Ps: Saw the ex in the library one day when I was studying with Meng.
It's been almost a year since the incident and of all places to bump into each other,
it happened in the library. Ha. Ha.
I didnt allow it to affect me though because I know all I needed to do was to study.
With that, I continued reading with him seated right in front at the table opposite of me.

Awkward? Yes.
Distracted? A little.
Demotivated? NEVER.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perceiving Failure

Sometimes being hurt can make you feel that everything is at loss.
It makes you feel like everything you've been working for meant nothing in the end.

Feeling JOY is one thing but feeling HURT is another.
By having both, it shows that one is still human.

No matter how hurt you feel, life goes on.
Obligations are to be obliged.
Never to be blinded by temporary emotions.
The future is what that counts and the current is what that determines it.

Hurt is bound to bring itself upon a person someday somehow.
When and where, you never know.
It's how you carry yourself through that period.

That defines, Y-O-U.


I never expected to wake up to such news. It.......br_ke me entirely.

It felt as if I've let my whole family if I've let myself d_wn.

Questions came gushing through my head. I couldn't think of wh_.

Funny thing was, I actually felt heart_che and an immense sense of disg_st.

All of it which are aimed at...... me.

I've fa_led.

If people were to ask:

" What went wrong?"
" How did this happen?"
" Why was there an error?"

There would be no one to point fingers at but at ME and ME MYS_LF.

I went through everyday not remembering what I did the day before.

The feeling was simply overwh_lming.

N_glect and unknowingly taking things for gr_nted got the best of me.

I wish I could turn back time but don't we all wish the same :) ?

I HAVE FAILED.................but :-

#I will not let it stop me from learning from it, itself.

#There is a valid reason to it and I must embrace it wisely.

#I now know what I can do better in future.

#There are people around me who are willing to help.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Half way there

I can't believe I made it.

I thought it was my first time choreographing for that many people but now that I think of it, I've actually done more back in high school when I choreographed for 40 people in my class for our school's annual dance-off.

2.33 minutes, completed in exactly 1 week, now that I think about it, I actually am quite bad at what I do. Normal or more professional choreographers would complete it in a jiffy but ..... I just couldn't.

I'm slow....BUT I make sure I have time to think about what I need to do for each class and get myself prepared. I do not want history to repeat itself.

Many a times, I felt like breaking down and giving up.

Then it would hit me, 15 people laid their trust on me and my studio.
If I don't help them, who will? I need to at least try and give it my best shot.

My brother told me, if I'm unsure about anything, all I need to do is ask for HELP.
Indeed, I think this is the best thing to do when I'm stuck.

I love to dance and there's no doubt about it but choreographing?

It takes time because I'm not that talented in that area.

But I believe that if one is willing to learn, one will be able to achieve ANYTHING.

The competition will be held in Kajang on the 17th of March. On this day itself, I have a performance for MMU's IVAQ in the afternoon so I guess I will be rushing to Kajang directly after the performance to make it in time to support my students in the competition.
*Kajang Satay!*

50% Down, 50% more to go ;)
Now, I'm starving like hell.
Class lasted from 10pm right up till 1am+ just now.
Need to snoooozeeeee to get rid of hunger.

Bringing my grandma n aunt out for lunch so that
my grandma doesn't have to cook tomorrow ^____^
Can't wait!