Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Part 2 [my titles are as gay as white chocolate XD]

An early Emperor of the Xia Dynasty in China about 4,000 years ago, came up with the saying,
' A picture speaks a thousand words'.
( I actually googled this up because I felt like knowing!)


=D The person who suggested the idea to buy me a camera and who came out most for it because i once said that i wanted one. Aww~!

My bro said this picture is nice.. ^^ Once again, No DSLR or wtv RR was used in taking this lovely garlic bread's picture. Only a Sony DSC-W120.

Sammie has gone nutsy-cuckoo!Like seriously.

Fang Min---> Rose
Rah---> Mirror
Sam--->Fang Min


7 :)

Look at it...Just look at it...
don't go to the next picture yet..continue looking..

Told you to continue looking at the previous picture..Here is Yang asking for toilet paper.. -.-'' haha!


Sammie Mummy Monster O.o


If you click on this, it looks as if I've applied eyeliner. (pssst...look on my left)

Sammie Wammie Bananie!

Yang the sea monster!

<3-ing it.

Let's cut down on em toilet pictures...Shall we?

Chor Dai Di!!
-Daniel was so sweet!-
You see the thing is, i was telling him on how long we have not played Chor Dai Di on facebook.
So on that day of my celebration, he brought his cards down with him n asked me to play! haha!

Now you see her

Now you don't! Get the picture? LOL!


Min Rong, caught off guard!haha

Gonna miss u Min Rong~

-i look like a typical chinese here. Yes?No?-

We even attempted
Gossip Girl shots!!!

Take 1: too dark. forgot to on the flash.

Take 2: not bad huh? haha!! *runs into a corner *

Do Re Mi

Blue ribbon.

Self-obsession...Since I got shoo-ed away while they counted the bill.

Rose? Rose? Where art thou Rose?

Tweety Bird-like mouth

One-eyed picture that I despise. hair is stubborn

damn lala man...*slaps ownself*

I'm a Star??

Alex! You see Zach's doing such a good job at being the organizer ^^ Good thing the u passed down the baton to him!

The people who shared for my present

Thank You:

Wee Kiat aka Chicken Satay
Tai Heng
Aaron Leo
Sarah Alicia
Mei Yi
Mei Huey
Fang Min
Min Rong
Chun Aun
Yeh Han
Mau Mau
Sha Nisse
Jenn Yi
Shin Yee
Yuen Chuan aka Apek
Heng Chang
Eik Chun aka Eggy
Ren Zong
Sha Lotte
Eddy Izuwan
anonymous(can't read your signature)
anonymous(can't read your signature)

Phhhhewwww~!!! Finally!! that's done with!

Thanks everyone for sharing for my present ^^ I never thought that Zach could find so many of my old friends to share for the present! He even forked out the most for my present :) thank you...for coming up with the idea and surprises! Thanks to my friends who helped him with it! You guys totally made my birthday!

No of cakes in year 2009: 1 Renaissance's cheese cake
No of presents: 2 Roxy Purse & A Digital Camera
No of surprises: 3 Chandni, Classmates, Zach


-the look on my face when I play CS-


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Part 1

Surprises Surprises!
I love surprises!!

[But many people know that it isn't easy to surprise me as I myself, would always be expecting surprises on my birthday XD]

On the night before my birthday, I was feeling very tired due to studying and all. I've a very weird study schedule. Normally people would study till like late night right? I'm the total opposite.

I would study until around 10/11pm and start to feel sleepy. So I'll have to sleep! Then I'll wake up around 5/6 am to study until I feel sleepy again! haha. Call me lazy...
I don't think I'm going to be able to maintain my gpa of 3.64 this sem though(I know why so bodoh never reach 3.67=first class right?).
I don't really feel the pressure this sem. Maybe because it's coming to an end T_T
wth am i has ended! No more foundation days for me!

To those of my friends who are going for either A-levels or Foundations, enjoy it to the max. Your CGPA in Foundations years does not matter. Don't ask why I still insist on studying in my foundations, I just feel wrong not to. ^^v

OKAY!!! far have I drifted, so back to the night before my birthday.

I actually wanted to sleep through my birthday at 12am until ZACH called...
[sorta kena marah lah..cuz i said i wanted to sleep. >.<>

Then, my brother came in to wish me. He was the first person to wish me in person. No surprises there. We live under the same roof! The funny part was where he said his friend, Jason who was studying downstairs with him wanted to wish me. So, I reluctantly got out of bed and went to wash up until my brother shouted...


DING!!!*light bulb appears above head*

I thought, " Hmmm...why in the world did he ask me to hurry up? There can only be 2 reasons."

  1. His friend was about to leave and so I had to hurry down as to not make him wait.
  2. There are people downstairs waiting to surprise me with a cake and the candle's about to melt. A clever girl I am :) I knew people would come at 12am to surprise me...^^
I went downstairs, and true enough, my brother's friend wished me happy birthday until suddenly, a creaking sound was heard coming from the living room..Then, to my utmost surprise, I saw


and when I turned to look again, I saw Zach! and Chandni's lil sister!! Whose name I forgot..ahhh..It's not Sumi, not Karishma..what's the last one again??

But I honestly did not expect Chandni to be at my house to surprise me!! I actually expected the
dancers -.-'' because they were the ones who surprised me at 12am LAST YEAR.
(but they didn't this year :( not even all of Dynamix wished me. Only all of D2X and my dear DBJs wished me. I don't blame them, some of them didn't even know that it was my birthday. LOL!)

First time receiving donuts as a substitute for a cake ^^

Chan & I [do I look 18 already?? XD]

Ignore my super sepet eyes. Just woke up you see... Look at the board!! Awww~!! I love it chan thank you so much!

Mr Pink Polar Bear!!!

To those who don't know.
Chan has been my
best friend ever since we were in Form 1!!
She thought I was really cute that time cuz of my size. Yes I was
THAT tiny.
Chan, thank you so much for remembering me though you are studying far away in KL.
I'll always appreciate our friendship and what we have done together :)
I love you
Ps: thank you Zach for helping her with the planning and even to call my brother.


I went back to bed again...after checking on my birthday wishes :) thanks everybody for wishing me at 12 :) You know who you are!!!

I woke up again at around 8am to study...yes...on my birthday. Pathethic. I know T_T.

Suddenly, Zach sent me a text saying that he's already on his way to the library and that he'll meet me there later. I told him that I'll go bathe. Out of nowhere, blur
Sammie calls me...

Sam the Fei Mao
: Lyn ah~ do you have the format for Business Statistics?
Lyn: (trust me, i started to laugh to myself once she asked me that question cuz i know that it's part of their plan. They didn't want me to go and bathe.) Yeah i do....

When I was right about to walk into the bathroom, I heard Maniacs shouting outside of my house!!! At first I heard...


and then it turned into some kind of mix between Hebrew and Tagalog.


.I simply just stoned.
Cuz I knew, there were monsters outside of my house. Monsters!!
In my mind I said to myself that these people are going to get a good spankin from me once we're done with this.
But in real life, I rushed for my pink foam cap like a mad lady!!!
[if you're smart enough you'd know that I want to cover up my hair and part of my face. Not yet bathe mah!]

I think i was hiding behind the door.
I got a shock at the amount of people outside of my house!!

After being shouted at repeatedly to come out..I did..See..i look so...nevermind. MOVING ON!!

Was very very very touched :)

Made a wish as sinister Zach looked on.
Ps: In this picture, Zach is wearing a shirt from Echopark. I bought it for him when I was performing in KL. My pink foam cap is also from Echopark.

Cheese cake from Rennaisance.

They've been at the back alley near my house since like 9am..when i was still studying. They surprised me at around 10.30am..^^ I love you guys!!! They actually took the time off from studying just to surprise me :)

Thanks to: Zach, Yang, Sam, Jordan, Aun, Min Rong, Fang Min, Daniel, Celine, Yeh Han and Yvonne.

[Yeah!! Did I mention that Sam & Yang actually learned up Gee to surprise me? Cuz i once said to them, make me proud by dancing to that dance. Both of them are not dancers but they tried their best to learn up the steps just to show it to me!! MUAXXX!!]

After much cake and talk, we headed to~~~~


I told you I had to study on my birthday. I told them not to celebrate for me for we all needed to study. But they still came to give me a tiny surprise before my real celebration on the 28th ^.^


Now that Mei Yi has briefed me on how to differ, back to my birthday... That was basically how my day went. Spent it at the library mugging on Business Management... LJ sucks B.T.W.

Dinner? Had it at Family Heritage with my mom :) When suddenly
Alex called me out of the cafe. He was outside with a gift!! ^^ *jumps around in circles*!

okayla..i actually hinted him on what I might want and he went round searching for it in KL! ^^

Look at it...Simply just look at it. AHHH~~~ <3

Thanks to those who have shared for it!!
Kee Weng aka godbro
Ester Lam
Nick aka Lala Zai
Tzong Meng
Loo Han

I love it very much! MUAXXX!! 1 problem. It's plain white. and I'm Marilyn Leo.

White+ Marilyn Leo= ...

Need i say more? I'll take very very very good care of it though! I won't use it that often cuz i love it THAT much!! ^^

Now for what happened on the


I wished Kee Weng happy birthday at 12am sharp according to my hp but it was 5 minutes early according to his. HMPH!! I finished my last paper on this day too. Had Moral Studies.

Question: In India, when a lady jumps into a burning pit of fire where her husband is being cremated, what is it called?

Some say: Automatic Suicide, Loyalty, and Willingness.

I say: KAMIKAZE!!! and i'm not joking. I really did put that as my answer. It's only a pass/fail paper so why bother? NYAHAHA!!

I was supposed to go out with Zach alone that night to celebrate my belated birthday.

But when i stepped into Simply Fish, I saw these punks!

Penyu! I miss calling u that!!
Oh Jordan,
I hate you too ;)

Babes. Min Rong from KL. not JB but KL.get that right people!Fang Min my high school buddy! Sarah Alicia the great!!

Daniel who fell down the stairs because of me. Literally. sorry Daniel!! and his other half, Celine!

Two punks whom I love to death.
Sam, my primary school buddy and Yang, my sea monster!

They told me that they were celebrating for me on the 29th!!
not on the 28th!!
So yes people, this surprise? Surprised me :) Finally! haha


That was nothing people.



I still can't believe that they actually got me a freakin SONY DSC-W120!!
My very own digital camera!!
Isn't it pretty????

Pink Rose is it's official name!

Now for my reaction when they gave it to me

Yes. OOOOOoooOOOoooooooo

Kept smiling like a donkey. They should know. I had fits every now and then whereby I would smile and laugh to myself for a very OBVIOUS reason. :)

My first camwhore picture with my baby Rose!![sorry that the pic's a lil dark. this noob nids to get the 411 on using this camera]


I'll continue tomorrow with part 2 aight? With the amount of pictures I have, it will tear this blog apart I swear!
I'll post up my 'thank yous' in the next post as well because trust me, it is not a short one.
This camwhore is now equipped with a bigger n better gadget.

Till tomorrow,

Love you all!!

The biggest B-Boy event of the year is here!

BOTY-Battle of The Year

Date : 30th & 31st May'09
Time : 12 pm
Venue : 1 Utama

Judges :
Bboy Katsu (Japan)
Bboy Bruce Lee (Korea)
Marcus (USA)

Meet Malaysia's biggest dance crews like Wakaka and Giler Battle.
Who will reign supreme and represent Malaysia at the world stage?
We'll just have to wait and see.

Updates: I've got news that Wakaka, Giler Battle, Famous Crew and Project Elementz are in the finals and will be battling it out tomorrow! Don't miss it!