Saturday, January 31, 2009

SNSD-Gee. I tag...


Mei Yi's Respond to my Tag

Mei Huey's Respond to my Tag

i think i got pawned big time *hides in corner* and now Mei yi's challenging us to HimNae by Snsd...but that dance..not very nice leh..must do ah?*
Mei Huey? Ikan bakar we shall then! ahak!

I tag...
#Mei Yi
#Mei Huey(This should get you DBJs back up on ur feet for awhile~)
#Jenn Yi
#Sha Maine
#Sha Nisse

Ignore my flat hair at the start.It was already 3am..LOL! My stopid bro laughed when i started to smile!!Anywho, I did mistakes at the second half. My bad..Was inspired to kaji the steps and dance to Gee myself by a lil girl *winks*. Super Random i know. You'd be expecting me to update on Chinese New Year right? Oh well~ That'll come later!

Do the tag and correct my mistakes.That way, I can learn from Y-O-U!!!

Have a nice day :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

3 days & 2 nights. / 4 days & 3 nights?

Our initial plan was to only stay for 3 days and 2 nights. That is, we would shoot home right after our performance at UKM.

Fun Fact No 1)

alright. I'm back. Since the performance only started at 10++pm, we decided to stay on another day as it was already so late. Besides, we wanted to shop for more clothes!! and must i say,all the guys in Dynamix only shop at Echo Park.


well, not all. But honestly, if Zach wasn't there with me, I would end up buying nothing. Really. I don't think they'd want to accompany me, the only girl there into girlie girl shops to do my shopping. So yah,


With that, we actually stayed an extra day at KL :) but since we already had two of our stays over at Tai Heng's uncle's house-- TQ UNCLE!!Sorry that we din have the time to get u the Ba Gua as our way of saying tq. We decided to spend the night at a hotel instead. Us D2X stayed there before on our last trip for T-Hop Dance Master Challenge.

My brother called to check if there's any room available.. *ding ding ding ding* there was! off we go...Once we reached, we had problems on where to park our car. St*pid parking attendant..Wanna con us. And if we didn't want to accept his offer, he says FINE![gay much?] in a threatening way that sounds as if he would come and damage our car at night. We found a safer parking lot after that. HMPH!! beat that =p but it was funny as my brother wanted to park where there are lights. (Can u sense the F.E.A.R?)

darn it. I'm getting lamer and lamer as the new year closes in.

1st day of our trip

# we went to Muar!! Wee~! to go collect our Dynamix shirt :) we managed to print over 70 shirts. Awesome..we had duck mee like usual and otak-otak. But somehow, the otak-otak always fails us T_T Have gotta hunt for the nicer ones the next time we go there!
#Left for KL around 5pm. Head straight away to Tai Heng's uncle's house.
#Went to catch a movie= IP MAN at Midvalley!! YES!!! my first movie outing in Kay Ell~ pathetic eyyy?

(Oh yeah, my bro was too tired to drive at one point. So Fun Fair took over the driver's seat. And while looking for parking at Midvalley's hotel, we scratched a Toyota Camry O.O shusssssh!!! I was shocked..cuz normally wen my brother drives, there's always a time whereby i think two cars would collide, but when i close my eyes, nothing will happen. This time, when i did close my eyes, I GASPED as i hear the sound of tin cans being crushed..gosh..scary..but it's really minor.We managed to go away without dealing with anything as the owner was not there.THANK GOD. FUN FAIR, ur a horrible driver man..haha

After the movie, we head on to a mamak for supper :) That's practically how we spent our first day in Kay EL :)

What bout the 2nd day? I'll post it up later. It's 4.30 in the morn now..haha Just got back from a D2X gathering. It's been pretty long since we gathered :) And today would be the first day that i try a fish burger...Yes. First. it's not bad actually.. A lil Gay..but not bad. :)

Earlier on today, i was packing and cleaning up my room..halfway through, when i was almost done, i felt sick. WTH. cuz i didn't eat lunch...I regretted it..i'll try n eat on time starting next time..scary..suddenly headache.. T_T (RANDOM)

I'm not really sleepy yet...

must've been the Coke i've been drinking at Mcdonald's just now...RoCk On people RoCk On!

Tomorrow's the eve of the New Year's already. Am going last minute shopping with my cousins tomorrow. YAY! for now, i've got

A dress from Nichii
A dress from Kitschen
A pair of skinny jeans from Kitschen
A scarf from the streets of KL
A skirt from Topshop
2 tops from Topshop
2 heels from Vincci

Not exactly what i planned for the New Years. But oh well, i'll just try and make it work one way or another ^^

In a week's time.. classes will commence once again. It will be fun yet taxing at the same time. But i've my friends to bare it with me :) so it's all good. I mish u guys. Gotta c u guys soon or i might die :) ALL OF YOU. MMU or Not!!

Stupid COKE. I'm still not that sleepy..

Results for 2nd semester

T_T why can't i seem to achieve 3.67??
Guess i'll just have to try harder for the 3rd semester...

My Chocolate Snow Flake


dun ask me what's on my chin. It's caused by the camera. lol my face's like uber red. Thanks to the hot sun!

Lookie! 2 presents for my car! A can of drink and a turtle ;)

cute. No?

Yesterday : Performance at Yok Bin

I did not perform with that on my head. Ignore my uber lala pose kay. It so suited the ribbon. LOL!!my nose look so penyek.. T_T

Neither did i perform with this. LOL!The shirt=Dynamix's shirt. The Pants? Hang Ten.

I should really go to bed now. It's 5am
Goodnight people :)
Hope to see yal soon!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Patience is Virtue, No?

Yes people, i've not been updating. W-H-Y?

1) I'm lazy
2) Undergoing scarcity= pictures
3) I just got back from Kl last Monday... O.o okay.. that was pretty long ago but HEY! look at no 2. Nid i say more?

So, be patient!! ^.^ i'm a wee bit busy from spring cleaning and performances ^.^

While you're at it, you might want to take a look at this. It's a short movie of Twilight made by Ryan Higa. Really cool. I think he looks like The Edward Cullen himself at certain angles!


Friday, January 16, 2009


I'll be heading to KL in a few hours time with all of Dynamix and Zach.

Remember i said we're supposed to go watch Battleground live at Euphoria MOS tomorrow? Our chances are now very slim because the event is an invitation only from ASTRO. -.-'' OH well, we'll still go to the place tomorrow to try our luck cuz that's what we really wanted to do in KL. Besides shopping of course !!

Practices have been excruciating recently..We had to finish the dance by last night or in our case..morning, because we practiced till like 7am at MMU's main hall. We even heard the Muslim people's "BHANG" from the mosque O.o!! It's hard to practice like that with super long hours that sometimes could only start from midnight. AHHH!!ya, the Chinese New Year breeze is of no help!!
-If u dun noe what i mean, why dun u try going to a mamak at night. Or better still 5am in the morning. Tell me if u turn into ice alright?
Plus, being a girl in the group is to off no advantage. We have our monthly visits from the ever-so-holy GOD MADE substance.
-It's really very very very tireying to practice with ur cramps coming on and off. Making me weak and sore.AND DARE I SAY THIS AGAIN, the chinese new year breeze is of NO HELP! T_T

I guess i should get going now.. we're leaving at around 5pm. I've not packed. Will be staying till Sunday. Our performance at UKM will be on Sunday night. Around 9/10pm!!

Toodles people :)
Take care while I'm gone.

(shopping shopping shopping. Hope i'll actually find stuff that I like)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

90 degrees turn

There she was, being awakened by the annoying polyphonic ring tone of hers. It was her uncle . Right there and then, she knew she was going to lose it. The one thing that's dear to her whole family and most importantly, her brother. A sigh was let out as she stood under the scorching sun just to have a last look of something that has been around the family for 3 years. Throughout that 3 years, it has contributed alot to the family. Being useful in all ways possible.

She walked away from it slowly and reluctantly. When she turned around, she saw something coming from afar. She stayed by the roadside just to take a glimpse at it as it passes by. As it was approaching, she prayed. She really did. She prayed to not see something that she did not want to see. So she strained her eyes with no help from the sun to see if her prayer would be answered. It zoomed by. Her heart was crushed to pieces.She saw the one thing that she did not want to see. With that and that only, confirmed her decision. She ran into the house and called her mom.

Girl: Miiii!! Can we please wait for the Pearl White? I really don't want the Orange. I really really don't want the orange.
Mom: (silent for like 1 second. must be wondering how did she spoil this child) Okay, but I'll have to call up the lady in charge to confirm. We'll have to wait if we want the Pearl White.
Girl: It's okay to wait right?
Mom: Okayla. I'll call you back later. Go paste back the P back on your Kelissa.


I am the happiest girl on earth right now cuz i finally am able to make up my mind on the colour that i really want. I know that my mom doesn't really fancy the Orange in the first place because that's just not her style. She only did for a moment in time because the one we wanted had problems.

I don't care if the Special Edition is the only one that has the colour Tangerine Orange. (Wait, that point i don't mind because it can be differentiated from the other normal ones easily)
But I do care if the colour is not appealing to me and my family(Only my brother thinks it's nice. Kononnya sporty. BOYS =.=) It can't fully be blamed on the car itself though. I myself naturally do not fancy the colour orange in the first place.Imagine driving a Mandarin on the road. Yeah i've already named it actually. But heck! XD

So i guess the tiny lil Kelissa of ours will be staying for Chinese New Year :)

Tiny, CHECK. Dirty, CHECK. Memories, CHECK.

I'm bringing it for service now. It's falling apart. Practically. That's why we wanted to get a newer and affordable car. I think it deserves a lil caring from me since I'm the one driving it most of the time recently. I'll wash it tomorrow :)


That's my sigh of relief! :)

Thanks daddy and mummy. <3

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Mandarin


(I wanted Pearl White but now I'm offered with this *sulks*)

I'll have to face it every single day in a few weeks time.

Help me cope?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Death Calling

I SWEAR. I' m meant to die early i tell you...only whenever i'm driving my mother though. I MEAN like WTH! i almost got into several accidents this week...only when she's by my side asking me to..."slow down" and such.. GAWD. damn it.........die also dun let me die in a car crash lah...T_T...

Now..let's recap on what i've been doing for the past few days besides having to mug...

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Sam's birthday on the 26th of December after the last day of English class ..

With our dear lecturer Mr Kevin aka Mr Bean!! *whoops..just kidding sir.. lol*

And so, we head on to my home first as it was still too early for dinner at Amigo's...we played Fatal Frame (but was laggy..god noes why) and Dead Or Alive (DOA) When it was time, OFF WE WENT!!

Pretty ain't it? I chose the cake myself..Tasted so not bad cuz i actually assumed it to be gay cuz..well..i think white chocolate is gay :P NYEHEHE

Sammy!! You're now FINALLY 17 years old..will be waiting for u to fetch us around next sem :)

I liked that heart shaped chocolate ...but it didn't taste good though.. *told u white chocolate is gay *

Panda!! No?

After filling our tummies, all of us went across the street to do some prawning...Namely, Sam,Yang,Jordan,Noob,Daniel,Sha sha, Zach, and I.

The PERFECT way to catch Prawns

Gotta start of by cutting em bait=WORMs... geli man i tell first, Jordan was d only one MAN enuf to do the job..after awhile, the other guys sucked it up and helped out as well!

Then, throw the end of the line into the pond and wait.....

And wait patiently
TIP: Do not move the rod abruptly as that will scare away the prawns... (Yang, u luk like ghost here..I din even noe u were in d picture)

Take more pictures~! (Optional)

And finally,check if there's something at the end of ur fishing line...

If there really is something, pull the line in slowly and high up. Instead of stealing from other people's children. tsk tsk tsk...Shame on You Noob!

Have either a plastic bag or a cloth in hand. Unless you are brave enough to hold the prawns with your own bare hands. Then by all means, GO AHEAD.

Take a picture with the prawn cuz that might be the only one you'll be getting. Unless you're as skilled as Zach. He caught around 4! (OH!! noob's catch was the smallest one of the day! NO JOKE!!haha)

Get somebody brave like SHa SHa to hold the lil thang..

Then, manually remove the hook from the poor prawn's mouth T_T i chickened out after awhile T_T

Here's our catch of the day.. Cost us RM 81~~but the experience was worth it i guess?

We barbequed it a few days later..Ya. we really did. pictures are not here with me.. time perhaps? LOL


While a few of us were studying in the library a few days before our finals, Zach suggested that we try out this game.

Do try it :) The outcome's this

nuf said ;D try it urself to know what it means :D Are all candid.. @.@


CHIANG!!! (Aiyak, i've just been told that the word TONG TONG TONG CHIANG is used to symbolize a person's death!) let's try this again


Xin Nian Dao!!! (this should do it!)

I can't wait.. I bought a dress from Nichii yesterday. Yes a dress.Don't give me the stare okay..OH! I can't wear the belt over at Nichii's whereby you just hook em on.. It will just slide down my body..gotta get a smaller and tighter one someway somehow @.@ Anywho, I'm gona get several other clothes when i go up to KL next week :D

16th: Shopping
17th: Battleground Finals Live at MOS
18th: Performance at UKM

Will even be performing at Carrefour tomorrow near Big Apple's at 12pm and 1.30 pm. FOR DIGI -.-''

How did i celebrate my New Year? By mugging at home...being persuaded by friends to go out at night..didn't want to at first cuz my exam's coming! Come on! It's just the New Year..we go to some shop, sit, have a drink and wish each other Happy New Year...woopdedoo~

This two lah!! HAISHO! ILU LAH!! ;)

My New Year Resolution:
1) Improve dance wise!!!!!!MUST!!Do feel free to ask me what i have improved if you see me and hopefully, I'd be able to answer (i did not improve much last year...)
2) Study more?Sitting infront of the class during EVERY SINGLE STINKIN lecture would be good.
3) Have longer hair...
4) Not to look so naive and have other OLD people take advantage off. *damn u old ppl. I taller than most of u K!! (runs away)*
5) Be a better daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece/cousin/friend/etc
6)GROW FATTER. (With limits of course)

BUT AHAK! These are just resolutions.. We'll see how it'll come around in future..

We'll see..

Sunday, January 4, 2009