Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Graduation never seemed so SWEET :)

Dear Blog,

I've not been around for sometime . . . but I'm back & I'm an official GRADUATE!!!

Those years spent in university will be one of my best memories =')

As playful as I can get, I never gave thought to what I wanted to study nor where so I ended up in MMU Melaka based on convenience sake (money & location).

Look at where I stand today... I don't mean to brag but I want to write this down just so I can remember one day when my memory starts to fail on me.

Marilyn Leo May Yin
Graduated in Bachelors of Business Administration (Hons; Marketing Management) 
1st Class Honours 


That itself is able to bring about THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of story for me to tell.
I'd love to pen down some memories but I've a flight in the morning to KUCHING at 8.30am in which I have to wake up at 5am to prepare for it!

This brings me to the other side of the story.
One that is painful at start but so much more fruitful in the end . . .

MARILYN LEO friggin landed herself a job !!! 
*jumps around in heaxagons!* 

You might want to know where but all I'd say is this , " KERANG!"
So go Figure or ask my close friends ;)

The journey to landing this job wasn't easy. Let me break it down as it was a moment to remember.

I finished by last paper during Mid-May 2012 and up to August, I wasn't actively applying for any jobs at all. Naturally, my parents got a lil too impatient & worried that their lil girl won't be able to get a good job despite of her good results. I started stressing out.

Bottomline was that I had offers from PETRON & also GROUPON but that 1 specific company that my family wishes for me to get into was really slow in their replies that it got my parents really impatient up to one point whereby


I remembered it clearly . .  I was supposed to go out with my friends (Hou Ket, Jordan, Chandni n Geral) for dinner before my midnight dance class with Super HD. At this point, I was also recovering from a recent gastric attack. So there I was . . packing to go out for dinner & class when my mother started throwing questions & slight insults at me regarding my job hunting. She claimed that I didn't care about my future job & that she will never be able to live a good life given a daughter who is this playful.

What she didn't get was that I was actually already in the middle of the interview process . . Problem being she couldn't understand that I need to wait until a certain date (an interval of two weeks from this mini-fight) till I get my interview. Shouts were exchanged . . and at the end of it, I found myself SOBBING while making my way out of the house. The pain caused from the misunderstanding was just TOO MUCH for me to handle at the moment . . just too much.

I wiped off my tears on the way to dinner & pretended like nothing ever happened at dinner. Only my buddy Hou Ket knows about it but kept it on the down low for me. I went through teaching my students the whole night with heartache from the fight & also the physical pain I felt from my gastric.
It wasn't easy 


but what I can say now is that I'VE MADE IT. 


I wouldn't claim for it to be the BEST but it is definitely the best for me at this current moment :)

Words can't describe the happiness my family felt when they found our their lil girl made it after 4 months of rotting around. I'm happy that I made them proud this time around :)

[I can't believe I teared while typing halfway through. Ha-Ha! I feel so silly but this is a story I'd like to pen down so I won't forget how my parents actually wanted only the best for me & no matter how painful a situation might be, I still made it through]

It's now 11.50pm. I should really get to bed!!!! 
My next post shall be on my first few weeks in KERANG :) 

All in all I'm one HAPPY GRADUATE !