Monday, June 11, 2012

Someone's watching over you

It's nice....
To see him (a friend) improve continuously...
Holding on to the words he once told the world & I...
Those words are his dreams and never once did he let go...
He was persistent and also very VERY hardworking...

Unlike others who wanted something but never did work for it...
He was.....different.

Humble guy he was but super confident when it comes to his skills.
All that training just for that few minutes to prove you're the best.
All that training just to get the body prepared and fit enough for that ONE PARTICULAR moment in time.
He knew it well, I guess?
If he didn't, recent results would've shown otherwise wouldn't it? :)

He will and may never see this and even if he did, he wouldn't know that it's HIM I'm talking about.

I'm glad that he's getting one step closer to his own dreams.
I respect his effort and persistence.
I will work hard towards mine as well
(Once I actually figure it out, nothing will stop me) 

Ps: You my friend, have earned the number one spot as one of my top favorite _____ =)  

Pps: This was such an impromptu post. I blogged this out without procrastinating.
 I've yet to even blog about my results and Dynamix's recent downfall. I'll be back :)
I'm still feeling lethargic & weak even after 12 hours of sleep last night~ bummer. 

Toodles ;)