Sunday, August 30, 2009

MMU Tennis Closed (preview)

Brother: EH! want to go for a buffet in KL later not??
Lyn: HUH?what kind of buffet?
Brother: wait...tai heng wants to say something.

Tai Heng/Puchyto: so late d still sleeping ah?wake up la!

Brother: hahahaa~~SO how??wanna go not? it's rm49.90 at Tenji's cuz of the Ramadhan specials! Free flow Haagen Daz & Baskin RObbins ice-cream.
Lyn: O.O??? Free flow ice-cream??I want!!!!!

So I guess I'll be heading to KL in less than an hour's time XD


Just woke up at 4pm
Slept more than 12 hours
Tennis can do wonders
I <3 T.E.N.N.I.S!

Guess My SkinTone!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm not doing my blog Justice

Recently I feel as if I am forcing myself to blog
It's no fun that way now is it?
Overdue posts are in abundance. Hate it.
Like seriously.
Hopefully I'll get my drive back soon.. :)

Really sorry to my dear readers.

How did Dynamix fare in their latest competition?
Taylor's College Dance Arena : Best of the Best?


We got S.M.O.K.E.D!!!

No there's nothing wrong with your eyes.

We did not SMOKE EM this time.

We got smoked. PERIOD!!


Champions: The Nasty Nerds
1st-runner up: Cookie Monster ( 2008's winner of Dance Arena)
2nd-runner up : Max Identity

Videos would be up soon. Hopefully. Have to depend on my bro to convert the vids into a smaller size :)

Anywho, want to know how we practiced? No?
Heck! I'd tell you anyway even if you didn't want to know =p

Our competition was on the 22nd of August which is on a Saturday correct? So the guys started practicing on Tuesday. I on the other hand, only started practicing on Thursday night. Damn those midterms... SO yeah. I had only 2 days to practice. On friday, we practiced from...

PM- 6.30

That day was the 2nd time in my life I heard the 'bhang' from the Muslim Mosque. Was mad tired...You see the post down there whereby I posted on the competition? I was blogging in front of MMU's mainhall at 6am. We were all tired and sweaty... I even tied my hair up into two buns and resulted to lookin like Chun Li's ugly step sister T_T

~~Facial Time~~

CS: OMG! What's this?? who brought a fish with us??
Everyone: wth??HAHAHA!! who brought a fish for a competition??
Lyn: -.-'' TIMUN LAH!!!

Wait till I get my hands on your cucumber-facial-moments!
Then we'll see who's laughin!!

At one point, Stanley and Young Jian turned around.
They then started laughing like mad cows...COWS...!!
*ahak! I just made myself laugh..omg.okay movin on...*

So as to not waste the moisture left in the cucumber... ^^v
After waking up from my well-deserved sleep...

I started taking pictures.
This is Young Jian aka Ah Sot.

This is his bruised ear. We don't even know what's the cause of it! Pity the boy...

Look at our Ah-Beng caps!! nyak nyak XD

I somehow still look tired....

Look at em eyebags.... T_T

The youngest ones in the team..Surprisingly, I'm not the youngest.
(psssst...Thank You Zach for the pouch ^^)

--insert own caption--

This doesn't look like me. No? XD

After2 hours, we finally reached Taylors...Finally got to stretch our uber looooonnnnggg legs =p Anywho, since it rained earlier on, the preparation of the stage got delayed. So we weren't late for the rehearsals!!

No looks of a dance stage at all huh? They just started to put the stage together :)

I thought I told Zach that he does not have to go support us. What is he doing there???
(All of us thought that this Zach No. 2 looks just like the original Zach from Malacca! )

The event started at around 8pm... We were the 3rd group who went up to perform.
Caprice who still remembers us from Mad2Max, introduced us as one of his
personal favourites

All of us did this right on the spot back stage.

Anywho, we did our best that night! Though our best wasn't good enough to win over em KL people :) When the winners were announced, Caprice went like,


I don't know if this means that we were fourth or it's simply just random because well, we are Caprice's personal favourite you see... =p So yeah, we daren't assume much. We started congratulating the winners after that. It was an atmosphere that most of us weren't new to but weren't used to being Dynamix. At that very point, I felt so sorry to our friends and families who had put on high hopes for us. I'm sorry that we couldn't make you guys proud once again.. But that's life. It's filled with ups and downs. We'll try again next time :)

We had a post mortem after the results. For a good 1 hour or so I would say. (That's why we were late for dinner after at Asian Cafe guys..haha ). We discussed what went wrong and what was wrong ALL THE WHILE. Details of what we discussed will not be enclosed here. However, there was one part that made me feel better to be in Dynamix.

I proposed the question if I, being the only girl in Dynamix is holding them back in any way possible. If so, I would happily retreat from the group. The responds that they gave me comforted me in so many ways :) I'll continue to improve. I will not let gender be an obstacle to me for I AM THE MAN!!!!


1 hand freeze? Bring it ON!!
Invert? NO PROBLEM!!
Sexy Dance? SAY WHA??
Popping Girl? NOT ME THEN WHO??
BACKFLIP? errrr......this one i scared.....don't want

Max I+ Dynamix

Notice me green nails =D

Diva is a female version of a HUSTLA


Dynamix has decided to stay off the scene for about 2 months or so until we come up with a fresh+dope+creative routine. I know you'll miss us during the period :D

I'll improve. That's a promise to I myself and Dynamix.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Tickets at RM15 or at RM20 at the door.
Who'll be there?
Dynamix of course. XD
Be there or Be Squared!!!





Wish me luck ppl!!!

Gona go have dim sum now with the crew and then FINALLY to bed.

Off to KL tomorrow at about 12pm for em rehearsals.

COME SUPPORT US!!YES!! I'm talking to you people who are studying in taylors!

Don't miss em chances to win GUESS watches and free tickets to Euphoria MOS.

OK. I'm starving. BYE!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bringing characters to life=Cosplay

2005, In KL for some Ragnarok Fest. Cosplayed as RO's gypsy.

, Danced for GACC in MMU Malacca.
I made my debut in MMU even before I was enrolled into it. LOL

2008, Cosplayed at GACC 2008 as Misty from POKEMON! Sister cosplayed as ASH!

, Was supposed to cosplay as Haruhi's Nagato Yuki

(Concert Version)

Sister was supposed to be the one in pink and her friend was supposed to be the one in black.

3 inches high!!!
I'd be taller than almost anyone I know!

We canceled last minute because MMU's simply filled with H1N1.
You see, the emcee that was supposed to come from KL contracted H1N1 during his visit to MMU. How unlucky..

I normally wouldn't go to events like GACC because I'm not an anime fan. However, if I'm cosplaying, it leaves me no choice now does it? We'll most probably be doing a photo shoot though so as to not waste the effort of making and getting the costume from as far as Taiwan :)

I'll upload em pictures then if it happens aight? At the mean time, check out my sister's page. She's a superb cosplayer. Most of her clothes are DIY. Uber talented I tell you. She's the one who got me into cosplaying! Check it out!



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penyu!!! XD You're 19 now!

For Chun Aun's birthday, we went to his house at about 5pm to surprise him! So we decided to meet up at my place at about 4.30. At least that's what I thought.

This Boy here, came to my house at 4pm!!!
Woke me up from my nap to ask for directions to my house and later made me do a manicure for him!

The Aftermath!! His fingers are so manly.NO?

Shouted like a bunch of mad people outside of his house like what they did for my birthday.
Revenge is oh-so-sweet i tell ya!
I'll let em videos do the talking for awhile ey?

Bafoons shouting for their star of the day.

Got Cake?
The crumbs are made up of Julie's gram crackers
The silver pearls are some sweets for cakes that I have in my house
The silver glitter is well... REAL GLITTER!
Now who can tell me what is used to write the word Happy Birthday?
A clue for ya: It starts with McD and ends with chili sauce.


Now, in this video, we were giving Aunnie a face and a body mask with the cake. The cake is obviously not meant to be eaten!
But simply just take a look at 0.25.

Sha ah Sha... You're such a bull. HAHA!

The Happy cake-smashed B'day boy!

Ahak! Notice the small piece of cake on his head with a candle on it? Cute much?

After cleaning up the mess we did,
Thank You Daniel ^^

All of us went into his house to well... wait for the birthday boy to clean himself up as he was covered in bits of cake and slabs of cream! XD

Though...Mao Mao did try to clean him ( hose him down ) .
How thoughtful of u Mao!

We sat in his living room and talked ALOT like how we always do. Oh! we also saw how his mom trained his dog. Uber cute I tell you...His mom that is. Bonding with the dog seemed really easy for her. Wait. That same ol' dog that barks at us whenever we go near it? Yeap! That's him.. Sheesssh~!

Tried to teach Sha aka The Bull and Sammie aka Gummy how to dance to Genie.
[Why do i look like a giant in here? T_T]

At around girls decided that it was time to change into our outfits for the night.

~~It felt as if we were getting ready for prom ~~
Guys waiting outside of our doors.
Us helping each other out with our clothes and hair.

We stayed in the room for a good 30 minutes or more I think?

After we were content with what we had on, we walked out of the room.

The guys who had fried 'siew mai' in their mouth went "whooaa~~"

At who?
At this girl of course!!!

Note: The one in green. Not Black.
This was her first time being seen in a dress :) And she looked really sweet in it :)

Next, we headed for dinner over at Pizza Huts. We went to the one at Ong Kim Wee. There weren't as many people as compared to the one over at MP. So we were able to do this with minimal amount of humiliation!

!!! SENG!!!

*A part of me is not liking the fact that I now own a camera. This means that I can't be in em pictures cuz I'm the one with the stinkin camera! But, it's so not true lah..haha You'll see!

ictures ~!!

With Eggy and Ah Chua! ^^v

Yang..what's up with the tongue? haha! Gotta love these two!


Lil boy making his wish :) No we didn't smash the cake into his face this time.
Cake from King's confectionery :)

A brand new NIKE bag!!He has started using it to campus now :)

Had him to emulate what I did for my birthday. HAHA! looked cuter than me ey?

By a 100% I would say...

We L.O.V.E you Aun Aun aka Penyu aka Noobie aka Noobie Chew aka Noob aka Penyuling!! this can go on forever!!

While deciding where to go next....

Fang Min-Celine-Sha-Yang-Lynnie.

Ini dia...My very own Blair Waldorf aka Yang Yang!
*I know, the name damn alota difference right? HAHA!*
Look at the hairband on her head. It has a red bow on it!
I bought it from Diva and insisted that she wore it with this dress of hers.
She looks really pretty now doesn't she!

You know her, don't you? ;)

Mao Mao?
Looking oh-so-gay with my bag,purse and beannie which I bought from Korea!

We finally decided to go look for a Cyber Cafe to play Left4Dead.

It's my addiction I tell ya.

It's also Mao's

and Yang's

and also Jordan's

It's almost everyones addiction !!

My green nails that glow under em lights in the CC!

Yes we wore dresses into a CC. Who cares!!
-Sha didn't play though. Shall influence her next time!-
We played until about 2am. Screaming like there's no tomorrow.
Damn those zombies...!

Lynnie+Baby Rose

D.I.Y Hairband

1) Cut a strand of ribbon of a colour of your choice after measuring it to the size of ur head
2) Loop it underneath your hair and tie it on the top
3) Leave it like that if you want a ribbon to be on top of your hairband
4) Or do it like me and slide the bow to the back of your head

Viola! It's easy to make and really affordable :)
Try It!

A summary of Mr Chew Chun Aun (wth like obituary):

The boy whose actions were so noob, it influenced everyone around him to call him a NOOB! He settled with the title for a little while but got frustrated after a few months. YES. MONTHS. I mean like, which person would tolerate being called a noob for so long? That person would be,

Chun Aun
Eh, what's this?
Wrong bad...
Totally unintentional. I swear. *does that hand sign thingi*

Once More, that person would be,

His actions are no doubt, Noob-like. But his intentions are most definitely not.
I think he's one of the people who knows more about what's happening in my life excluding my family and some other people of course :)
We're in all of our classes. Had a hard time arranging our timetable online for the very first time but it's all good.

He knows all about my performances and also when. So whenever I have to skip a class in order to attend an event in KL, he would help sign the attendance for me. When I'm having my oh-so-infamous cramps, he would fetch me to class. Upon request of course. He's not ALL THAT kind you know XD.

Yesterday was the funniest. I thank god I haven't posted this up or else I wouldn't be able to fit this part in! We were asking each other what time we slept last night because we were both late for our 9am class. Then he said that Jordan wants to go bowling in the evening and asked if I wanted to go. However, he remembers that I have practice every Friday night and started to calculate my rest time.

"You slept at around 3am and got up at 8.45.
Going to have class until 4.30 later
If you were to go bowling after that and straight to dance practice at 9 until god-knows-what-time, WHOAH... you'll be like super tired man!!!"

He seemed to be more worried than me!
XD It's always funny to see the look on his face when I tell him what time my practice ends.

The worst part was that after our 4.30 class, we found out that we had an accounting replacement class at 6.15. He, skipped class and went for bowling but me being a good student, went for the replacement class despite feeling really sleepy and my dance practice later at 9. I even attempted to finish up this post at about 4am once I got back but was too tired and almost fell asleep in front of the computer.
OI! Are you touched???Now I have heavy eye bags. You better get your butt to the nearest market and get me cucumbers to be placed on my eyes!]

Happy Birthday Aun!!
Ps: Remember the first time we met in campus? You would leave a seat's gap when we sat.
Today, we sit beside each other EVERYDAY in class.
Man do I get sick of seeing you everyday!!!