Monday, June 30, 2008

Continuation to F.U.N day

~My favourite picture of the day~
(L-R. Tai Heng, Marilyn, Ting, Sot, Justin, Sunny)

Here are more pictures!! We took some today too as we went to malacca mall to watch "Wanted". i love the ending. =p. pics of today will be uploaded later though.haha

CCTV pics!!

now, here comes sunny! they luk similar?haha

I'll go to bed now i suppose. have class tmr at 2pm-5. but i'll be going early to meet up with my groupmates to discuss bout our assignments.

nites people. have a nice day ahead~!

*hell ya, tht's me.wen i first got my hair cut short. i noe i noe...vry lala rite..SHUSH! =p i dun care!nyahaha!*

Saturday, June 28, 2008

F.U.N day!

Okay, today, a saturday, i woke up at say...1pm? Went down to the computer room to check on some stuff. A few seconds later came my brother who said, " EH!faster go and bathe la, today Kiddojoo having intensive break dance training. Start at 1.30." And so, i rushed to go bathe, and packed me and my brother's breakfast that was on the table. Now that i've mentioned it, i realised that it's been really long since me and my brother got to sit down nicely and have a nice home cooked meal without rushing to go anywhere either before or after. So yah, been busy. I've been practicing every night though uni's started. LOL OKIDOKIE~~back to how my day went. After picking up Prashan from Emerald Park, we head down to Kiddojoo's studio. THANK THE HOLY GOD cuz they have yet to start even if it was already 2pm cuz then we will miss the stretching part and stuff. ^^

The training was conducted by B-boy Reddy and B-Boy Sot. First, we did stretching, each lasted for like 40-60 seconds. Then, we did baby freeze,chair freeze,headstand, hand stand, elbow stand, shoulder stand, and turtle freeze for 1 minute EACH. i can only do baby freeze,chair freeze,head stand, handstand, shoulder stand, and turtle freeze though. OH!! before that, we had to do six-step. for like 10 rounds followed by 10 times of pumping. 3 sets man. but i did 5 pumping for weak.haha Then, we circled the studio by doing six-step. THAT part was cool i tell ya. everyone lined up and took turns. However, after me doing the first round, i was like trying to catch my breath. AH ting was like, " Marilyn, faster drink water. Your lips vry pale d." And so i did. Gosh I thought my asthma was kicking in. After resting awhile, i was fine to do all the freezes and also CC-footwork. (not sure if that's how u spell it). The training lasted for two hours. GAHHH~tired! haha but after that, my brother and his group needed to discuss bout their finals for Hop2dabeat. So i stayed on while Meng,Ting and Dark left. Tried to do a kick-up since Prashan got it after not even an hour of trying whereas i've been trying to do that since like forever T_T. I practiced it for like an hour or more. But i still couldn't get the hang of it.. T_T and my back hurts like WOO now cuz i landed on my back-bone for like countless times!!HOW I WISH I WAS YA NOE....more meaty. then i can land on my fats instead of my bones. HAIH!

We left the studio at about 6.30. Stopped at bunga raya to get barbequed tauki. Saw Puchito working at Axis. LOL! he's pikachu.haha *random* okay..then.. me and my brother, rushed home to have dinner, then immediately left for Malacca Mall to watch the shuffle dance competition that I was supposed to enter with Meng,Dark and Ah Ting. To our surprise, today was actually only a preview performance by groups who are going to participate. -.-''. So, we decided to join since the finals are in July. July 13 to be exact! BE THERE!! support my team though it's only a shuffle dance competition and i've never shuffled before in my life!! OKAY??I WILL LOVE U FOR THAT ; ) After that's done, we went to Cold Storage as Sunny wanted to get something to drink. oh and when i said we, i mean~

My brother, me, ah ting, sunny, tai heng and ah sot.

We ended up getting a number of snacks. After that, we sat outside of cold storage on the floor cuz tai heng sat there first and thus, opened our snacks and sorta like, picnicked there. Bumped into Ham the Ah Beng and Silk! ah! after so long of not meeting them!! The interesting part was that, the guard was standing right next to us and he didn't SHOO us away^^ From here, we can see how good Malacca Malls's guard's are compared to the ones at Dataran Pahlawan-.- (had a bad experience dancing at the second floor of dataran thanks to them for shooing us away) After awhile, the guard told us to move a little cuz the workers want to push things and we were in the way. He told us nicely...!! SO SWEET RIGHT?? haha gotta love him. NExt, brilliant Tai Heng walked back into cold storage and noticed the CCTV and the tv that was displaying whatever the CCTV is getting. We took pics there. ^^ will post the pics up as soon as i get the pics from Tai Heng.

NOW!!! HERE'S THE FUN PART!! as we were about to leave cold storage tru the nearest exit *im sure u guys noe which one im talking bout* we stumbled across the poster where a lady looked so fresh after washing her face o sumthin. SUNNY wanted to impersonate it. We took pics of him doing so. THen, i noticed the trolleys around.....guess what happened next...

WE TOOK A PICTURE IN THE TROLLEY!!ALL SIX OF US!! only one though, cuz after that, Tai Heng's battery died on us. lol we left Cold Storage and Malacca Mall for good after that^^ and now, i'm back home whereas my brother and the other above 18 ppl head to kiddojoo studio for practice. Yes. i am aware that it is 12am already. But we normally practice till like 4/5/6/7 am. yeah....i din go cuz i have assignments and i'll be going up to KL tmr early in the morning to visit my godmother's who's in the hospital. she has cancer. damn it. why must it happen to her.............................................................................................................

..kay..nvm...nyways, i had lotsa fun today. pushed myself to do things i never tot i will try and also relaxed after being so pressured and stuff. sorry to chan,geral and troy for not making it for san pedro. u guys understand right? i noe u guys wud.. :)

That's all for today. *proving to CHARBEE that im updating more frequently*--mainly cuz it's a weekend.haha!! PICTURES OF TODAY AND MORE WILL BE UP WHEN I FEEL LIKE POSTING IT UP!! nyek!! also, i dun have some of the pictures i ya... DUN BLAME ME~ =p

(miss my short hair)

goodnite people^^ i'm happy. u can tell right?^^

PS: a very happy birthday to WEE KIET aka CHICKEN SATAY^^.

nw. a random part of my post.


happy? =p

Friday, June 27, 2008

Picture blogging.

Too tired and exhausted from things happening in my dance life. Now, let's push that aside for a tiny lil while. So here i am. picture blogging!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrated Yvonne's(from IPOH) birthday last wednesday at JJ's Secret Recipe. (second from right) then there is, Samantha, Yang Tze and me. [groupmates]

My smile looks superbly fake here because Daniel Cho (from sfi) was like always trying to take candid pics !

Nyehehe..i played with his cam. At least it's a nice pic right Daniel?haha! Oh yeah and there is Jordan^^ He's in the same group as me! Came in to MMU only on the second week. So I call him FRESHIE!

Here is Charles *middle*. All the way from Botswana Africa. His first lesson on how to use the chopstick. Class is conducted by Lee Yuen Chuan*far right*. He tells people he's from Kuching. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! =p pure malaccan i tell u...

Charles's first food taken by the chopstick= Prawn!! wee~!

Here is is! Saman and Yang Tze laughing their butt off. I don't know why but if Yang Tze sees this, i'm so dead i tell you..haha William looks oh-so-lonely over there. My group's class-rep. I'm assistant F.Y.I.--ceh ceh...haha~!

Here is Yuen Chuan being gay. *Bag curtesy of Samantha*

Birthday Girl Yvonne!

Yang Tze...what you doing to Yvonne?haha "Big girl d..must be good kay?" haha

Here is Daniel and Jordan. behind, there's Chun Aun.haha

Come. Close up. JENG JENG JENG!

Group picture of us from PM10 celebrating Yvonne's bday. Only Yvonne is from PM9. But most of our classes are together except for english and tutorial classes. ^.^

I hope you enjoyed your first birthday here in MALACCA Yvonne!

Varsity life has been good so far, made many new friends as you can see^^ Now i need to study,do assignments and also prepare for Asia Pacific Dance Competition at KL's Shangri La Hotel. Which i doubt we'll win cuz many good groups are participating. Nevermind, it's the experience that'll count in the end. I'll blog about my Hop2dabeat and Yok Bin performance soon. ^^ Till then, i'm off to bed^^ OH!! i realized that not many people are frequenting my blog nowadays.. OH come on!! *desperate much?*haha!! kidding..trying to entertain myself. TOodle Doo ~~ ^^v

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dance Videos for Tic-Tac-Toe Hop2dabeat 2008

Tic-Tac-Toe Hop2dabeat Auditions (made it to semifinals)
Dancers: D2x-Marilyn, Meng, Dave.Twister- Stanley, Jardian. Kiddojoo- Richie.
[grouped together and thus, forming Tic-Tac-Toe]
constructive criticism will be much appreciated.

Tic-Tac-Toe Hop2dabeat Semifinals (Did not make it into the finals)
Dancers: D2x-Marilyn, Meng, Dave.Twister- Stanley, Jardian.
[grouped together and thus, forming Tic-Tac-Toe]
constructive criticism will be much appreciated.

Monday, June 23, 2008

WAHAHAHA RM1k baby^^

WAHAHAH i'm in my school's computer lab now for his Liberary lLiteracy thingi. and there's internet..KEKE....jakun? yeah i noe...haha it's supposed to start at 8pm..but LOOK AT THE much for being on time. -.- nyways, i hope D2X members are reading this.

The guy incharge of the MATA dance competition is coming over to the lab to pass me our RM1000!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so delighted when he called....HAHA!! i mean like dude, we have been waiting for like, more than 1 month ...or 2? Can't remember when da competition was held. Ssould be at least 1 months plus already.

and now, I'm waiting....and waiting....and waiting...and waiting...gona fill in my Literary Quiz form now while waiting...done, i've to do the quiz later..have to get at least 70% to pass. Shouldn't be a problem i hope... I AM STILL WAITING!! ANXIOUSLY!! I WANT OUR RM1k!!!..hehe...then can go mad at sunway after our dance competitions...

YESH!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT THE MONEY ALREADY!! MUAHAHAHAH!!! now gona listen to wht the dude is saying... TURRA!!

HELLO 1k^^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

10 years of training for a minute on stage *literaly speaking of course*

Just got back from a party. Had a performance at yok bin before that. Will upload pictures and the video asap. For this particular performance, we practiced on Thursday, at kiddojoo's studio from 10pm until 7am in the morning.YES. is aid 7am in the morning. I saw people going to school when i was on my way back home to sleep! On Friday, we practiced until 4am plus...long was vry tiring..but worth it i guess?it was most definitely fun!! This dance is compiled of D2X's dancers, Kiddojoo, and Twister.

Do anticipate the video ^^

Monday, June 16, 2008

My 17th Birthday

First birthday cake by D2X at 12am. [22.5.2008]. I was surprised by them at my own house. Mastermind? My brother..thanks! However, i sorta found out already because when i was online on msn like an hour before my birthday, Ah Boon, Meng's girlfriend, was asking if I'm excited about the party later. I went, O.O? "What party?" They're supposed to be busy with their stuff right? Since they refused to train that night. With that, surprise no 1, went down the drain. HAHA!! But still, thanks guys^^ It was fun hearing how you guys sneaked into my house despite the rain and me being so near the living room! haha! thanks again!

Second birthday cake by juniors[Wendy, Fang Peng, Julia, Rui Jin, Michelle] and ex-schoolmate[Melissa]. It was at Dp's Le' Garden. Thanks guys. They smudged cake onto my face..!! Did not see that coming. Oh yeah, thanks also to the chef of Le Garden who got me a birthday gift too after knowing it was my birthday. Thanks again^^

Julia,Melissa,me,Wendy, and Fang Peng

Your worst nightmare. Will be released every 22nd of May of every year. BEWARE!! BE AFRAID!!

Third birthday cake was from my family on the night of my birthday. Celebrated at Sea Farer since my dad sings there. My sister got my Sketchers sneakers from the US and my bro got me a nike one. thanks alot to my family especially my mom and dad cuz without them i wouldn't be here.Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. Super Rich and creamy. yum :P

Fourth birthday cake was YAH!! Wait, i upload the picture first to remember who was it from. It's actually a 3 in 1 birthday celebration for me, Kee Weng, and Han Wei. Celebrated at Windmill Malacca Raya. My dinner was courtesy of Kee Weng.^^ thanks bro!!

Here it goes, it was from, alex,ky,ester,lavnya,jasmine,sharon,caryn,nicholas,chun aun,loohan, jude,...... u guys noe them right? *points at pic* haha!! too many to list out...

Cheesecake made by Lydia's mom*Chun Yian's gf.* I'm not a big fan of cheese cake. But hey, people actually made the effort to get me one. so yah. i liked that cheesecake. ^^

The gals.
The boys.

A small group picture at MBO *miss u lala zai!*. watched Superhero movie. Funny..not a big fan since none of the gals watched T_T. i hate yal. HAHA!! soon heng's and alex's laughter was the loudest in my opinion. even kee weng and hui kit's wasn't as loud even though they were sitting beside me!

Thanks for the bag u guys. i love it. Receiving it from Lavnya^^ my buddy since form..1 ah? isit? or 3? correct me! Thanks to tuition and us being in da same taman. I'll always treasure the memories we have. Thanks for being a great friend!

Another buddy of mine, Jasmine Lim!! Gotta love her.

Excuse my puffy eyes. lol. Hung out at More Cafe after Windmill.

Fifth birthday cake was from none other than Chandni, Geraldine, Sha, Mel, Troy, Jordan, Kalai and Eugene!! They brought me for korean food!!!! FINALLY!!! SOMETHING I REALLY WANTED FOR MY BIRTHDAY SINCE LAST YEAR!!Was supposed to be a surprise but was spoiled by my mom when she said, " After dinner u and your aunty go for karaoke okay?" . Then i went, O.o " okay~~" Why in the world would my auntie want to go for karaoke?????? Also, Anitha sorta blurted out hints which were very obvious.. -.-''. haha Not to mention, Jasmine too. haha!! Never mind. I enjoyed the surprise party though i knew i was gona have one. Then again, surprise party no 2= down the drain! Sorry that i had to leave early for practice.. A THOUSAND APOLOGIES...!! T_T... However, thanks to the Chan and Geral for the Roxy shorts. I really love it ^^ and to Troy for the MP3 player, and to Kalai,Jordan and Eugene for the Jesse Mccartney Album!

Ice cream cake!! ^^

A happy birthday gal. Can you tell?

Gals. mel,chan,me,geral, and sha!

Guys. Eugene,Troy,me,Kalai and Jordan

God knows why we were laughing till like that. LOL! chan,me and geral. Friends for ever^^

My sixth and last birthday cake was from my Dong Bang Junior members. I was actually angry and sad that none of them remembered my birthday except for Ann Gie. YOU SEE THAT?? ANGRY I TELL YA!! ANGRY!! only after a few days did Mei Huey wished me..followed by Mei yi. Panda did not wish at all until the surprise party. In fact, this wast the only surprise party that worked out fine. Mei Huey asked me to come over on a wednesday. I asked, " FOR WHAT?". she said, "for fun la! Do some dong bang junior bonding. BUT!! must come at night!" again, i asked, " FOR WHAT? and why must go at night? i bz la..". Then her reply was, " cuz then!! the adults are in ma!". From there i suspected something already. Why isit that the adults must be around for us to watch videos and chat? LOL!!

The next day, i almost couldn't make it in the afternoon *time changed cuz i had practice at night*. I told Mei Huey i got no transport and she was like, " MARILYN!! CANNOT!!! we got so much of spaghetti to finish! you must come! I DUN CARE YOU! YOU AND UR LAST MINUTE PLANS!"....that hurt okay mei huey?haha but troy saved my butt by getting me all the way to chrystal bay during his lunch break. THANKS a bunch troy^^... When i got there, i went to the grandma's house where the computer room is, mei huey opened the door for me. I expected people to go, " SURPRISE!!" but no.....okay FINE! I asked where is panda n mei yi. SHe told me panda went out with caryn and mei yi in exam. i was crushed. yes i was. so i quietly sat down quietly in front of the computer being oh-so- disappointed thinking that only Mei Huey was there. NO OFFENSE! haha!! then after 10 seconds, ann gie and panda came in the door, singing, " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARILYN, HAPPY Bir...EH!! FASTER BLOW!! da candle going out d!FASTER~!!!" and so, i made my wish and was really shocked and touched.

First : they got me the same cake they got me last year. Fruit Flan. They remembered how much i liked that cake^^
Second: There was spaghetti for lunch! ANOTHER thumbs up. They remembered how much i liked spaghetti made by Soopi.
Third:................nothing d actually.haha

So thanks to my DBJ members for remembering my birthday and even celebrating it for me. Really touched though Mei Yi wasn't there. i understand. she had exams in college. couldn't be back in Malacca.

Dong Bang Junior saranghae^^ Last year's cake

This year's cake! Spot the difference. haha still tastes as good though!

We don't cut the cake into pieces before indulging. we indulge from the source itself with forks. more fun that way^^

We attempted to make jelly after lunch. Sorry panda for the wrong information. We were supposed to use either Carnation Milk or Soya Bean to get the Toufu like pudding we see in restaurants!!

Altogether, i had 6 birthday cakes this year thanks to the wonderful friends and family i have. Thanks you guys for making it a memorable one! I love you all!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

To remember the moment

To remember this moment. i'll blog. i just came back from dance practice. and it's like almost 7am. gona go nap now for awhile...have to be awake by 8.30am... god bless me...

wish me luck for hop2dabeat dance competition in kl!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yeah i noe im slow. but nyways, im back for a lil bit. It's sunday today (8th of june 2008) the day i register myself into mmu. let's start from the time i woke up shall we?

I woke up at about 7am feeling tired and excited at the same time. At about 7.40, hui kit came to pick me up since my brother was tired and all~ thnks hui kit!! Well, me being so near to mmu, we reached in like 5 mins and found very little cars at the car park. Happy we were ^^. Parked, and head on to ask the guards on where to register and stuff *mmu guards are really kind f.y.i. or maybe only for now?* Gosh, i really felt like a total freshman like i should be with a map and all in my hands.- yes i'm aware that i go to mmu almost every night recently for dance practice. However, I dont really take note on what the building's are named after. Therefore, hui kit went to the engineering faculty and i went on to my management faculty building. Once i got there, i met Chew Chun Ann *hope i spelled ur name correctly!* We are both taking the same thing for now, Foundation in Management. And so, we sat to wait for the counters to open since it was only like 8.15? The counters would only open at 8.30. Once it opened, we went in front and i got the up most place since we were separated by our initials. I was like, " HALLELUJAH!". then, this lady had just got to burst my bubble. She told me i've to get my temporary id from the counter beside me with tons of students lining up. Gawd, i was like, "NO!! DAMN U LADEY! U BETTER GIME WHT I LINED UP FOR OR IL SKIN U!"~~~~~~~~~~~

Nah, i'm not like that. I asked her nicely if she could just go beside and take out my id for me and yesh she did as told ^^ *contented* After that, was supposed to go to the main hall for my next step. On the way there, i met Jardian *my dance member in tic-tac-toe*. Led him halfway to the engineering department and was stopped when Melissa Ong called to ask to meet up. And so we did. She was pretty tensed up with not finding the place to register and stuff you see. After the whole process, we were allowed to go home at around 10am but we must meet back at the main field at 3pm T_T. Mel decided to crash at my place first since she's practically living on the other side of the world. Shu hua called too but i was already on my way to the main hall. I met her later though^^

During the registration process, i met lydia,james chong, aveenash, stanley, daniel *my good friend already in mmu but is passing his alpha year*, michelle *dan's friend*, ee leng, may lin, aj, tey, jackson, bryan,mei chee*ex-snt davidan*,lim loyd*ex-snt davidan*,amie *ex-mgss,dancer*, TO THOSE WHOM I CAN'T RECALL, KNOCK ME THE NEXT TIME U C ME IN CAMPUS.

Moving on, me and mel went home. after awhile, aj texted us asking to go out for breakfast. We did. Duck mee bukit beruang. Credits to tey^^ After awhile being at home again, aj texted us for lunch. We did. Mee Hoon Kueh malacca raya. not bad actually. Credits to ourselves for paying for our own food. We immediately head to mmu after that. I was in formal attire. i repeat, FORMAL.damn. so not used to it. felt like some kid trying to act old. nyways, i lived. tomorrow's gona be the same though. So, we gathered at the main field at 3pm. as for me,aj,mel,tey,jackson, jardian and stanley, we were pretty late. I'm in group B7-Blue 7. What that surprised me is that we had to stand on the grass which was a little damp with our formal attire. -.-'' dang. have to walk slow slow to prevent splotches n all. After the balloons were let into the sky *quite made me smile like a fool to myself.imagine. 2 thousand over student and u see one gal smiling into the sky. Does make u wonder doesn't it?* When i was lining up, saw Isma and Hong Yuen. haven't seen them in quite awhile already. After everything was done, it didn't take long since i came late, we were assigned to different venues. Blue team went to the exam hall. That was were i did my cosplay this year, Ya noe? the misty outfit and stuff? So it wasn't really new to me. On the way there, 2 current mmu students recognized me. One gal which is my group leader named Azian and one guy who happened to know me because he's like this taekwando guy who uses the studio in mmu. Most of the time wen us D2X people go there, we would bump into them. So he went, " AH u! dance breakdancing one! justin's sister rite? oh~~" Later on, he asked for my name. I bumped into another taekwando guy later on in the evening and he shouted from across the street, " EH YOU!! what group are you in?" i replied," BLUE!" and he went, " AIYA!! come to green ma!" LOL!! that made me laugh.seriously.haha i was with jardian that time. We didn't do much in the exam hall. We got to know our mobilizers(group leader), venue+food+security people. they are hilarious!! If only you were there ^^ It would be lame for me to explain it over here ey? It ended at 5pm sharp for us blue team.

There i met, elaine *ex-ijcian*, one ccs gal whom i forgot her name but i do recognise her, made friends with Janet a girl all the way from Johor, the taekwando guy*the first one*, tey, and well, not much.haha!!

After that, i went back with Jardian and Ting as she met up with us at the campus. Went to my home for me to change and left for mbo with D2X members+boon+jace. We watched Kungfu Panda. Gotta love it. <3 got me laughing that's for sure. haha

now, that's not really my highlight for today. AFter the movie, we coincidently walked towards the malacca mall's stage. and there was a limbo competition going on! We laughed at the side and yet, watched on. Suddenly, the host asked who wants to give it a try? There are prizes to be won! And brilliant ah ting raised her hands... thus, me and her was between me,ting, a malay lady, a chinese lady and her daughter. The chinese lady and her say, 3 year old daughter won? ( i can't believe i lost T_T not flexible enough?.ah screw it. i had fun.haha) After, we were asked to stay for the next game which was totally bogus in my opinion. Here's how the second game goes, We tie a string around our waist with a potato attached to it's end. By the way, the potatoes hanging in between your legs about 2 inches above the ground. Without using your hands, you are required to swing the potato to hit a matchbox across the floor to your partner. -yeah. go ahead and have images in your head now. i understand. i laughed so hard at first but heck, a game's a game. Me and Ah ting won 2nd. First was won, again!! by the chinese lady and her husband this time.. WOooo~~ congrats to them. after that, there was another competition whereby you are required to balance a can of coke on the bottom rim sideways after drinking an appropriate amount just to have it balance. Sunny won first and some small kid second and my brother got third. LOL. We went back after that. SO, here i am typing this blog with my 1901 hotdog and orange juice. Well, at least it was still infront of me when i started typing this blog..

Anyway, sorry there are not much pictures for now. I'll post em up later k? till then, wish me luck in MMU^^ this blog isn't that good so excuse me if i were to have any mistakes any where kay? <3

SHESSSH!! i've to be in school tomorrow by 6.45am! BEAT THAT! T_T nvm. i'm xcited!!