Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunshine on my Window


It's like raining cats and dogs ova here right now. I mean, it's like, whenever i go for a hair cut, it will definitely rain. LOL..must be the dumb LALA hair.. but i really don't get it.

WHY ISIT that ME having bangs make me look uber LALA but,
other people who have bangs *stares at SARAH ALICIA* do not??

Life's unfair i tell ya.. hmph!!

*sigh* Now that I've started SEM 2, I'm pretty tied up with my studies with assignments gushing in like WOW.


Sad to say my mind is not focused on my studies for now. I'm mainly tied up to my dancing life. Everywhere we turn, we see performances + competitions awaiting for us to either accept or compete. So yah, and the intervals between all those are hardly even 2 weeks apart. Practices are a little torturing when it reaches late night/ early morning.

I pity my group members who are working. We finish practice at 4am and they'll already have to prepare for work at 8.
I get tired easily nowadays and when i checked my blood pressure, it reads that i've low blood pressure. I think all of us do. Not having enough sleep+rest is something we have to live with.

(sorry that i'm not updating that frequently. I don't have the time or even when i do, I'm either too tired / it isn't convenient for me to do so.)


Now now, this is not an emo post alright? LOL.. Competition this Saturday in KL. South City Plaza. *scared* T_T hope our hard work would pay off.

Told u it's not an emo post :P

ps: I despice MCD.
though i have a fetish for McFlurry BUT i swear that's all that i fancy!
besides that little something else.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Triple P

Past: Horrible stomach cramp + dance practice + fun at class during lecture + tennis!! (break record 5 raquets at once at the court and about 10 ppl who came)

Current: GONA GO TO BED.

Future: 1) Will be performing for DIGI Roadshow tomorrow. This time only in Malacca.
2) Performance at MP this Sunday afternoon ( 23rd of November) and another performance at MITC at night!Be there!!For the MP one that is cuz it's for the Public.
3) Competing at KL next Saturday at South City Plaza. TIme= 3pm. Do come and support us DYNAMIX if you (KL friends from mlc) are free aight?



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ya know?

I somehow feel like ranting.


I'm done...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Of heartaches & J.O.Y!

Last saturday, my cousins and I made home made spagetthi and lemon cheese cake!! (though some of you would know that i'm no fan of cheesecakes, but the one we made was not bad. I actually liked it!) To make spagetthi, u'll need,

SPAGETTHI!! -.- pointing out the obvious here..

Half a can of LIFE tomato that can cause brainfreeze

Minced meat

LOADS & LOADS of HOTDOGS with CHEESE (yummy!) and some onion, finely chopped.
a whole load of other stuff.

Let's get cooking shall we?

Two master chefs at work, making the sauce (bolognaise)

Marilyn: TRY it. Taste from the spatula itself though it might burn ur tongue, looks more pro this way..

Boil the spagetthi

TADDAA!! seriously yummylicious!! :P
Now, moving on to the Lemon cheese cake

prepare, all those above.

Have 3 tubes of cream cheese in hand..

End product


The yellow things are grated lemon skin..haha decoration purposes.. :)


As you all might not know, today's the 2nd week of my godma's death. Today is also my godfather's birthday. I called him to wish him Happy Birthday and he told me that he is sad because godma is not around..*sigh* dare not even think about the past or i might just turn emo+teary...nvm..

I'm having heart aches not because of that though, it is because of..


It was between

Elle (my fav brand for a watch but couldn't really find one to my liking)

So after spending bout almost an hour at the shop, i caved in...feeling awefully bad...but i then thought, if i were to get a cheap watch, it might damage in awhile,then what's the point of buying a watch to remember my godmother by?So yah, i promise to treat my aunt to compensate for this watch as both of us were supposed to share the money my godma gave. But this already took up more than half T_T chicken...toopid watch..i really did not like it much at first,BUT WHEN i told the lady to change the black stripe to the pink one ( the white and pink stripe comes together witht the watch, also by GUESS) i immediately fell in love with the STINKIN watch..chicken..

My STINKIN hp can't capture the chioness T_T

I'll save the pink one for CNY . Or i just might dirty it even before then. Seriously, the pink one is L.O.V.E!!Now you know why i'm having chronic heart ache.

After DIGI roadshow at Muar+ Tangkak last Sunday. Went nutsy cuckoo at the last location and did temporary 'hair extensions' ;)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel Cho!

Today we celebrated Daniel's Bday at Mori Cafe :)
Hope u liked the present we got you..sorry that it wasn't the wristband that you wanted totally slipped our mind!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!! (no pics cuz all of em is in daniel's camera himself.) T_T


A few days back, as i was nicely sitting infront on my computer..lazing around as usual, in came a phone call.

Toot Toot~~!

Lyn: Hello von
Yvonne: Hello Lyn ah, where are you? (in her oh slow-motion- voice)
Lyn: At home! why? (assuming this girl wants to go yumcha/makan)
Yvonne: Can you come help me? I fell down at Petronas and my leg got quite alota blood..
Lyn: What?? how?? erm..okok..will be there soon..wait there ah!
Yvonne: ok~

**Marilyn runs up and down of the house to get ready to go out to rescue the damsel in distress with her trusty sidekick Zachary**

I have pictures of her wound and her herself.. @.@ i know, people injured i can take pics some more, but..erm....... XD however, the picture might b a lil too much for a few of u. So, scrolling down real quick would be a great help.

Itu dia..her wound. Look like chicken breast meat or something right? because of the water. LOL!

We then bought dettol and headed on to BB Bazaar to clean up the wound. (she just told us today that now her wound has some kind of infection. I've not seen it though. Hope she is okay..)

Yvonne, I must say, you're one tough girl!

We went to eat after cleaning the wound.Then Zach & I dropped her off at her apartment. Brilliant I was craving for ROTI BAKAR. but, it was already about 9.45pm. Old Town closes at about 10 and the famous roti bakar shop at mlc raya (previously infront of sfi) only opens at 12 midnight. So in the end, we went to Old Taste


seriously, need i say more? NVM NVM....

After having awfull toast at Old Taste, we decided to go to Jetty for a stroll....

THEN!! i saw a new shop that just opened right above the shop where Ann Gie celebrated her birthday at. To my surprise, it's a satay celup shop!! Zach and I went to the shop to see how it is like and the owner totally invited us in to eat and sample the food as for that day, they have not started business. So, the food were mainly for friends and family members to sample for free. Oh well, if he insists...


The heat is controlled electrically and not by using a gas stove. Pretty neat i would say...Hm...

There were not many varieties that day though. But they have squid!! wee~!! (RM0.70 per stick cuz the owner claims the portion to be bigger than normal) pick pick pick...

After awhile...Tada...focus on the silver platter. Damn cute. smaller than those big ass platters at other shops.

After cooking, notice some of the sticks are shorter than the others? That would make the stick to actually sink into the gravy..then Zach would then have to use his skills to take it out back again..

Crabbie v^.^v

AAAAMMM~~ whoah see lah, can see my pimples & freckles T_T

erm..i was chewing on meatballs?


Even the drinks

and cucumber

were F.O.C that day!!

Lucky us ey? My review for that restaurant is that, the kuah has abit too much of peanuts and is not spicy at all. So, it's medioker i guess... After our tasting session, we left the place.. :D


Noob & Jordan actually carried the machine to tilt it a lil in order to drop the red object.

JUST SO THAT WE CAN GET THE PRIZE= some kind of cheap chocolate, chocolate biscuits and a toy truck!! ( we spent about RM5 on this and more than RM5 on photohunt later. This was on the first day of our Sem 2. Classes were canceled but were not informed online -.- sheessh...)

but the effort did not pay off, in fact, the people incharged then starred at those 2 later on when they were putting back the goodies back to where they were supposed to be.. LOL!

A cool photo machine that we spotted at the arcade. 17 tokes O.o but we used technology instead= 0 tokens.


TODAY!! goodness...was uber tireying.. class at 8-9am...then a useless 5 hour break until our next class at 2-6.30 pm.. I went to class being all sleepy and i did not join my friends after class for breakfast or anything. Instead, i went home to continue my beauty sleep.

At least that was what i thought of doing.. Until a msg came in..

Yu Kiat: Hey, want to go swimming? 10am. 9.30 leaving d.
... (it goes on..yes no yes no yes no...)

Final answer was OKAY~~ I'll go... (thank goodness i did not sleep in the pool)

The others who went were, Amo + his gf, and one more dude whose name i've forgotten. A THOUSAND APOLOGIES!

It was not bad, but i've definitely lost my touch for swimming..i learnt it when i was really young and i felt as if like i used to have more stamina back then..wth..kononnya dancer..haha!! OH!! and i nearly drowned T_T no joke...i was at 12 feet..swimming back* breast stroke* I was swimming near the side..MANA TAO i drifted to the middle at around 7 feet!! when i opened my eyes to check, my legs couldn't touch the bottom and i kinda panicked for awhile( i think Yu Kiat knew that i was struggling abit when he actually went , " WEI")..Also with my asthma problem, it adds difficulty to breathing... BUT ME, being ME......

acted MACHO and started gasping for air calmly..occassioanally like a DUCK *just imagine* .Then continued to swim to the side again...Imagine lah, if i were to really panick and give up and drown, sure damn shy lah right!!wait the life guard actually blow the whistle and jump into the pool to save me....haha!!!!okok..i've learnt my lesson which is to,

NEVER KE GAO ( act smart) and attempt 12 feet again after years of not swimming at the Public Pool (MBMB)

U can see my phone..haha :D

Goodnight people, roadshow on Sunday at tireying..many dance events this month. I want to concentrate on my studies. My GPA for SEM 1 was 3.64. HAIH~ 0.03 more marks to first class and actually obtaining a Dean Award. I'll try my best to obtain it for this two last sems in Foundations. I'm not saying that I can, but I'll try.

I am so sorry for being so inconsiderate. An Ass. Indeed, that's what I am now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do Your Part. Save the ecosystem.


A FEW OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! (stares at jordan,yang,sam,zach,yvonne and of course, my personal buddy, NOOBIE NOOB: Chun Aun) *smiles..please dun kill me ah*


At the bus station and while on the bus

that's not all of our luggage..but it's say.. 80 %?

Jordan the MODEL

NOobie sleeping with his Stargolf hat.. I tried camwhoring with it..but it keeps turning out ugly T_T must be the hat. must be the hat!

These TWO damn spoiler

The many faces of a CON MAN
There he is


Doing what he does best : CON

I don't even wanna noe..

So yah, please dun be fooled by THIS!!

aww~ (seriously?)

Once we got to the place we're staying at *sucky..but not bad at the same time. Gave us a HUGE ADVENTURE i'd dare say :)

Once we reached GLORY...

taking pics after changing

Knowing that my hair would be a burden in the pool, i decided to pin it up!

-.-'' Fed Up [ YANG! what's so funny ah!laugh laugh!]

Now this i don't know why..going into the pool d some more want to style the hair ~.~

Noob says : Nawei, ani ban. [Nawei, so slow.]

THE BEACH !!! Sadly right, even Klebang beach is cleaner than PD's.. OH WELL..i blame those who supported PD as our holiday destination!NVM~

NOW: Port Dickson
NEXT: PULAU REDANG! XD we better go or i'll be super disappointed..

guess who~


Nah~ dun even bother guessing...(i damn bad ..haha)

I need to grow fatter T_T (got the BAYWATCH feel not? got?got?haha!!)

WATCH THIS. ( Me doing the cartwheel by the beach. Followed by Yang's and Jordan's laughter T_T damn evil man)

FUNNY HORH?? hmph..i noe..i laughed after that too..but felt immediate pain after..

SToopid PD beach..really..just note urself: Don't try and be funny on PD's beach!

^*^*Muscle MEN*^*^

L-R [Zach, NOOB & Jordan]



NOob seriously noob. The stone haven't even leave his hands -.-'' NOOB AH~

checker's the new black

HSM4!(it wasnt easy to take this goddam pic!)

HMMM~~what's this? (can you tell?)

ONCE again inspired by the SCORPION

He tried. But failed. XD (nola, he wasn't even trying but my awesome cam skills got it on time to look as if he's trying to)

I failed..could not balance

Then even before we know it, it was night already. The food at GLORY's pretty much suck. LOL nvm..we paid rm 8 for the buffet cuz we already had like a rm80 voucher you see~ I'll let the pictures do the talking..

At night, he is somebody.

After i took this pic, they said they wanna go EXPLORE.. ish ish...

We then invaded a 5 star hotel that is practically right beside our uber pathetic apartment. This is where all the fun comes in. From swimming at the 5 star hotel to napping there. I'm NOT kidding.


This photo reminds me of the one i took back when i was in form 1/2..

Here it is!!


gotta love the lighting

We sat by the pool until there was this one point whereby all of us went silent=nap.
We then declare ourselves to be, PENCURI GLORY!!
the ones who would not fight for you but would steal your pool chairs and the pool itself for our own pleasure!
EVEN if it requires us to LIE.

I was seriously tired.. Evil zach T_T

okay, that night, i felt sleepy rather early whereas everyone was still very energetic T_T and i regret it T_T Or else it would've been more fun!! Everyone got sleepy by the time we reached GLORY at about 2am..


THE NEXT MORNING~ (the day we head back home to malacca. You noe, we wanted to even CS at PD. And so we went searching around PD town. But to no avail, we could not even spot a CC~ Is PD that ULU? hm~~) nyways, while waiting for the guys to wash up...

Mr tiger & I decided to put on a puppet show for Yang Yang

Mr Tiger: What's for breakfast?

NYAHAHA okay..i almost laughed..HAHA!!

Now it's time to leave.. [taken from RAMBO], i'm totally lying.

Will we miss PD?

Well, maybe ;)

Toodles folks ^^ post about PD is up!

What's this??
I don't remember this!!!

Who's that????

who made this masterpiece????

If you do find out, PLEASE let me noe aight? I don't recall seeing this picture in the camera!! He looks exactly like what he created according to the others. But i just could not tell who!! AISH! Here's a ROUGH picture of him

Some says he looks like a Sea Creature:PENYU. But honestly, I don't think so!

It has kept me from sleeping all night long trying to figure out WHO he is.
Who is this thing-a-ma-jing?

Guys, let's go back to PD. I am DETERMINED to find out who he is. There still is hope.

Don't you worry.

We will come back for you.