Saturday, June 26, 2010


XD first post?

Yeap. this is my first post using my li N97 mini.  It's my current obsession. hehe Pictures of it will come up soon so do anticipate for i have waited for this phone for almost a year! am in lobe with its design...weee~! dang it.. i can't seem to move to a new paragraph. Anyways, just finished a performance at homosapiens...met a few friends and a few friends who r photographers actually came to try their hand at capturing the event. (u know who u are...) it was a fun night.. i really liked the group We Are Not Zombies. In my opinion, they stood out because they mangaed to play with the rhythm and tone of the song unlike other groups who don't quite get the means on how to keep the crowd standing on their feets. literally. same goes to dancing :) However, congrats to the champion and also u zombies..haha (damn it. still cant put in paragraphs T.T) GOODNIGHT & SWEETDREAMS LOVELIES <3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The body.... of a dancer




slapped on with abs ABS ABS!!!!



My left this while I was learning how to 'suicide'. Oh the irony of the word.
Don't wry. It's just a move in breakdance. =)
State: recovering well. Only a little can be seen.

A blister on me finger.
A day after I got the blister, my finger swelled for a few hours. It got infected I think?
State: No more swelling. Skin peeling.

I think I got this from learning the 'suicide' as well.
F-U-G-L-Y like mad. No kidding.
View next picture if you don't believe me.
State: right knee is healing slower but the bruise is less visible.

Both knees had bruises thanks to a 'locking' step in our recent choreography.
State: No more pain =)!

This bruise is totally irrelevant.
Why? You can get it even if you're NOT a dancer.
I friggin got stinged on my right shoulder by a bee at my dance studio.
Hate the bee so much. People wanna dance, that lil thing come n bite me T_T
State: A little swelling and its still rather visible. If it doesn't go down by next Monday, I'ma pay a visit to the doctor's.


The funny thing is, I got ALL of this bruises in 1 SINGLE DAY.
This doesn't mean that dancing is tough.
This basically means that I'm NOOB!!
That's not the message I'm trying to get through here though.
What I'm really trying to say is

*cough cough..ahem ahem. clears throat* XD

There Can Never Be Success Without Hardship.

[Chris Martin's Master Class Workshop in Sunway Pyramid KL]
Rushed up to kl at 4pm just to attend the 7.30 class a day before I start Gamma year in MMU.
Way to kick things off!
Chris Martin is talented and cute. Did I mention that he's only 19?

Too bad. He lives all the way in Colarado!

Will upload the video of Chris dancing to this piece himself soon!

*spot me?*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry my dear readers

I will try and update avidly once again as soon as I can...
Blogger's been sucha pain in the ass as well. It takes forever to upload pics onto blogger =(

Well, I performed a short cheer routine today in Campus with Stingers All Star =D
My first varsity cheer performance. I'm so proud of everyone!!!

Later in the evening, Dynamix had a meeting at NOTAS....we discussed bout something..
It is to be kept private for now but let's just say the meeting left some of us boggled so as to what to do next.

The question is now,




[imagine my picture here. screw blogger!]