Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Pictures from Redang

In class now o.o
Jo,Sam & Daniel are busy playing Facebook Poker :(
I'm here playing with myself ^^

Nutheads. Upon reaching Redang. Was too damn happy!

Breakfast on the 2nd day. The view from our breakfast table was simply breath-taking.

A rose among em thorns

Serving in!

Lyn & Sha


We even made a remake of the oh-so-popular Malay movie entitled
Pontianak Harun Sundal Malam

Isn't our main actress like the fairest of them all??
I'm her biggest fan!

Told you I was bored

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Once again, Dynamix Smokes

We got Champion and The Most Creative Award over at Music Maestro Night!

Congrats to Pier 21 for bagging Most Popular and The Best Showmanship Award! Proud of u girls!

Keep it up okay?

Jon's band, 'Chill Out Lah Dude!' got 1st runner-up for the overalls!

I don't have most of the pictures with me now but once again, thanks to all who went to support and even bought V.I.P tickets to watch us :) *You know who you are*

Funny how watching the other younger contestants perform(cieh I'm not thaaaat old kay?), it reminds me of Lil Marilyn back then.

*top left*
Standard 5/6.

Young, naive, and full of passion. Might have lacked a lot of synchronization but yes. It does remind me of me and my old group DBJ.

We might not have very good dance skills but we enjoyed ourselves and had loads of friends to support us! Now somehow, it's a little different. I was and somehow had always been in an all girl's group or an evenly-mixed group. Now I'm the only girl in the group.

Pressured? Hell Yea.

However, it doesn't really bother me. You see, dance is universal and if you don't see it like that then, try being in my shoes. Though at times, I feel restricted. I don't get to learn girly-girl dances such as Reggae or New Jazz or even Girl's hip-hop ( my members find it lame most of the time. They've got to bring their big heads back down to size. But nothing can be blamed. They're simply full of Testosterones). I have to look em up in the internet myself or watch more videos to improve.

One day, I'd want to be in an all girl's group once again and prove that girls have more to offer other than just shaking their tail feathers. ;)

After the perf at Rennaisance

It has freckles just like me :)

Joke of the day,

Stanley: Hey, I wanna take a picture with Eric ( an Indian guy). Remember to turn on NIGHT MODE k?XD

ToOdles Loves.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Count with me



Finally huh?
I'm looking forward to the 7th-month curse.

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3>It'll It'll be easy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A short one

GOSH! Yesterday was like one of the first days where practice ended early, and when i say early, I mean


Our usual would be around


The day before, practice ended at around


However, i forced myself out of bed at around 10.45 just to go and catch the sale over at Tribe's.Thanks to Ee Von's blog! Closet sale actually. It is where vintage lovers gather and sell their beautiful clothes for prices you can't even imagine. I got myself a

  • Skirt from topshop for only RM40
  • Top from Forever 21 for only RM35
  • A beach-like dress like the one i wore in Redang for only RM15
  • A top from Korea for RM45
  • A lovely pink hairband for RM2 (my pride and joy for now!)
OH!! Chun Aun and I got ourselves cotton candy the other day after visiting Soon Heng. I hope Soon Heng's doing fine having to cope with the loss. I give you my deepest condolences... **flower**

We're supposed to be able to make it ourselves but the small boy helped me with it instead! Like magic i tell you!! I've never seen how cotton candy is made!

Look at how happy Aun Aun is!

Did our moral project yesterday at Sha's. Yang and Aun did most of the work.. THANK YOU!!

Say, " Fish Cracker!"--i look like terminator O.o

Till next time,
(who am I to say, I've not even started a single thing.Oh well!)

Girl with the Pink hair band

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the Second Runner Up goes to!!!!

How many times have i heard this before?
Whether if it's in dancing,acting or some other thing.
That phrase no longer takes the breath out of me no more.

Remember this?
National Drama Competition (Year 2006)
My school came in 3rd place out of all of the schools in Malaysia
1st place was bagged by some team from either Sabah/Sarawak.
and there we were...trying our very best to put smiles on our very faces. I'm the one with the vest and pink formal. I played a host of a late night T.V show called Midnight With Madison!

There's my team on the far right.

There I was again! Standing on the far right a few days ago during Drama Fest. But you know... this time, it's different! I've
A new
  • Story
  • Cast
  • Environment
Everything was new...My group and I took on the story of The Champion Bullfighter and changed the story but stayed on par with the theme. With many of my group members being pure virgins to the acting industry, I knew I was going to have a handful. (chowie loves)

BUt DAMNNN~!!! Those punks managed to blow me away at the very last minute!! If only they could've done that earlier. You see, we fool around more than we act. XD Some are serious bout it, some just aren't. Imagine this:

We were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss close to not entering the preliminaries!
Without any practice or whatsoever,
we decided to just march into that stinkin judging room and act.
[bad idea.]
We did lots of mistakes! Seriously! Even I myself went blank at parts cuz i had like alot of lines T_T

Now, look at where we stand :) 3rd place. That ain't that bad ain't it dearies? We didn't even expect to get pass the preliminaries! *a round of applause to my team mates*

Sorry :

For being a not-so-perfect leader
For forgetting my mic when I was about to go up as May Yin Abdul.
If I pushed you guys too much at times
For not being punctual for our practices! XD HAHAHA!! You know me right?=p

But Hell! I'm not gona say sorry for:

Having to work with you guys.
Having the extra crew members around.
Having supportive class mates.
Having supportive friends.
Having supportive cousins and a brother.
Having to condemn my dear Yang and Sam's dancing. (You see, before they underwent special training for the dance section, they had to go through this.


"She dance like patung lah~!"

and a whole lot of

evil people aren't we? But all of that definitely did pay off. Though the dance section wasn't the main thing in the drama, I'm glad that they actually took the effort to train up their dance and at least have it to appear less Bear-ish. WAHAHHA!!

To the crew, I can't possible express my gratitude and how proud I am of you guys. With tiny misunderstandings along the way, you guys managed to pull it off nicely in the end. Maybe it wasn't enough to win over the judge's heart but it definitely won over mine. *giggles*.

Our technicians, Eggy and Zach, without you guys, our play will be nothing but a total flop. Thanks for being there with us all the way from the start. Especially you dear Zach :)

To my friends and family, you guys are the best! Izza,Fang Min, Min Rong, Nisha, Liyana, Nabilah, William, Heng Chang, Chua, Wu Yan, KC, Aaron, Adrian, Shalini and more of whom I can't remember. Thank you guys so much for the support :) I'm really grateful to have friends like you guys. We ALL are!

To my other cast members, Mao, James, Sha and Sarah, Joyce aka Manager! Thanks for being oh-so-willing to help us without expecting anything in return and also the guidance from Y-O-U tua pek kong Mao! ^^ Thanks to Sha's mom for doin our hair. The day where Daniel and I officially became a member of the Adam's family and loved it! ;D

The other teams, PL 04 and PL 03...left me in awe the day after while i was sitting in front of the comp watching their drama. No shiet! They were goooooooooooood!

I love love loved AJ's team!PL 03 right? They can totally project their voice and pronounce each and every word clearly. Not to mention, a good storyline was at hand. No doubt. They were the shinning stars of the night. Period.
Proud of you guys namely Jyh, Mel, Aj, Yael, and Gabriel! My new found friends are Dinish, Alicia and Geral.Thumbs up for you guys. :)

As for PL 04, i don't really know anyone who're in there but they did a very good job too. With the super quick flashback with the chicken dance's song as the background?
Cute!Congrats upon winning 2nd place

Awards given out for the night
Best Female Actress: Yael
Best Male Actor: Dinish
Best Female Supporting Actress: Marilyn Leo *i feel that this award belongs to everyone!*
Best Male supporting Actor: Gerald
Best for Playing more than 2 roles on stage: Jordan Tan! (this was a spontaneous award created by the judges who are from Actor's Studio Bangsar KL especially for Jordan to honour his hard work!)

I guess that's all from me now. The next post shall be filled with pictures aight? Before i leave, I'd like to finish up something that i missed out that night. That is to introduce James Chong as a policeman!

Goodnight loves!
Have a nice weekend!

I'm exhausted from dance practice yet I'm here blogging.
Competition and performance next week over at Ping Ming for Maestro Night and MMU's Semblance Night.
Weee~!I get to go to Prom for free!
Not exactly free, I have to dance my way in there! ahak!

Yours truly,

Narrator and May Yin Abdul :)

Ps: I can't help it that I have long chopstick legs people. It's just something that can't be changed. :) At least for now...phew!

Who is this?

EDIT: sorry people that the font size over at some parts are like super HUGE. I don't know how to solve it T_T

Friday, April 10, 2009


Gosh~! i had so much fun at tennis coaching today!! ^^ with no people on the 2nd court, the court was like a haven for noobs like Sam and I to practice with help from our coaches. We were the only two students! We played a mixed-doubles match against each other.

Pair 1: Lyn + Successor aka Ah Wee~!
Pair 2: Sam+ Dr M aka Ah Keen~!

Winner? I don't remember..but it was really fun..haha too bad i had to leave as soon as the clock struck 10 as i had dance practice after that T_T Never mind, am looking forward to next week's! By then, the court will then be flooded with people once more matches for us then Sam


Oh yeah , I screamed on top of my lungs and ducked in the car today. Why?
No thanks to Sam! No joke!
Sammie, do improve on your driving skills okidokie? Always remember to be patient!

i still love u Sam

Till Next Time...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is for my people who just lost somebody

Your best friend, your baby,
Your man or your lady

Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye~

So i thought...
If only i could turn back time..
If only I could.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sponsored by Echopark

For the performance last week in Shah Alam at SACC mall, we were sponsored by ECHOPARK to perform for their new outlet's opening ceremony.

Me being the littlest one on the team did not get sponsored a pair of jeans(only got a shirt at first cuz the shop does not offer girls pants)..but instead...

Manager of EP: So, do you have any other accessories to go with your clothes?
Lyn: Erm no...i intend to buy that pink foam cap to go with my clothes*points at the cap*
Manager of EP: Which one? This one?
(he then grabs hold of the cap and snips the price tag off)
Manager of EP: Here you go.
Lyn: ^^ (monologue: Weeee~!! i got a free cap!Finally! a pink cap!)

EP's pink full foam cap is L.O.V.E


I then bought a pink bandana because there and then i decided that i want to have a PINK set because no one else has it!
Next: Pink-related shoes. ^^

Pepybomb, Menggo,Stanley, CHEEAAAOONNNGG.
(the shades over at Echo are very fresh and funky in colour. Love it but daren't buy it. hopeless ey?haha)

Told you I look tiny beside them...

AARRRGghhh~!! i adore the pink-ish red shades. Goes so well with the red cap (that's Cs's)
Love my hair in this. why can't my hair behave and look like this whenever i want it to?

Dynamix performing for Echopark's Opening Ceremony
Enjoy the video with our new locking routine :)
Tai Heng
, when will you join us in performing again? Missing your crazy antiques.

I have 3 performances this month itself...*pressure*

14/4/09 (drama fest Finals!)

15/4/09 Miss MMU

24/4/09 Music Maestro Night (competition)

25/4/09 Semblance Night at MMU (prom night)


Ding Dong! Watkins! The drama craze has just begun!

My team and I are in the finals for Drama Fest 2009!!!
Date: 14th of April 2009.
Venue: Main Hall
Tickets: Rm6.
Get your tickets today! Come support us! We're representing the whole of the foundations in Management!

PL 3 (Law Faculty)
PL 4 (Law Faculty)
PM 10 (Management Faculty)

It's been said that the Law Faculty has been winning consecutively for the past 4 years. Now that we're in, we'll try and change things! ;D


Mr W and Mrs B

Die u Daniel!

It don't matter if you're Black Or White!

Like my elder sister...can be a total pain in the butt at times but i've no choice but to love her ;)

Sammie! cho cute!

Super wrong picture..go figure.

Dear Sha sha!!XoXo

The crew during the inter-class elimination. The crew has gotten bigger with additions like Mao Mao, Sarah,Oyce, James and Eggy! It's gonna be so much fun!

3 words. Wth?

Lyn, Yang & Sam

Whoah Aun Aun...dun lah...we don't do 18Sx.
Our drama is R rated remember?

I am...Lad....*secret*

****How Low Can You Go?****
(hint: look at jordan to really spotthe difference)

Take 1: Yang

Take 2: Sam

Take 3: Lyn

That's all for now i guess. GOsh,have the stakes been raised!! Other groups have seen our drama but we have seen none. Improving is what we will do :)

''''Flitter Flatter Flitter Flatter''''
[credits to Wei Keen^^]

TOodles everyone!
Till next time, take care.