Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Camwhore pictures from Alex's Party~!

Ester+Mei Yi+ I

NO~~ i not emo k.duno why i din smile ><


smile :)

We both love dancing.Yes we do. The one who helped me realise my true passion.

This is obviously not my idea~

my idea~ go figure.HAHA!

Oh my 'choloness' is l.o.v.e.

Updates on my perf at Renaissance Hotel will be updated by tmr or monday! Together with the video, i hope? LOL!


Thursday, August 28, 2008


i failed my jpj.

-im ANGRY n sad. can u tell?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I have not been

Dancing. For approximately 1 week and 2 days!!! WHOAH~~ sure karat d la...

nothing much i can do at home. i have to practice my invert by tomorrow or something or i might not reach my aim! I guess, video watching is what i'll do for now to widen my variety for freestyle. Youtube is my SIFU. LOL!nyways,

Performance at Renaissance this Friday night... YAY! free food..and we get paid...once again, YAY!

old performance picture at Yok Bin

I'm bored...

Craving for Counter-Strike!!

Take 4: My 'Diva' moment-Why nt Take 1? U'll c~ LOL!

OKay... last saturday, had a birthday party for my dear friend Alex Chang! For more info, feel free to visit Khuan Yew's/ Ester's/ Mei yi's/Alex's blog!

That was in the evening.. In the morning, i went to support my tennis friends for the Malacca Closed competition... However, it rained halfway tru.. T_T so we decided to go eat..i head back after that cz i was feeling really tired...ah~~ so...went home, did my math tutorial questions and slept *i think?* till evening where we *lazy wanna mention names...shal c in pics aight?* head on to Ong Kim Wee's Satay Celup...Mei Yi was damn high that night. God-Noes-Why. LOL!

we went to Pink Berry's after to celebrate the traditional 'cake-cutting-ceremony'.(Mei Yi and I sat Nick's aka Lala Zai's car and camwhored alot.) met Chan and Geral there for awhile ^^ caught up on some news..din have much sorry!T-T

Now, i'll let pictures do the talking

on our way to Pink Berry's

Lala Zai!!!

Nick,mei yi and Me

owls~ O.O

Camwhoring with Nick's sunglasses.
Take 1
: duck mouth

Take 2: brown hair

Take 3: Ju On+ Puffer mouth Mei yi.
[ GEE! somehow i feel that this pic looks like one of urs. No?]

Next Stop: Washroom. cuz Mei Yi & I really....REALLY needed to Pee~

This was after we eased ourselves kay =p. Nick had to miscall us because we took so long. Now you know why =p

NOW!! SERIOUSLY!! off to Pink Berry's we go. we were the latest bunch to reach there.. Our bad~~

Bday Boy= Alex aka Rudolph!

The girls. Sharon,Me,Mei Yi, Lavnya and Ester

Us with Alex and Kee Weng (my dear godbro)

Wait Kayshaan jelous lar~!

Again....LOL. Dun get jelous ya Kayshaan. Mei Yi <3s You

Jaws is here! *gasp!*

Must give priority to Bday Boy...CHowie Mei Yi. tough luck..

I like this picture^^Loo Han and Nick looks hella tall beside Mei Yi.

Happy Birthday Alex!!

After having our dessert there, (in my opinion: not that nice) serving is huge though. A must visit place for those who crave for Icy COldd stuff. Mainly mango based though. Then, half of the group suddenly had a craving for CS!!- And i'm one of them. LOL!! So we went to Utopia whereas the other half went to More Cafe.

Our teams.

Team 1: Me, Kee Weng, Yang Xin and Wey Guan
Team 2: Mei Yi, Tzong Meng and Jiao Wei.

Team I-Don't-Want-To-Play: Ester & Lavnya.


I'm really, MUCH taller than it seems here!nyahaha!

Ester said, " Pose like how those models pose where they just look on the floor and lean against the wall."

Dnt mind me, Behold! ESTER & MEI YI! =D my hair longer d



By now you.. YES YOU!! the person reading my UBER long post. Should have realised how come we've so many cam whore pictures when we're supposed to be playing CS. Alrighty then, Here's the thing.

-.- so lame. i noe. CC no CS -.-

So, the boys ended up playing Dota which I don't play and Mei Yi's not very good in and somehow rather cam whore with me and Ester. Lavnya left early. That's why she's in none of the pictures~sigh

See, no gals in front of the computer!

Last picture of the day. Gona miss you guys. Am looking forward to the next outing.

Till then, take care...

Friday, August 22, 2008


Dynamix's performance video for Moonwalk Night is FINALLY HERE.


really sorry for the late upload ~! constructive criticism will be much appreciated.

Lesson No 1


Obviously, this guy, does not know how to use it as he folded it in half. Somehow assuming it is normal cellophane tape. LOL!!!!

BEHOLD, DAVID. the guy who folds double-sided tape in half.

Couldn't stop laughing when I actually saw him do that.LOLS!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Flu+Sore throat+Cough= Fever

T_T *sniffs*

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dynamix won Moonwalk Night Dance competition

Dynamix this time= Brother, me, Tai Heng, Puchyto, Jardian and Stanley

WE WON!!! yay!! we competed against four other dancers.. one solo dancer which is my friend= Amie. She got third. Our new friends found= International dancers. They do mostly hip hop... but they did not have much time to prepare= 8 hours. But still got 2nd. AHAH!! and us? er...wen did we started practicing for our finals? let's just say, we were one step ahead ;) Here's the video.

(coming soon. have yet to convert the video..both youtube and blogspot does not allow videos larger than 100mb -.-)

Okay so here's how my day of competition went~

9am: Went for my english test in campus.
11am: Finished my test, immediately went to Aeroart's Studio in campus to meet the other dancers. But they were late. For one hour plus -.- ish...
1pm: practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced and practiced
4pm: rehearsal at Main Hall. (waited n waited n waited)6pm: OUR TURN!!!
6.30pm: Stayed there to thought on how to utilise the stage, run where, jump down from the stage at which point..bla bla bla...

7.15pm: left the place and headed back home to bathe. (mind u, we were supposed to be back at the hall at 7pm.) AHAK!!
8.00pm: Reached back at the venue...(not that many turn outs..but it was not too bad towards the middle of the event..more people came.) We din have time to eat dinner. So all of us forced down a bottle of RED BULL each.-sweetest thing ive ever drank..goodness..

10.00 pm: Announcement of winners. WE WON!!After that, we went cuckoo with freestyles and cyphers among the other dancers^^
Left for Amote after that. went home at about 3 something and totally died on my bed till nw. My tummy is grumbling!!

during practice...3 something in the neighbour

Us & mascot=dark lim!

Us with Ah Ting


Before the announcement of results

Right after the announcement of results(candid shots by Jason-bro's friend)

On stage.. CHAMPIONS!!

Brother & I

Dynamix+ a few other people. (our fingers= Digit tut)!!

Overall, i'd say it's a really nice experience preparing for this competition. For example

1)getting scolded/adviced
2)practicing on empty stomach till really early in the morning ( 4am plus)
3) scolding ppl(though i hardly)
4)having food poisoning during practice
5)laughing over stupid things THAT special someone wud accidentally do during practice without realising. LOL!

The end result was that all of our efforts paid off and that we enjoyed the performance.. that's what counts. Though i did my best in the performance, i still somehow have some mistakes. Now that i know about it, i'll conform to it and change the way i do certain stunts. For example: Body Wave.

For now, there's gona be like one week break from intense practice for me as i dun have any performances this coming week. But i do have one the week after at Renaissance Hotel on the 29th. So, let's just go with the flow and REST!!

Constructive criticism will be much appreciated ey? the ending is pretty messy..argh...ahah nvm~ shall improvise on it next time.

Thnks to all the dancers who sacrificed their time considering the fact that all of us had exams during that period of time. Also thanks to all of you who came to support^^