Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Bond held by A Passion

Happy 2 year Anniversary to my dear dance group DONG BANG JUNIOR!!
(It is very much advisable to load the video before continuing. You'll be able to watch it by the end of this scroll of pictures.)

-Crazy Dancing-

Memory Lane
MembersMichelle+ I

Panda+ I
Mei Yi+ I
Ann Gie + Mei yi

Random, Camwhore & Practice Pictures

Performance pictures


Ya ready?
Go ahead and click 'PLAY'

That ends my post on DBJ's 2 year anniversary. We have come a long way since 2006 . During the end of last year, we were forced to part ways due to our dreams on furthering our studies.But, each and everyone of us are still going strong in the dancing field. I'm really proud of that. However, whenever you guys feel like giving up someday somehow, do remember the sweet and also bitter experiences we've gone through together and
SMILE over it before deciding on quiting as history will never repeat itself ever again.

I hope that you guys will never forget the bond we formed together as a group and will live to tell our stories to our grandchildren in the near future...............


Dong Bang Junior. Saranghaeyo.

5+/- 1 = 0

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kuan Yew is a dangerous driver

Okay. Let's do this in point from shall we? Starting from my Saturday and skipping Sunday.

1)went to watch the cheerleading competition at malacca mall in the morning. Proud of my dear MHS friends who competed(got 3rd) and of course my ex-school IJC (Champions)
2)went for tennis in the evening. had my first mix doubles match with keen agaisnt Tami and Neng. We won. Thanks to keen of course!
3)went for satay celup at night with the 'MHS cheerleaders' (friends i've not gone out with in awhile..Ester,Nicky,Alex,Ky, Hui Kit, Vincent, Gie,Jas, and more!)
4)went to watch Sex and the City with Zach after that. the show is so not bad! funny. duno why Alex claimed it to be boring!
5)went to DP's MCd after to celebrate Puchyto's birthday.

Phoenix from IJC

FINALLY!! Cheerleading costumes that are shorter than knee length! THANK GOD!!
-long skirts are a hard sight to bare for cheerleaders-

High school cheerleaders.A mix gender team. AGAIN. FINALLY!! it's high time to have one in Malacca other than my team's.that also is not good one. SO YAH. THANK GOD. ps:^^ u guys did really well!!


1) Went to campus early for my Human Development discussion. Lecturer Lim Jim asked me bout my dance competition. I explained.
2) Class went on from 2-5pm. I was feeding on Chachos and Choki-Choki as i forgot to take my lunch.
3)Went for tennis practice with Keen. He thought me the more detailed way on how to do a proper forehand swing and also thought me service.( I managed to hit the ball into the opponent's court a few times) *contented*!!
4)Went to MMU corner for dinner.(my tummy tum was filled here.!imagine playing tennis with ur stomach growling)*contented*
5)Went home, started work on my Human Development group assignment (done)
6) Going to bed now.

I want time to dance~~but im pretty busy this week with economics mid term test on Friday. I've coaching on Thursday. Should i attend? I don't know. i'll decide on thursday itself ^^


This was 2 years back. After winning the dance competition held by UBC. lols! good times..and i never knew my hair could ever be like that! *im on the left. on the right is the lil punk that i miss = Michelle.*

Saturday, July 26, 2008

my love for you will never die~

My one and only love. Though i've known you for only a few weeks, but i came to realise that i really do L.O.V.E you.

wait who?

why why,

ACCOUNTS OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


okay, i had accounts test today rite? my midterm actuallyand i can solve most of it! I know, it's basics but...muahaha!! for me, ive never taken accoounts in form 4 and 5. so yah!! I got Xin yi and Samantha to teach me the day before(skipped my tennis coaching) and today itself!! before class..during class...and after ^^ it paid off...luckily for me..i was REALLY REALLY lucky..i was the one who came to campus being all nervous...seeing others being calm..*torture i tell u*

BUT NOW IM RELIEVED!! ^^!! ah.....went to Old Town at dataran after the test with Zach...and guess WHO we saw...

AKADEMI FANTASIA contestants*dun play play.they actually have body guards with em)...LOL!!! damn weird la..they had a concert there..the stage was heavenly!!!! Let us people dance on it also better. In my opinion their dance was.........

moving on**!!

My brother's group, Dynamix did not win the Hop2dabeat competition T_T. I'm sad, frustrated and am also wondering why...WHY didn't they win...ANYWAY, here are the winners for the above 18 category

1st: Elecoldxhot (KL dancers)
2nd: Styles From Beyond (Singapore's best dance crew)
3rd: Project Element (KL dancers-break dancers in specific)

My brother did not inform me on who won the under 18 category~oh well, will just have to wait for them to get back..and then i can watch the videos and tell if they deserved to lose. NYAAHAHHA!! they really worked hard on this as it wasn't ez for one of them to be in NS and another to be in KL~~How did they work it out?When there's a will there's a way. *wink*

For tomorrow, will be heading to malacca mall to support ester,ann gie, nick,chun yian, eugene, and a few others in the cheerleading competition. Me and my group were supposed to join TOO!!
T_T but we're busy with the competition in KL so yah..din have the time..well i guess it'll just be as fun to watch. LOL! GO~~~ cheerleaders~!! WOHOOO~!!

After that, tennis in the evening with my tennis seniors..i'll be pairing up with Wei Keen in the MMU ClOSE-mix doubles tournament on the 30th and 31st. *shush* i noe wht u wanna say. *marilyn duno how to play want to join?KAKAKA! mind u, it's the experience that counts!

ps: hot chocolate is <3

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do you O.o




this week is <3. Business math class got canceled today and Human Development's class is canceled tomorrow. Had my English presentation today on Genetic Engineering. It was well, not bad i would say. I reached home at 7am, bathed+rehearsed my speech and went to campus A.S.A.P cuz my class starts at 8am, wouldn't want to be late*wink*. So, yah! Downside is that I have an accounts test this friday night. Wish me LUCK! cuz il need it~Also good luck to my brother's group Dynamix for the Hop2dabeat Finals at Sunway Pyramid. I'll be awaiting good news to reach my cell once i am done with the test!

have a nice day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

NO sleep tonight....

Last thursday, we practiced for our shuffle competition after my tennis lesson at 9.30( HAVE I MENTIONED THAT TENNIS IS FUN??). and so, we reached the studio at 10 something. practiced~~shuffle shuffle~~breakdance breakdance!!clowned and goofed around!

after a few hours, i dozed off at the studio..damn uncomfortable...haha woke up at around 4.30am thanks to the them..we head off for dim sum at bachang^^ Prashan was surprised that that particular shop does not have any iced drink.However, he was satisfied as they has chinese tea!! HE LOVES HIS CHINESE TEA I TELL YA.

i look terrible. i noe. SHUSH!

Ah Sot and Fun Fair

On the way back..6am already. Also, while reversing his car, my brother almost banged another car. but thanks to the uncles there shouting " OI OI OI!" he managed to!

Reached home at 6 something, i washed up and wanted to sleep...BUT!! was too full to do i decided to go downstairs to my computer room and start on my english assignment=presentation this wednesday. Then, i remembered i'm supposed to meet Lavinia who came down to malaysia to visit her friends at Hotel Equatorial's gym. With that, i went to wash up right after doing my english assignment and immediately left my house after that.


Lavinia migrated to Arab cuz her dad got an offer there or he got transferred there or something. When she reached malaysia, she said she wants to learn more bout dancing.

More dancing after a night of dancing.

i told her to show me wht she's got...and vice i thought her everything i know. *well, not really but she said she comes down practically only once a year. she does not want to wait another year to learn another dance.*lol! so i stuffed her with wtv i can remember.--not sure if she remembers it now though!! nvm, i dun blame her!haha

No, that's not Lavinia. That's me.

This is Lavinia. Far right. followed by me and Mei Chern.

Pink Ball^^!! Pink is <3

This is how u stretch using em Aerobic Balls? i suppose? duno wht people call it.

Behold, Chucky!!

Lavinia practicing her 'Helicopter' and me..resting. =p oh yeah, bumped into Mei Chern there too. We danced , ' Into The New World' by Soshi. but her timing was a lil off thanks to the tutorial she learnt from that was two times faster -.-

at 12pm, i received a sms from my DEAR brother. it goes like this, " You know you're supposed to be at MMU now to train the shuffle dance? Come Now." then i was like, Holy COW!!! how am i to get from one side of the world(EQ) to the other (MMU)?? Luckily, my dad was able to pick me up and drop me by KFC to get lunch/brunch..cuz i did not have anything since the 5am dim sum. Danced till 12...hungry!! and so, i got TWISTER(no..not the awesome dance group from JB)...from KFC... *yummy* i recommend it to everyone who's reading this blog!

****moving on ****

Reached mmu, trained until like 3.50. and boo. guess what? my Economics class starts at 3.30..i rushed home to bathe after that n reached campus again at 4.10pm. (it's a one hour class F.Y.I). I bumped into Mr Lim Jim-my econs lecturer. i immediately went,

Marilyn: " O.O! hi sir, sorry i'm la......"
Mr LJ: " Good Luck in ur dance concert."
Marilyn: " How'd u noe?"
Mr LJ: " Of course i noe!"

I was so scared considering the fact that i'm late and Yvonne's sms saying that sir wanted to take back the attendance list and not let me sign DID NOT HELP THNKIU VRY MUCH!! however, i entered class right after Mr LJ did...soaking wet cuz i did not have much time to dry my hair totally...samantha noticed the dark circles around my eyes... T_T running on


supposed to go for practice again immediately after class but didn't manage to cuz some YOGA people was using Aeroart's studio. pish-posh... me and Ah Sot went back to my house. After dinner at Jusco, We left for the studio at about 7.30 pm...and then, my dance continues from my post before this one. Halfway tru, i felt like my brain was about to 'MELT'. again!! oh well, it's over was fun.the process that is!Also, i need not walk all the way to 7-11 between practices to get beverages and food as Zach bought me some and sent it to the studio, Thanks again zach!

Only after that did i get my sleep at about 4am...ah...serenity~~~


The morning of our competition.HEHE~~
I mean it when i say morning. This was taken at about 3 am plus on saturday morning, then again, u dun expect me to look fresh at this kind of hour after practice right?Kiddojoo has like slim mattresses there too for dancers to rest on. YAY!

Tai Heng was like playing with his camera.haha

I played along!

and so did Prashan! He was the one who placed that box on brother's group's using that box as part of their dance routine. Go Figure!

Prashan givin me the thumbs up and Fun Fair who leaped onto the bed right after me and Meng woke up. Dun get me wrong, Meng slept on one end with his body on the floor and so did I.


Short News

My friend Kiat Chiang got into an accident as campus. this is how the car looks like. I rushed from one side of the campus to the accident site to see what happened *and no..this is not what u call kepo.was damn worried during econs class when Tey msged me the bad news* KC called me later to tell me he was fine after seeing the doctor as he had several cuts.


During econ's class.
Tee wore a pink cap to class!! <3>

Tee's dope glasses!

During tennis AGM

er.......was just playing around with Yuen Chuan's hp... >.<
Nitey nites ^.^

Sunday, July 20, 2008



D2X+Kiddojoo+Shuffle= Serious Performance!!!

Serious performance is our group name. was also supposed to be, Toshiba/Washing machine cuz my brother's group Dynamix will be using something related to em both to dance in this coming friday's Hop2DaBeat Finals at Sunway Pyramid. TO ALL MY DEAR KL FRIENDS. DO GO SUPPORT IF YOU'RE THERE KAY?IT'S GONA B BIG AS THE GRAND PRIZE IS rm10K!I can't be there to lend my support as i've an accounts test that night. T_T. ANY WHO~~~ we got our butt kicked in the competition at malacca mall by some shufflers from Kl and JB. they were really good compared to mlc's standard.

after the competition, the judge told us saying, our choreography is good just that our shuffle skills weren't there. [AIYO. what'd you expect? we started shuffling only 2 days before the competition. -.-'' we dun bother practicing shuffle cuz it's not what we fancy unlike hip hop and stuff.] Another person that stood beside the judge told us later that then again, our choreography is good!!and that we shouldn't join a shuffle competition and that we should join a R&B competition!-practically our style.they can tell through our choreography. HEHE~power not? *blush*

the day before, we practiced from 8pm until about 4am...we slept over at the's like... the moment i woke up at 9am, everyone's on the floor sleeping already... O.O like dead carcasses. Wanted to practice cuz im nt that familiar with the steps yet...but went back to sleep cuz did not want to disturb i slept till 11....and woke up and practice..meng woke up not long after followed by my brother. It was raining before that so it was a really nice weather for us to lay down and not move. but no. competition in few hours. NO more laying down.

went to mlc mall at around 4pm....we competed at around 5pm...chandni,geral,troy,jordan,kavi, zach and 2 of his friends, dennis and beng came to support^^ thnks guys! After that, at night that is, i finally got to go to the new gsc!! AH!!! *jakun that jumps around* even got a tour of the place!^^

-back to the topic-
Though we lost, we managed to gain experience from the competition. Experience is something that money can't buy. You win some You lose some.

Here's the recording of our dance routine. you can see us forgetting our steps ON STAGE(i mean like, where can man....shouldn't have happened. but it did. AH~).

First half


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm not too sure what to blog about~

Let's start of with pictures shall we?

Rock Candy from America. It tastes like how it looks like. yummy!

Me,Yang Tze,Yvonne,Sam and Daniel

Hell Boy ll!!

I miss my short hair*random*

Malacca Mall's uber cool Security Guard!! it was already nearing 10.30pm. and there he is posing for us on the second floor. Step on the railing smr. sporting much? unlike Dataran's who wud chase us away if we were to even walk and dance. -.- i noe la u kayu....*gasp*! i better run..!!

i told u i luv my egg tarts. ;>

Ini dia...Chew Ting sleeping and looking oh-so-angelic...terpikat not?

ini PUN DIA!! now i ask again..terpikat not? LOL!!

sleeping beauty

vivian sleeping and me looking scary.. O.O eyebags T_T

Us with..some..mascot?-time square

Chan Tai Heng driving his car with me,vivian and chew ting in it. TOTAL CHAOS i tell you with chew ting in side..that explains the picture above right?


Chan Tai Heng evolved into....


i guess that's enough of pictures right? here goes~
I need a new lay out... T_T im bored with this one already,

examples: like Gee's or Sarah Alicia's!!! cho colorful unlike mine, black. T_T sad

My Monday[14.7.08]

#Went to class
#After class, me, Sam,Yang Tze,Daniel,Jordan and Chun Aun all went to Jusco to get tennis shorts. LOL me, Sam, Yvonne, Yuen Chuan, and Yeh Han are in tennis this sem. WOHOO~!!