Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've learnt my lesson to...

















WHOOSH!...ya know now, whenever I crack my back, the sound I get from it is horrifying.
It's like the whole of my spine can be cracked. literally.
I'm getting old. I'm not being sarcastic.
I really am.
Look, I'm 18 turning 19 this year.
I don't even feel 19. I'm still the same old me.

When middle parting was all the rage XD

Nevertheless, I'm going to make my life worthwhile. You should too.
Ya know how that girl, Charice Pempengco who sang with Celine Dion and dedicated the song, 'Because You Loved Me' to her mum?

How I wish I have the voice to do that for my mum/dad. Sadly, I don't.
I would someday love to try and dedicate my love through dance...


Friday, February 19, 2010

A study break during CNY

"You like?"

  • I've a test to study for by Tuesday and an assignment to hand in by Monday T_T
  • Will be back soon aight?
  • Hoping to see more long lost friends at least by tonight =)
  • Happy Chinese New Year everyone if it isn't too late!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Didn't get the memo

The last Friday before the New Years and I had to attend 2 more hours of Advanced Management English lecture.

I jumped out of bed at about 8.10 and washed up. I then slipped into a tank, jeans and a jacket.
[MMU does not allow their students to bare their shoulders. Sorta, kinda. -.-]
Off I go!!

Oh! My class is at 8am by the way XD! I'm late late late!

Got out of my car and saw Mr Kevin!I reached the class at 8.30 along with the online article which I've printed out last night. I wanted to get it approved in order to start on my critique essay that's due the week after Chinese New Year. However, as I drew closer to the class,
I noticed that the class was dark, hallways were empty and the only person around was the janitor.



My holidays have actually begun??

Kelly: So we can party like we just don't care already?

Kelly: So I can go nutsy-cuckoo with my relatives already?

Hell YEAH!!!!!!




I didn't get the memo =(

...come back later to check out my shopping list =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Krumpin is da Shietz! not!

Fell from a 'show' during cheer practice today.
I friggin fell onto my friend's shoulder/head.
I'm feeling uber bad even till now.
I need to get indoor shoes!


My whole body's aching due to the Krumping Session us Dynamix had last Sunday. =(

All I felt like doing the whole day was to lay down on my bed and sleep but NOOOOoo...I had to move my aching limbs to class!

It hurts at times, but this is the only way I can break free.
I will never stop. I can't even if I wanted to.

Now, when I laugh or cough my abs would hurt.
[This I'm glad because this means that I'll have toned abs! XD]

You see, now I'm tired already though it's only 12am. Supposed to head up to KL tomorrow but nobody is free to accompany me up! *Stares at all of you*. Thursday's my last chance or else I'll just rip off the curtain off my living room and simply wear it as a maxi dress. I'll make it work!

Die from my over-exertion of cuteness !!!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Cry baby. Grow up!

Today I...

  • went for my 8am english class
  • came home and tried my hands on my accounts tutorial. failed.
  • choreographed a short dance routine for a friend of mine. went to MMU to teach.
  • almost died in class due to fatigue.
  • had another hair cut
  • cried at the saloon
  • rammed on my accelerator. again.
  • will be missing that party in Taylors. boo.
  • am

e to da m to da O.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Updates on cheerleading life

Our first performance as a team--yet to be named. Any suggestions anybody?
Yes, our first performance will be around JUNE.
My oh my....5 gruesome months away!!!Why can't it be any earlier???

At least that was what I thought....

Until today~

Today, we were divided into those who would base, who would be the fliers and lastly, who would provide back-support. What category was I in?



[Despite my height and all but since I'm thin and light, I pass =D]

3 of us got picked to be em fliers. I myself, Alysha and Koala [ Sorry if I get u guy's name wrong]. Our team captain thought us these that made me realize so as to WHY we need 5 months to prepare ourselves.

This is called a Bow & Arrow

Scorpion. Duh!

Another Bow & Arrow

This..I forgot its name.

Now, can you imagine me, mua, MARILYN LEO doing all of these?
Ya.I can't either. I'll tell ya one thing about it. It hurts.
Trust me. If you're not flexible like me, it WILL hurt.

I honestly didn't know fliers needed to know all of these. I guess I totally missed out on these few parts T_T. Nevertheless, I'm glad I got picked as a flier but I guess we're still like on probation or somethin XD.