Monday, May 31, 2010


Je suis désolé

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I can finally blog about my birthday now that all the celebrations had taken place.


I had erm... say...5 celebrations this year I think?

So, anticipate the post soon!!


(running off to MP at 9.45am now to try and get free gift bags from Roxy & Quiksilver. Am I kiasu or what!!)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bossini Advert

Recorded a video for one of Bossini (the clothing brand) online competitions
during my finals.
The downside now is that we didn't manage to friggin upload the video up onto the website!!
There goes Rm2000!!!
Nevertheless, we had fun recording it! =D

notice how we spelled Bossini wrongly? -.-

Ps: Baby Rose was hurt in the making of this video. damn it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010



Inbox: 103 messages.

Not even 109 people...not even 109...


I want a new phone!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I am 18 going on 19

Currently in KL =)

Had seafood dinner over at a place called
Pantai Seafood Restaurant located at Kayu Arah.
The food was so-so. Incomparable to the one we had for my brother's birthday.
Though the place had a better ambiance with over a dozen of aquariums filled with shell fish, the food was no better than a restaurant whose kitchen and seats were separated by a road.

I'm going to turn 19 in an hour or less.
Last year, I had one of my best birthdays. My friends got together to buy me my very own camera! (thanks to someone).
This year? I have no idea how it's going to be like.

I can only remember mentioning to Geral that I wanted the same style of gift they gave Chan for her 19th birthday.
It was where we got a dress for Chan and she would have to wear it for her birthday.
HAHA!! Me and my nonsensical wishes.
All I know is, I will not apply make up if forced to. XD (sorry but...i really despise it.)

I'm excited to be in KL on the eve of my birthday. Mainly because,

#I'll be able to sleep without worrying if anyone would barge into my house

I am however, not very excited because

# I'm still down with a flu
# Slight sore throat and hence, am having the sexiest voice out of my 18 years on this earth.
# I did not manage to get a new phone before my birthday.

You might be thinking ," Look at this girl. A spoiled brat demanding for her gift."

But, you've got to understand. My current phone whose model I don't even know of, can only store approximately 109 messages. Trust me, that isn't alot. Especially when it comes to festive occasions. I'm afraid I will not be able to keep most of the messages I get for my birthday this year =( T_T

So yeah, I'm pretty emo over this fact. Oh well~ when life gives u lemon, make lemonade. So in this case, I'm gona*ah screw it!*

1 more hour till I'm 19!!!

mayn..time flies!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


*sniff sniff*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


going out for Korean food tomorrow for lunch with
this girl in the picture!
Ah Jiu!! =D
and also with Sha and Yang Yang

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You know the word










Monday, May 10, 2010

Ujian Bercakap

or better known as Speaking Test. XD!

Left my house at 7.25 assuming that JPM's simply a short 5 minutes drive from my house but dang...I forgot that it's a Monday and there's actually SCHOOL.

I wasn't very late though...Reached the venue, decked in a plain-fitted grey top by TOPSHOP, skinnies and my all-time-favourite black peep-toed heels.

Went into the waiting room and was rather surprised. 98% of the girls there wore a collar-T.
The other 2 % consisted of me and another girl. Oh well, as long as we all looked descent.

I liked the waiting room over at Jabatan Pendidikan Melaka. We were placed in a pretty grand meeting room with super comfty chairs! So, in order to make the best of my time waiting, I took out the novel, paper Nautilus. I was only at Chapter 3 that early morning. ( I just finished it a 6.35pm. That's why I'm able to spend some time to type this entry.)

When it came to my turn, I stood up from my seat and peered around the room like an ostrich. Anxious to see who shared the same fate as me. Together, we took a step into the 'NORTH POLE'. ----> The room was so friggin cold, I could swear I twitched a few times as if I had twitching issues.

Topic: Electronic medias such as the mobile phone, computer and computer games are affecting young people nowadays. Discuss its affect on

A) Study Habit ---> Your Royal Highness got this.
B) Daily Life ---> Indonesian-Malay-look-a-like boy got this.
C) Social Relationship ---> Malay-rebel boy got this.
D) Global View ---> A purely chinese-educated girl got this.

The thing is, both of the guys are from most of my classes. I've seen them and I think they've seen me a couple of times. Just that, we've never said hi. Until the end of the session. I'll tell you why later.

We proposed our respective ideas to support ideas. Then, it was time for the group discussion. I started it off in order to not waste time. So here's a summary of how it went.

LYN: I support candidate B's points. bla bla bla~
Chinese Girl: I support candidate B's point too. bla bla bla~
Malay-Rebel: I disagree. I think studies is most affected. bla bla bla~
Indonesian-Malay-look-a-like: I agree with candidate C. bla bla bla~

After 6 minutes, each of us stood to our points until...

LYN: BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA!!!!!!!!!!!So, what do you guys think? (I was already smiling to myself at this point. I can't stay serious for long.)
Chinese Girl: *speechless* ---> I actually directed my response at her.
Indonesian-Malay-look-a-like: Hm.... After what that you have just said...I think I have no choice but to agree with you.

XD!! hahaah!! Him & I gave out a slight giggle thanks to his way of responding. haha!

Our conclusion? We didn't have one T_T Damn, I was yapping right up to the point the invigilator once spoke after 10 minutes.

Overall, I think our group did okay. Everyone spoke up. No one was shy. Lack of content maybe, but not so shy. =)

As I was leaving the premise, the two malay boys from my group drove pass me. One of them in the passenger's seat gave me the thumbs-up and the other one smiled as he waved goodbye.


So I guess now, we know each other. After a year of being in the same degree together.

Hello mate. Hello =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010


i think i've had enough.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can't get any SUAY-er than this

9.30 PM

The earliest I've left the library in so long.


I was coughing non-stop and after finishing all the lozenges I had left in my pencil box,
( You should check-out my pencil box. It's like a mini joke)

I decided to pack my notes and leave the library.

While heading out I thought, "Go and restock Strepsils before going home.."

When suddenly it struck me.


(actually got lar...1 ringgit plus and thats it)



wanted to cry d but I remembered Meng was in the library so I called him.

Lyn: Eh Meng ah, you got money or not? (I know. what a dumb question)
Meng: what? ah...why? (what a dumb response XD)
Lyn: Can borrow me RM5? I wanna buy...sweets.
Meng: You come upstairs and take from me lah!
Lyn: SHY LAH! Go upstairs just to take money =(

Meng finally caved and came to my rescue.
thnx Meng.

I'm now home...sipping on a warm honey lemon drink with a calm heart.

Knowing that I now have Strepsils once more in my pencil case

Managerial Comm paper's tomorrow morning.
and I'm going to bed now.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Come back later for edits.

I drank nescafe last night while having cheese naan.
I stayed awake till 5am. Unwillingly.
Now at 8.30 am...I'm awake again to register Squash for the next semester.
Wanted to take National Dance or Theatre but just can't go with my timetable.

I feel like a zombie...with eyebags....

Today's the last day before my FINALS start tomorrow.

Exam Schedule

3/5/2010 -- Statistics for Managers
4/5/2010 -- Foundations of Finance

6/5/2010 -- Principles of Marketing
7/5/2010 -- Managerial Communication

8/5/2010 -- Dynamix Dance Practice for Upcoming Competition

11/5/2010 -- Advanced Management English
13-5 2010 -- Management Accounting 1

I hope I'll be able to at least do well this semester. I've been procrastinating alot and most of the subjects especially Finance, is self-studied because either the lecturer suck or I don't go to class or I don't even listen in class. (was busy gossipping with Aaron Gan and Chun Aun at the back)

Well, I guess I'll try my best. Though my best this time won't be good enough. I think...

List of things-to-do after Finals

1) L4D2!!!! [Kay, Kiat CHiang, Chun AUn, WU yan! Get ready people!]
2) Korean Food!!!!
3) Hot Springs!! [Yang...Chocobo...i wanna go!]
4) Hit the GYM [ Wanna tone up some muscles ^^]
5) Cover Run Devil Run & Oh! [ But I don't have the goddamn caged heels!]

More to COME!! =D