Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson; a world icon

As much as I don't want to believe it,
The truth is inevitable.
The King is no longer with us.

  • It seemed like it was just yesterday that my friends and I were singing to his songs namely, 'Heal the World' and 'We Are The World' for a charity event in front of a live audience. We were only 10/11 years old back then.
  • It seemed like it was just yesterday that my friends and I were dancing to 'Thriller' in school. We were only 14/15 years old back then.
  • It seemed like it was just yesterday where I first learned how to moonwalk. I was 17.

I really really REALLY didn't believe the text that my sister sent me the day after my competition over at Station 3, saying that Michael Jackson had passed away at precisely 5.21am. The saddest part was, I was still awake at that time. Unaware of what was happening on the other side of the world.

Michael Joseph Jackson
Originated from the Jackson 5, was placed as the lead singer.
Went solo in his early 20s' and made it big with his album, 'Thriller'.

Went on singing songs like, 'Black or White' and 'Heal The World'.

Announced his plans for his last world tour in JULY 2009.
Passed away sadly on the 25th of June 2009.

I am still in a state of shock.
A world, and must I stress again, a WORLD icon, is now resting with the angels.
Away from false accusations that filled the last few days of his lives.
He has done so much in the music industry by delivering heartfelt messages through his songs.
Be it telling you that you are not alone or to don't stop till we get enough.
Only he was capable.

A picture taken right after he announced his plans for his tour in July. haih...

R.I.P Michael Jackson
You will always be in our hearts.
No one will ever forget who Michael Jackson is.

Updates on Station 3 coming soon...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Cake ala Leo siblings

Peanut butter butter cake.haha

Just look at it's crusty exterior!!

I added in chocolate emulco to create a 'marble' effect

Glorious home-cooked food!!!

Chicken chop+ luncheon meat with eggs+ sweeden tomatoes+ beans+ japanese cucumber+ duno what chai chai + cake!

I despise tomatoes =p

I like to have these with my western breakfast :)

My beloved auntie whom I love so much.
My close friends would know about her. Right Chan? ;D
She takes very good care of me since I was a little baby!

Here he is. Doing what he does best :)
[excuse my sucky recording]

Happy Father's Day

Back to basics


Loving the no 8. For now ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turning point


The best of both worlds has finally caught up with me.
I wish that I could ask myself ,"How"
I wish that I could ask myself, "Why"

Wishes are for people with dreams but dare not chase it.
I learned it the hard way today.
I can't let it go on.
I won't.

Mark my words.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A practice-free Friday night

But am gona have practice on a Saturday night

Jon & Kin Wee
Their band, 'Chill Out Lah Dude' won btw. ;)

Went for this concert thingi over at Pey Teck.
Started at 7 but reached there at 8++.
Got to catch a glimpse of SDO's performance. They're really good for an all girls' group. Seriously. Did I mention that we're competing against each other for the competition in Station 3? HAHA!
Anyway, saw a lot of familiar faces once i stepped foot in the door. Sorry that I forgot some of you who had to actually approach me and stare at me right in the face for me to recognise u XD


Dear Chan & I

Huay Ling & Tau Sa Butt!! Finally! A picture! XD

Karishma, Chandni, Marilyn & Sumitha. I got it right this time didn't I?
The one missing is Kavitha!!!

Sebastian & TSB. cutest pair of cousins..LOL!



You'll be the slave and I'll be your highness
(Good times ey? Good times~)
We were both young when I first saw you.
(wth? haha)

Going out for Satay Celup now for an early Father's Day celebration.
Gona help mummy make chicken chop tomorrow morning.
Gona bake a cake too!
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm now typing this at around 6pm.
I'm here to confess as I have sinned.

I lied to my friends saying that I'll be going for NS this Tuesday.
TRUST ME!! I had no intentions to do so at first! Until this fellow came by,

Jordan: Hey, just wondering. You made it to NS? HAHAHAHA!!

Lynnie: Shatap......I'm supposed to go to PD on Tuesday

Jordan: I'm just curious T___________________T

But you managed to defer right?
Lynnie: Nope, I sent in my deferment letter but they did not accept it as it was already too late.

Jordan: So, do you have to go or not!!!! It's that simple!!!


Jordan: okay, I know you won't. But i really hope you do though...
No no I'm kidding.

So let's talk about something a little more serious.
You're heading to PD next Tuesday?
Lynnie: Yeah...

Jordan: OMG for real? How come I never hear you talk about it then?

Lynnie: I've told the others already actually...

Jordan: Oh, didn't know it will turn out for real.

Well, let's hope you have great fun at the mean time aight?

Lynnie: Hopefully I don't turn out looking all black T_T

Jordan: Well, no. However, you might turn out like me. YEEEHAAWWW!!

Okay I gtg now. See you around.

Before you leave I hope.
Take care.

Within MINUTES! I started to receive text messages from Yang, Sha and Sam asking if I was really going for NS! Man~!! I didn't know what to do! So I decided to play along...I answered Yes to every question proposed. They even started to plan a farewell for me!!! (how guilty I felt. I've never been good at lying. Somehow Zach was having alota fun at this for god knows why.)

The next day, as I was walking to my first class of my degree year, I bumped into Fang Min and her bf. She immediately asked if I was going for NS the next day. Once again, I was dumbfounded. Wondering how did she find out. I lied my way through. Felt oh-so-guilty but had a slight tingle of excitement after! Chun Aun was waiting for me outside of class and even asked if I was headed to NS the next day. He was starting to panic as I planned my timetable with him! If I were to leave, he'd have to make new friends asap. LOL i told him the truth though. Good friend I am huh?

However, I didn't manage to go meet them for the 'last time' as I had dance practice.
YES Yang, real dance practice. Not some kind of meeting whereby I decide who will replace me in the competition. Sorry that I lied XD With that, I had no chance to taste the jelly that Sam made specially for me. I was really touched though when Chun Aun told me in class that you'll be making it for me ^^

Now this prank is over!!! I will not be going for NS!!!WEEEEEEEEEHOOO!!!

My sincerest apologies to those who actually fell for my lil joke.

Blame Jordan.
(But i thank you ^^)

Finished typing this at 4am.
Love you guys :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Burger Maut's Burger Convert

Inside out burger.= Burger Convert
1 word, AWESOME.

Located along Semabok. Available only at night. MUST TRY!!!

People who eat Burger Convert are happy people!



*chomp chomp*

Trust me. though I'm not smiling, I was one hell of a happy kid!


Nyways, went out with Kee Weng and Alex today for Coconut Shake that I've promised them ages ago. Yes I know,finally!

Yours truly~

Kee Weng aka godbro & I

Alex & I

Right before this picture was taken, Alex was like cursing non-stop about a car that cut in front of him when he was speeding. HAHA!!
Eh, next stop, KL kay! ^^

<^^ Peace Out

Thursday, June 11, 2009


GPA Sem 1:

GPA Sem 2:

GPA Sem 3:

CGPA= 3.72!!!

AHHH!!!! I can't believe that I finally got 1st class!!!
Of all semesters, I thought the 3rd semester would be the toughest with 6 subjects. But I managed 1st class!!

And my CGPA is also 1st class.
Seriously, I'm beyond happy. Words can't even describe how I feel.
I actually ran into my living room where my brother was with my pyjamas while merely shouting YESSS!!Alongside the rock star sign (w^^w) which i did with my hands.
Yes. I'm such a geek. Sue me.

This might seem like nothing to some of you guys out there but if you knew me in secondary, you'll know how I feel :) I never knew the meaning of the word 'study' until I got into Form 4 and started to feel the pressure. I slowly started to look at the books, open the books, and actually read the books. Slowly...I tried. But it was somehow too late at that point. My hopes were set too high as I actually aimed for 8As in SPM. I got 7 and I cried...because I really did try but it was simply not enough. However, I persevered and i finally saw the fruits of my labour today.

What I'm even proud of is that I managed to live my hobby while at this. Many would say,

"Marilyn, don't everyday dance dance ! study lah!"
"You everyday dance till late night. Like that how you want to score??"
"Lyn...studies more important."
"Eh you everyday dance got study one or not?"

I was determined. I didn't want anybody to have the opportunity to say,
I told you so!

My family contributed a lot to my success. They've always told me that I can do it if I set my mind to it. They are the ones who told me that I'm not stupid whenever I always claim I am. Playful maybe, but not stupid. My friends who studied together with me were really helpful as well. They'd come down all the way from town to MMU just to tutor me in accounts or would stay back in the library until it closes at 12am to tutor me in math. You know who you guys are and I thank you guys a bunch!

I now strongly believe that
perseverance is key.
You should too.
') tears of joy

Who says you can't do both and actually be good in it?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009




Will update tomorrow..Have quite alot to update on.

Went swimming, bowling, and played Pump It Up ( dance machine in MP) with the dancers

Feel like dying..surviving on my brunch tht I had at around 1pm..I guess I'll just go sleep now.Goodnight

Yes SB aka Soh Huay.
It's me in Redang

Monday, June 8, 2009

I spy with my little eye

The trishaw man has started his journey.
Jordan is there too.

Sneak peak of the first day.


I spied with my little eye: Jennifer, Martin & Stanley

I went out with Jennifer. However I wouldn't exactly call it going out cuz i left for a movie right after like say..less than 30 minutes? Sorry Jen! Like we've said, another weekend outing soon ya? Btw, u damn pretty..ur skin damn kilat!She even knows how to tie her hair Gossip Girl style. Really neat I would say.haha!! Bumped into dear Stanley and his dear gf. We watched the same movie :

Night at The Museum 2.

I'll give it a 7. Some of the comical parts are simply repeats of the first movie and it just wouldn't hit the right funny bone this time around. So yeah, 7.

I spied with my little eye : Lee Ming, June Ping, Kelly Teo, Jonathan & Ee Von

I woke up at 7am+

WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I WAKE UP SO EARLY??I've been a little sleep deprived from practices. (my body needs to adjust back to my dance life after 2 weeks of non-dancing-exam-week)The reason's because, I'll be going for a blood test.

*gasp* AHHHHHHH!!!! the horror...


I'm not at all afraid of injections. In fact, I had never. I think? However, this was going to be a different. Instead of injecting something into your body, they're going to SUCK OUT blood from your body. In this case, my tiny arm. ='(

I was a teensy bit afraid but I knew it wouldn't scare me THHHAAATTT much because I'm strong like the HULK.

No seriously.
I am.
Now now, don't give me that,
I-think-you're-giving-yourself-too-much-credit-look..........I REALLY AM!!

I can carry Kilograms of fruits from the pasar malam to my car on EACH hands.
(sounds really easy ey?. But remember, I'm unlike any other girls who are afraid to break a nail. I damn macho one kay. You be the judge)

And so, the dude incharge injected me and bla bla bla....not painful yah..glad that's done with. Results will be out this thursday. Weeee~!!! Not.

Anywho, I went over to Doctor Ho's right after as my brother wanted to get his braces tightened. There I was...sitting down on the sofa dilly-dallying away until a familiar face walked in. I immediately went, "EH!". We said our Hellos and she moved on to the counter as I continued watching Oprah on the flat screen t.v. Who is she? She's

(u look really pretty in real life. After not seeing you for almost a year in person! But I've one question for you. How do you survive in those killer-high heels??) ahak, it was nice bumping into you there ^^

After that, went to the temples over at jonker..prayed..prayed..prayed..GOSH!! i felt do damn holly! Know wudimean?? However, I enjoyed my trip there.

1 word= S.E.R.E.N.I.T.Y.

Went for char siew fan after at Bunga Raya and bumped into June Ping,Jon,Kelly and one friend whose name I've forgot. Chowie! I miss them. Kelly and I have been chatting through FB alot recently so it's okay but June Ping? GOSH i miss that girl!!! Then, I went into Ee Von's shop and amazingly, she was there! I thought she was in KL. Poor girl caught denggi and was hospitalized. She just got out today. Von,take care okay? I was really glad that I got to meet you today. We caught up a little with our lives.

You take care up in KL kay? ^^

After this, I'll be going out to meet Chandni, Sha, Nat and Geral! Can't wait! Do anticipate pictures. It's a must for tonight!!!

Toodles people

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick One

Hey, sorry that I haven't been updating. :)

[Video done by my friends for my birthday. Edited by Yang]
Ps: I don't have La-La days! Like WTH??
Bet you'll get bored of my face by the time you're halfway through the video. Just skip to the last part if you may because that's the part that I cherish most.

Recent happenings:

  • Broke all of my principles and competed in a dance competition at Station 3
  • Played Left 4 Dead for the first time at Jetty
  • Watched Angels & Demons (loved it! Wouldn't mind watching it twice)
  • Sent my letter of deferment to the people in charge of PLKN
  • Ate at McQuek's Satay Celup and loved it ^^
  • Tried out Pump It Up at MP's arcade with the dancers
  • Bought a half denim jacket from PDI and am loving it much <3
  • Ate like a bull at Seoul Garden
  • Went to the public pool and stoned there for 2 hours cuz of the rain -.-''
  • Found out that I'm not feminine enough T_T

Oh yeah! Before I forget. There'll be another closet sale over at Tribe's tomorrow. Cheap branded goodies at prices you couldn't even imagine. Go on! Go and have a look-see. Who knows, you might just be walking out in a pair of Jimmy Choos ;)

Cute. No?
I can't wear these though. I'd just stumble and fall flat on my face and will never dance again.