Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Idle Period~

credits to: Puchyto

Stay tuned for updates this weekend =)
Having midterms now =(
Wish me luck!

-Puchito ripped his pants today during practice!
I almost saw his 'thing-a-ma-jing'
God Bless The Lord.
Happy Birthday Puchy :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nomad who?










(yeap, you guessed it.)


My sincerest apologies to DYNAMIX and our friends who went to support... I'll try my very best to improve a.s.a.p as to not repeat the mistakes that I did ok? I KNOW I CAN DO IT!!!

Now let's look @ some pictures shall we?

Brother freestyling for the cameras before the competition =D
Credits to Mynjayz.com

Now this is where it all begins.
At first I thought none of my friends went to support.
However, when the music was right about to start, I heard people calling out,
"Marilyn Marilyn!"
I turned to catch a glimpse and saw several familiar faces.
They're from Malacca but are studying in the same Uni as Max I.
Thanks gurls =D

Slow DOoowwwnnnn~
Credits to Mynjayz.com

I can so totally advertise for Nike. No?

Credits to howard-u.com

*notice how the 3 guys on the left didn't move?*
Now notice me.
Don't laugh.
So Not Funny.
Credits to howard-u.com

We call this Set, "The Cricket"!!
Credits to howard-u.com

Young Jian's smokin solo!!! This dude here did us proud!!
Credits to howard-u.com

Max I's Jolene..She can do a 220 degrees split.
Nid I say more?
My scorpion also kalah kao kao
Ann Gie from DBJ! Where are you when I need you??

nd the the Winner is....

-.-'' You should know who by now...
You guys know Caprice...that dude who sang Fantasy Girl?
If you fancy him then, there you have it.
If you don't then, right back at cha sista!
He was the emcee for the night f.y.i

That awesome beatboxer!
Kim Sn'g isit?
Credits to Mynjayz.com

With em judges.
B-boy from CID Crew+ Jack from D8Second+ Joel Tan, founder and instructor of UG.

Famous us XD

Red is the new Black!

With Ian from Sindebloc


Photographers: Do a pose!

Photographers: Now another one?

I felt pressured to keep on changing poses each time..thank god I was fast enough. XD

Long story cut short,

  1. We went back into the club after the competition. Music sucked. It was either Trance or Techno night. I stoned there for about 2 hours and almost fell asleep. Sound system was awesome tho. The floor was vibrating.
  2. Got lost along the way to a hotel near Sungei Wang and ended up at Bukit Jalil.
  3. Had no place to stay until 6 in the morning because all the hotels we knew were fully booked. Kudos to us for not booking rooms earlier on. That explains the title of this post.
A huge mirror! Who can resist??

You can't imagine how tricky it was for us to apply eyeliner onto my eyelid on the night of the competition.
(Most of you would know that I don't use make up)
In fact, I despise it. ALOT. I only use it when I'm performing to look older and
fiercer. I mean like come on! Look at this!

I won't be able to even scare a 4-year old T_T

But, I don't understand how people could patiently draw stuff on their faces and party all night long and yet still have energy to remove it until no lashes are left!Literally! That's why the make-up industry created fake eyelashes. Clever I would say.

This was after the competition. Can't see much of a difference ey?

Well at least here you can see that I used some shimmery eyeliner. Really useful for performances. :)

  1. Checked out at 12 and headed back to Sunway Pyramid
  2. Had Wendy's.
5 meat patties.
Can you spell C-H-O-L-E-S-T-R-O-L?
People as thin as me and my brother have a cholestrol level that's above average. What say you? A health check up ought to be in ur list now :)

Yes! I mean you! And Meng and CS!
  1. I bought loads of hairbands costing RM15 per hairband from Diva and Topshop. Oh, and a dress =D
Was feeling damn tired due to lack of sleep and the competition! I love Coffee Bean's Ice Blended Mocha ^^!

Don't know when I'll be able to wear this out...

A broken doll.
Polka-dots are L~o~V~e

Seriously? I'm in l.o.v.e with this dress.
why man why... T_T

Denim jackets look good on everyone.
Even on Tai Heng.

Island Shop's model= Nicole

Island Shop's Reject= Amo

  1. Left Malacca after having dinner at SS2.

That concludes my day in KL!

Until next time,
I'll see you guys again in August ;)

Am loving the transparent umbrella I got for Rm4.90 over at a Japanese convenience store =D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

1 more added to the list

*beep beep*~~~~

Sha: LYNNIE!!!(when I see caps and the word Lynnie on it, I'll know that it's sha maine)
Your group is in The Star 2 today! Page 8!!

Lyn: Oh really?? Kk wait i go buy newspaper!!!

And I did!!!

In my pyjamas...........

BUT BUT!!! I did take the courtesy of changing my shirt that has a bear on it into a more descent looking one or people would've thought that I'm sleep walking!!!

Drove to the nearest newspaper stand I know with my brother's car whose petrol meter is already BLINKING!!! (damn scary ok..what if the car suddenly stops and I'll have to walk home in my jammies??)

The Star 2 (page 8)

I think all the dancers there are :)

*^jeng jeng jeng jeng^*
(this is my...erm...4th time appearing in the papers i think? I wonder if I could ever reach 5)

Max I!

Oh beside our spot in the papers was Kenny Sia.
Checking his dough.

Nywho, I hope you guys will have a fine day !

Gona study while eating curry puff now.

Gona have practice tonight
  • whacking
  • one-hand freeze
  • round-off
I want these 3 things for now :D Remind me if I ever lose track aight?


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hip Hop Mad2Max by Help College (Part 2)

Constructive criticism will be very much appreciated.

Dynamix's Showcase Performance


vs Max Identity (part 1)

Dynamix vs Max Identity(Part 2)

You see the red shirt I'm wearing during the battle? I bought it from Echopark right before the competition started. LOL! Lucky shirt that is =D

Pictures from the competition will be up next.
Damn do I have many overdue posts.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hip Hop Mad2Max by Help College (Part 1)

Organized by HELP COLLEGE

HIP HOP MAD2MAX invites all college and university students to participate in this competition!

Champion: RM1000
Runner-up: RM500

Teams will first compete via a showcase(prepared choreography) performance in order to earn themselves a spot in the final two.
The two finalists will then battle it out FREESTYLE(impromptu) to win champion.


So yeah! In our minds we said to ourselves,

" NAIL the showcase performance first, SMOKE the people in the battle after!".

And that was exactly what we did ;)


About a week ago, we were practicing our asses off. We focused alot on the battle. YES. We really wanted to WIN!NO. We wanted to SMOKE!!! We sat and thought of sets that can be used during the battle. It was funny+painful+torturing+ have I mentioned FUNNY???

This is because we have our LION aka LAUHU

  • He can be super random at times.
  • Shouting out of no where
  • ROARING and yes. I MEAN ROARING due to tiredness.
  • Trying out things he's never done in the funniest way possible with cute sound effects.
  • Poser to The MAX

Moving on...
We normally start practice at 9pm until early morning
On Thursday night, the day right before the competition, we started at 7pm until 3/4 am...
Last minute ideas on em sets for the battle were being thought of on that night as well!

Before I go on to FRIDAY which is the day of the competition, Let's rewind to the day of the rehearsals shall we?

Free advertorial for Euphoria!

Young Jian, Meng, my Brother and I went up to KL on the 8/7/09 at about 5pm for the rehearsals.
We took pictures before entering the club!It's our first time there. I'm not sure about Young Jian tho..haha

Marilyn Leo + Justin Leo


I was smiling in the picture. God-knows-why. haha!

Meng + Young Jian aka Ah Sot

*i ran out of interesting captions T_T*

Fruitaleman & Menggo

We finally went in after our mini photoshoot to find that all the other groups were already there! HAHAH! Excuse us for being late..Malaccans mah..Plus, we got lost along the way..LOL It was freaking cold in there. Yes it was...Smart me wore shorts into the club somemore. Even Ah Sot found it to be cold. When it was our turn to rehearse, I could hardly move my body. T_T

Saw several familiar faces. You-know-who-you-are. LOL.
After the rehearsal was over, we had to go outside for another photoshoot by the organizers.

Credits to: MYNJAYZ.COM

Jack from D8Second

Mandy also from D8Second
(Man, do I look tubby in this picture T_T)

Group Picture of all the contestants. Credits to: MYNJAYZ.COM

We went back into the club as it was free admission for the contestants. We danced and practiced our solos. Suddenly, from the very corner of my eye, I saw somebody and that SOMEBODY was moving so swiftly to the music on that very night. That SOMEBODY happens to be DENNIS YIN. You guys remember him right? The runner-up for So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 1 and also from Racken Force of Battleground Astro.

This Guy. Remember him now?

He was awesome as he moved to the soulful song that was being played that night. I stood aside, being amazed at his every move. Seriously. Like mad dumbfounded ok? Dennis, if you ever come by this blog. HI! You were so busy dancing that night that I didn't manage to say Hi. :D

Now, as to not make this post uber long like my post on Station 3, I'm going to write on the Finals on another post aight?


I find it necessary to clarify this as people on and off the net are vaguely assuming that we're a pure breaking crew and that we win competitions because breaking pawns the other styles of dancing. SO NOT TRUE.
Here's a classification of our members according to more or less our expertise.

  1. Justin Leo (leader)= Popping+ Locking+ Breaking
  2. Sunny Tan= Popping+ Locking
  3. Young Jian= Breaking + Popping+ Locking+ Krumping (Now this dude's a breaker mixed with other styles. We only have 2 breakers in the crew)
  4. Marilyn Leo= Popping+ Breaking+ New Jazz+Hip Hop
  5. Meng= Popping+ Breaking+ Locking
  6. Jardian= Locking+ Popping+ Breaking
  7. Stanley= Locking+ Popping+ Krump+ Hip Hop
  8. Puchyto= Breaking+ Popping+ Locking ( The other breaker)
  9. Funfair= Popping+ Breaking+ Locking (Specialize in popping)
  10. Tai Heng= Breaking+ Locking+ Popping ( Have not danced with the crew for a very long time)