Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belated birthday Post!+ A bonus

AH!I've finally removed the game from my blog as I find it very irritating *HALLELUJAH*!!!

no more repetitive beats whenever i visit MY OWN BLOG!

Okay..that's that..and now, for the post several have been waiting for~~


I'll start off with Ester's kay? I'll let pictures do the talking ^^

remember this? *okay, there's ester on the top right*. That talented little gal~

REMEMBER THIS??~~^BLAQUE^~~ pronounced as Blake. Not Black!
*there's ester second from right.* That hot teenager

Here's a clip related to it.

Let me explain. I was asking Mei Yi to record me as i want to see if i look okay in my clothes from front to back. I know, i very vain. LOL . Then this is where Ester comes in. She thought that Mei Yi was taking a picture of me!! So she stood beside me wanting to be in the picture as well and started posing. After awhile, she asked, " EH! why u turning?". Only to notice that no one was taking pictures. Then she smiled ^^ and left. -.- SO RANDOM! lol but I'm glad that i still have this video around :D

Ester made this. The passion for dancing has been burning in her longer( since standard 1 i think) than it has in me as she was the one who I would dare say, ' DISCOVERED' my talents.

Happy Belated Birthday Ester Lam Guat Yan. I'll always remember you as one of my good friends since primary 5 :) *oh..starting to journey down memory lane.*

Here comes more pictures.

ester, ur hair damn cute in this picture!

Evolved into an uber pretty chick !
Happy 18th birthday Ester Lam :)


Now, Mr Ong Teck Peng!!

yeap! that's him! handsome oh? As he claims himself to be Leng Zai Peng aka Thunders of Waters. The creater of this blog. If it weren't for him, i wouldn't be here !! :D I'll let pictures do the talking again.

What can i say about him..HM~~ well, he used to be what i would call, camera shy~

Always avoiding the camera but he love love loves~to take picture of foods. That was last time.. not much fun. BUT NOW he's



BAH!! *more camwhore pictures from the Handsome one himself*!

I just LOL-ed. LOL.

I got to know this guy better only from outings and stuff like that. And i definitely have no regrets cuz he's a great friend to be with though he might get a little cuckoo at times but that's why he's Teck Peng! He's a person who's pretty deep and cares alot about others. You can share your problems with him anytime and he'l be all ears. :)

this picture is cute. Look at him and LaLa Zai leaning on each other.. SHO SHWEET!!

I just realised we don't have many camwhore pictures together T_T Oh well!

*i think i took this picture*
Happy Belated 18th Birthday Teck Peng!! :D


A tribute to Nicholas Thong aka LALA ZAI as his birhday is also in this month!

His smile that i think could brighten up anybody's day!

Him and Chun Yian

Model Material, no?

this one is definitely not camera shy! ^^

During my birthday celebration :D

does he look better without flash?

Or with flash? (i prefer it without though)

He's always game to camwhore with us girls

With him, i can do this! AHA!

Lala Mui+ Lala Zai= non-stop Lalaness!

XD Him and emo Ah Beng( Chi Lim)

I too got to know him better at dance practices ^^ YES!! he dances!! and he loves it alot! You do right Nick? He does modern dance :)

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Nicholas Thong!

That'll end my post for today... ^^ gotta mug for finals.

Accounts is killing me softly..

But i'll try my best not to let it!!! Heading to MMU's library in awhile more~*edit*-i did not manage to go.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ever wondered

How it feels like to,

Be late for class and miss a quiz?
Be angry and disappointed at the same time?

How it feels like to,

Receive a rose in front of your friends?
Blush uncontrollably and say that the sun is at fault?

thank you :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gadgets :D I'm starting to learn

Hey, I've added a few new gadgets to my page. Do check it out aight?

Especially the break dance game at the bottom most of my blog.. You can learn the names of the moves after playing it ;) Once done, I'd suggest you lower down your speaker's volume as the music tends to get a little bit gay after a short while. Guess I'll remove it after a few days or so

Short update:-

I have many tags to do~ *random*
Gona crash Chun Aun's house tomorrow with Yang Tze, Sam and Jordan to study. *i hope?*
Dynamix's gona be performing soon but I'm not in it T_T no thanks to finals. I've not danced since like, my brother's party T_T
I drove around town tonight and all the way back home. Thanks to you Zach :D
Normally, at the end of my posts, I would post up a picture of myself. But since I'm lacking of like.. my camwhore pictures, I've decided to post up my baby cousin's picture instead(Kelly). She would pose for the camera whenever told. AH~ she would make a superb baby model!

Baby Kelly

Cute, no? I know you went,

" AWww~!"

at the first picture already XD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Justin Leo aka Fruitaleman's 21st Birthday Party

*biting this statement from Tai Heng*


WOW~ My brother's name's my post’s title sial. Hahahaa!! =D

Yo everyone, let’s wish him together.






alrighty, i noe his bday was like on the 13th. But come on. HAHA i'm only gona blog about it now cuz my bro's friend just passed him the pictures to him that he took using his DSLR camera.

Picture spamming is a DEFINITE together with a video whereby me and my brother performed. IMAGINE~~performing at ur own front porch. I've practiced at porchs before(Mei Yi, Panda..remember?) but never once have i imagined that i would perform there in front of maybe a hundred people or so? But hey, it was to please my mom, and the people who came, 'desperately' wanting to watch us perform. Since it was on short notice, only me and my brother performed because that way, it is easier to arrange our positions. We did the performance i did for my presentation...I was laughing and smiling non stop because i found the idea to dance out of a sudden to be fairly amusing. ^^ but it was fun :)

Oh yeah! i planned a surprise party for my brother the night before. And so, his friends came over at 1am. GUESS WHERE THEY DECIDED TO HIDE THEMSELVES?


My house's toilet. If you've been to my house before, u should know that my toilet is no place for 12 people to be hiding in. yes i said 12.

12 friggin dancers hid in my house's toilet for goodness sake! *am proud of them* lols

Well, i think my brother was most surprised once 2 or 3 of them came out and wish him happy birthday. but his eyes went,


when he saw 10 more people coming out from the toilet one by one. HAHA! farney i tell u..he was stunned. Then, he asked, "how d hell yal fit in my toilet??" ^^ i hope he was really surprised. I baked a cake for him too that night cuz i thought my friend who was supposed to bring the cake was not going to be able to make it. However, it was definitely the worst cake i've ever baked cuz i've not been baking in a very long time and i did not even weigh the ingredients.My friend turned up before my brother came back home.THANK GOD.but i still forced down a piece down my brother's throat though..LOL. he definitely hated it but I DUN BLAME HIM!!*hides in a corner* My brother was required to take out one of the candle via handstand. Not a typical one where one would just take it out normally while standing/sitting. If you want to watch the video, do visit Tai Heng's blog.

And now, i'm gona copy and paste part of Zach's blog's post as it's roughly what i want to post about. With several edits here and there.

Me and Zach were supposed to search for my brother's present ( at that moment we didn't have a clue on what to get yet) around town. The initial plan was:
  1. Have breakfast/lunch
  2. Go to Dataran Pahlawan
  3. Search for present
  4. Buy it
  5. Back home
So we sticked onto the plan. Well, had brunch at Odeon, tasteless tea/milo and lotsa butter plus a mini pathetic bun and scrambled eggs. Then, off to shopping. Shopping is fun, but yeah it's tiring. Walked like we were in a walkathon or something; turning around like animals searching for a spot to defacate ( chinese people say it as 'da bian' ). It was down to two things: either a cap or a jacket. Since my brother is a dancer, so I shall rephrase: either a B-Boy cap or a shiny one-of-a-kind jacket that can be used for hip-hop as to add effect when one waves or pop. The caps were difficult to find, mind you. There aren't many hip-hopish shops around that much in Malacca(or maybe it's just US that do not know exactly where to find it O.o) and almost everywhere sells a half cap rather than a full cap ( half caps are the one with lotsa mesh-like holes at the back half, if you get what i mean; and full caps are all in one piece instead of half mesh-like - Zach just learned bout it thanks to me *smile smile*:) because I suppose Malaysia is always hot so a full cap is not as efficient as a half cap. - I don't know what I'm crapping about but yeah....

So we changed to the jacket plan and went around searching for it. Sport apparel outlets, like Nike (this is totally candid. I was putting on my shoe before my performance)

and Adidas to other sports outlets like Al-Ikhsan and World of Sports ( I have no idea why am I introducing all these shops, but what the heck ) we sorta surveyed. Finally came to a conclusion with a Adidas one. But that freaking shop said they only had XL and XXL size, other than that = no-no. "Those are for giants", I said to myself. Giants who adore branded goods.( we were in the shop for nearly 2 hours debating against ourselves whether to get the Nike or the Adidas. Finally, i decided to text(with pictures of the jacket) my bro and ask which one he preferred.We waited for his reply oh-so-patiently).While we're at it, we also spent a few minutes of our lives watching traditional dance performers from I-DON'T-KNOW-WHERE perform. They were pretty good i must say. I've got to give them the THUMBS UP for their showmanship despite having the guys to dress up looking really gay. Well the dude from the shop came to Zach, after sometime and told him to try and ask the person at the counter whether their outlet at Melaka Central has stocks for other sizes. Oh, the tension of waiting for the answer, as the lady at the counter called around; because you see, without this present, I'll have none......... and if I have none,I'll have to give him the cap that I bought earlier on that costs only RM 29.90(and it is not even a sponge cap!).... and with the cap, I'll go into a state where people nowadays calls em' EMO. Which is bad, in Zach's opinion.

"Awak nak size L kan? OK dekat sana ade".

LOL. Talk about being lucky, you can't get lucky enough. Which reminds me, Zach, u're supposed to go on an all-pea-related food diet!!

Meanwhile, halfway through our shopping spree, we met this old lady while we were crossing the road. She was like, " hello, hello..... how to take bus from here to Muar?" - in Hokkien dialect.It sounded something like this. From what i can remember.

"Elo Elo, chi tao ai ke Muar an chua ah?"

I was really shocked to c the Lil Old Wrinkly Auntie standing so close to the main road as it is very dangerous. Being good Samaritans, the both of us; we accompanied her at the bus stop, with the sun glaring, so that she would catch the right bus. But the question is, how in the world can you get to Muar from Makhota Parade??? Unless you stopped at Melaka Central and take another bus specifically to Muar that is; and I wonder how did she ended up there if she's from Muar. Hmmm.... weird! Plus she was carrying a plastic bag filled with money ( it's obvious because the bag was sorta transparent and we could see those notes from afar ) but she denied it was money. @.@ Amazingly, she said something like "nowadays hard to find a young girl this kind" to me. LOL! True enough, I suppose. But Zach didn't get any gratitude or a 'thank you' also... T-T

After finally getting the jacket i wanted,

we rushed back home because I had to prepare for my bro's birthday party thing-a-ma-jing at my home and Zach had a football match to watch plus a sorta like farewell meeting later at night.

that's all i'm gona 'bite' fom Zach's blog i suppose^^ And now,


Ting helped me crimp my hair for the day~LOL!! bad least until it settles down a little after a few hours. Then only would it look more natural. Here's how the process went..

Ting helping me with the crimper.. @.@

Long way to go~~

End result. HUSH! i noe my face damn lala~ but the thing is, my hair look like kena bomb T_T. haha but it add effects to when im dancing. SO, WTH! living up to my nickname Pepybomb. AHAK!

Alrighty, ALOT of people came for the party. ranging from..

3)Brother's friends
4)Brother's hip hop friends
5)Parent's friends


Relatives!*notice my dad putting the peace sign on my brother's head?*

Brother's friends

Brother's hip-hop friends

Parent's friends who attempted to copy the hip-hop style but failed pretty miserably.LOL!!

Madness @.@ my uncles had to stand by the road to control traffic using glow sticks instead of the 'flashing gadgets' that those jpj people use to control traffic as my house had a tent extension that night. Causing cars to get stuck out there from time to time. I sincerely apologise on my family's behalf. HAHA!!I was busy running around tending to people's needs and wants. There were a few performances that night, remember the 9-year old belly dancer? She performed, talented..but she was very shy and so, didn't smile throughout the performance.. AWW~ stage fright..i remember those days.. WAIT. no i don't... well MAYBE..occasionally.. XD

That's the 9 year old girl named Jaslyn.

LOL a belly dancing teacher performed after.not too bad..would be better if she were to be slimmer.HMmmm~

THEN, finally it was my brother's & I's performance. I over-smiled in my perf pula and it was captured on camera -.- haha!

See lah, me smiling like a total arse~ HAHA!

I'm the birthday Boy and I'm prettier than my sisters. hell yeah i am.

LOOK at our expressions! i mean like.. HAHA!! i love dancing!XD


But that proves good showmanship right? would you want to see a super sad faced person dancing? T_T *dance dance*

Brother's friend & I--somehow holding plastic bags. O.o

Me--somehow i was running around with the balloon. O.o

After that, it was all dancing and people eating all no matter where you turn to...though i wish i ate more..i was hungry by the time it was 2 something but did not go out to the mamak with the other dancers because i was to sleepy to do so.

Aunties and Uncles doin their thang' on the dance floor

B-boy Reddy with some footwork

Then, Justin's friends asked me where is Xin Yi as she was supposed to smash the piece of cake that they purposely cut out from the whole cake. Xin Yi was no where to be found and they decided to carry on with the plan..


Brother's friends and Marilyn. Geared with this piece of cake.

Jason did the honor. They were supposed to take a group picture. The cake was smashed into my brother's face wen the camera man said, 3!

The aftermath. =D

I think this picture of my brother looks like the Joker from BATMAN! no?


None of us were spared!

Was definitely fun running away from people but totally got smudged with cake in the end too!! T_T

A few Singaporean dancers came to the party as well. When asked which studio they come from,

Singaporen : Ol' School..
Dumb Marilyn-that-did-not-let-them-finish-their-sentence: Oh, you dance old school hip-hop?yah, but which studio?
Singaporen: Ol' School Studio

AHAK! i noe..don't laugh at me or i just might die of emberassement once again. XD

One of them is not singaporean though. He's BIN (Malaysian but went to singapore to 'upgrade' his skills) After they left, the Kiddojoo dancers gave my brother their present= Converse high-cut shoe. A good choice i must say.Then only did i pass my brother the jacket i bought for him. The cap that i bought earlier on is now MINE because my brother's head is just too big to fit it. X) nolar, actually the size i bought was a lil bit small..

They left after that and my bro head inside to open his presents with his other group of friends..and as for me? i washed up and died on my bed. Though it was my brother's birthday party, i enjoyed it as much as he did. But i think he enjoyed it (x infinity) more than i did lar~ So, here it is again!






Hope ur party and all lived up to what you expected.

Ps: One of my brother's gifts is a PS3

nuf said ; )