Thursday, April 29, 2010

This totally just made my day


I'm walkin on sunshine~
woooh woooh woooh~


I'm smiling to myself right this instant.

^.^ ^.^ ^.^

I think...I scored the highest for the mock meeting I had for Advanced Management English. In my class that consists of about 200 students .

=D =D =D

share my happiness with me!!!

I was actually pretty down today...despite all the stress from my current studies
[ Screw Foundations in Finance. I friggin failed the midterm for this paper. I think this is the first paper I've failed since I started my studies in MMU. I blame my gastric attack whereby I got hospitalized 3 days before the paper.]

Plus, I still had to go and conduct a dance class in town earlier this evening. Rushed to the studio from the library. When I started dancing, I felt dizzy out of a sweat and body felt cold though I'm moving around alot. SO I guessed. The fever is back =( Felt like fainting but whattodo.

Body Says No More.

Mind and Soul says MORE MORE!!!

Anyway, a mock meeting is where a group of 10 students carry out a....well...
Okay, in other words, a ' pretend meeting' with a
pretend CEO and pretend Secretary and a pretend Human Resource Manager and loads more.
I got appointed as Chairman aka the CEO by my group members because according to our lecturer, the Chairman has to know how to conduct the meeting and make it run smoothly.

I don't know how in the world I manage to score it but MAYN!! I was so nervous as I had to listen to everything every person said in order to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.
Hello~ the lecturer was sitting right across the table!!

Bet she even saw that huge distracting pimple scar I had on my nose [ Mind you, over 10 people asked me what happened to my nose. So how distracting was it? Go Figure.]

One thing that I couldn't stand was that when I directed a question at the so-called Human Resource Manager whose role is played perfectly by none other than Ng Wee Kiat, I almost burst out into laughter but hid it by lookin down on my notes. OMG. Seriously can't stand him being so serious. Cannot. Cannot. XD

She complimented our group after the session ended..she liked a few of the presenters and ahem ahem...said that Your Royal Highness coped well with the situation. (blush blush)

here I am...

sitting infront of the computer while giving myself a pat on the back
This news totally just made my day.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Happy Birthday TH~

I have a few things on my mind.
Let me share it with you...


Too bad I'm not actually good at expressing feelings other than happiness.

"They say people change with time"

What do I say?


I told you I'm not very good at expressing myself now didn't I?

Ps: ......

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perfect Timing

I have this tendency to get sick before exams =(
Remember me having my gastric attack a few days before my finals last sem?
This time, I had fever during my MUET paper.
There goes Band 6...*waves goodbye*

Been studying in the library these few days.
Not making much progress tho..haih~

Yang..this is priceless!
Muka Geram! haha

This however, is sweet of u =)!

Blue strepsils tastes not comes in a really nice colour too!
I recommend it! (though it doesn't do much for your throat)

Did I mention my modem got struck by lightning?
Hence, you won't be catching me online these few days.
So let me know if you miss me right on me blog aight? ;)
Picture of the day?


Will be having practice tonight for a competition after our finals.
Tai Heng said we'll be having a small photoshoot today.
Told us to come with clean, non-waxed hair.

Can't wait to see what he has in store for us.
Heck!I just remembered.
I will even have practice DURING finals!
god bless me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I went swimming last sunday!! XD

Supposedly only Dynamix, Ryan and Jeff were goin but Yang, Jordan n Chocobo came to join in the fun =) Dumb Jordan didn't feel like swimming so he simply sat by the sides hoping to spot hot Caucassian girls. -.-

Sorry lah ar! This was the best damn thing that was there!
Tanned Asian Girl!
*ceh ceh*

After that, we went to where SDO Studio is having their dance booth to show some support since we're teaching there. After our short appearance, we decided to go eat. WHere?

Simply Fish!!
(I know the picture is of Manhattan Fish Market's. who cares!)

After eating, Yang n Jordan left us as the rest of us went to NOTAS to practice.
Tai Heng was MIA because he was still in KL. Joined us later at about 12am+ for supper.

This is the funny part! We were watching a video whereby my brother recorded us in Simply Fish. Then,

Tai Heng: O.O!! What did yal had for dinner??
Lyn: Simply FIsh
Tai Heng: Walaowe~!@#$@$@$#&&#**%*
Normally when asked where or what to eat, the answer would always be,
" Something cheap lar~".
Now yal go n eat Simply Fish without me


thanks to you. Jordan Tan.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clash of the ' Top Achievers'

I had steamboat for dinner early this evening with my mum, grandma and brother.

I footed the bill using my 2nd month pay from dance lessons =) I feel good. Though its inexpensive but there will be more to come. I want to give back to my parents and my grandma not just by using my savings but my hard earned money from the skills my parents had given me. The ability to listen and flow with the rhythm.

[ If you haven't noticed, my family's very musically inclined. How much? Hmm.. my house just welcomed another keyboard! The 4th keyboard! Go figure.]

After dinner, I went over to Italy Bakery to get myself some bread as I wasn't as full as I thought I would be XD Got myself superbly awesome over the top Portuguese Egg Tarts and Fruit Flan Cake!!!!

Now, I'm relaxing in front of the computer about to head the bunks real soon.

I slept at 4am and woke up at 7am. I know. Why wake up so early on a beautiful Saturday morning?? Remember this?

FBL Special Academic Appreciation for High Achievers
Dear Students, We would like to congratulate all the selected students (as per attached list) on their continuous achievement in the academic field . In line with the faculty's effort to enhance overall academic performance of students in the faculty, all the selected students are cordially invited to the "FBL Special Academic Appreciation for High Achievers". The objective of this program is to build a better bond among all students and to develop a competitive academic integrity continuously moving forward for a better tomorrow.The agenda for this program will be as below:
Date: 17 April 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: CLC Concourse

8.00am-8.30am: Registration
8.30am-10.30am: Inspirational Talk
10.45am-12.00am: Group Discussion
12.30pm-2.30pm: FBL Mega Gathering 2010 (Special Appreciation Lunch)


I was contemplating whether to attend it or not. Somehow felt like I didn't belong. After much thinking, I decided to attend the event since some of my other friends will be going as well.

Woke up at 7+ to get ready and headed to campus and met Daniel, Eggy, Heng Chang, Tua Pek Gong, Thien Ming and a few others there =) Thien Ming was sweet enough as he tried to help me get out of the talk since I had class at 9am which I attended for a little while to copy some notes.

The talk started at 10. Wasn't very inspirational I must say. What's more interesting is that I was sitting next to one of my tuition mate's bf! He recognized me and knew that I and his gf knew each other.haha (Jhillien was my tuition mate back in F4 and F5!) What a small world! Her bf is doing accounting and is also one of the top achievers =)

The talk ended and we were divided into groups for a Q & A session. My group consisted of only Marketing students. Most of whom I've seen before. During that Q & A session, we were asked to talk about our studying experience in MMU.

Study Experience = Complaints about MMU

XD !!! Every group seemed to be doing so. i guess the lecturer wants to find out what else MMU can do to improve the system for its students. Hence, the small group survey via Q&A session.

What we complained about?

- sucky course registration system

- the current car park issue ( my lecturer dare claim that the staff themselves are having problem with the lack of car park. Man did we give her a piece of our minds)

- sucky lecturers

- sucky fascilities

One thing I really don't understand is that, I don't know so as to why we had to kip on comparing our uni to others such as Monash and Sunway as per requested by the lecturer in charge of my group. I think she wishes she somehow teaches in those universities rather than MMU -.-

The session ended at about 1.30. I was mad starving by then. Next destination? Main Hall for

" Top Achievers Special Appreciation Lunch"




what special lunch?

food was served only an hour later. it was buffet style.

Imagine 200+ students trying to get food from the buffet table all at once.

The table providing the food isn't even big.

MMU MMU... you shuck XD

Did i mention we had to sing Negaraku?

After we had our lunch, the awards ceremony began.

Thien Ming won the top student award for the Accounting Faculty. *congrats!*

Sulin won the top student award for Human Resource Faculty =)

That's all I can remember because I know these two people!

However, not only one person from each faculty is awarded. At least 2. I don't know how the system really works but I think, only the top student from say for example, Beta year is awarded. The student with the highest CGPA that is. duh~

Did your royal highness win it?




NOPE! not smart enuf. whattodo~~ XD

However, watching my friends accept the award was definitely inspiring. Im saying this now but I don't think I'll be able to make it.

" I want to someday receive an award like that"

On a survey form given to us earlier on during the Q&A session, one question went something like this.

" What is it that will continue to motivate you to be a top achiever?"

From this event, I learned to always be humble despite that big Einstein brain of yours. Never discriminate.

Always be humble. Always.

Goodnight everyone. Let's all of us work harder OK??

So that we can all

Sing NEGARAKU together next year!








To keep on dancing.

Dance has and will always motive me in my studies.

Dance is life...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Once in a lifetime

After doing the show for my friend
I realized
Modeling or at least the runway isn't for me.
I can't friggin walk in em 4 inch heels properly!
it's for some hip-hop themed runway!! ;)
However, I'm glad my friend asked for my help.
This friend of mine is also my student in one of my dance classes.
She's 25 this year. Can you believe it? She looks so young!
So now...

Dancing: CHECKED
Singing: CHECKED
Modeling for photos: CHECKED
Catwalk: CHECKED

My list is complete =)
I will have no further regrets in my life because I've done all of these at least once before.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kiss me through the phone

Don't laugh at my mistakes!! T_T

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who's Ash Ali?

This is Ash Ali, dope Singaporean new school dancer =) and Lyn.

Coming Soon
Now I need to sleep. again. slept at 7am and woke up at 11.30am today.

Nites people


spread the love!

Get your facts right

I am not the leader of the group.

Why do I get sms and messages asking me,

" Eh lyn, Statistics assignment how?"

" So how now?"

" Do what?"


I told you guys I'll be in KL for a workshop right? Even if im not. I'm still not the leader. Get your facts right people. Sheesh! Have I mentioned how much i hate leeches? Hmm...

Ps: Ash Ali's workshop was awesome yet tough at the same time. Will blog about it once I have the time. Anticipate. I got called a 'PREDATOR.'